Wednesday, September 2, 2015

howwwzattt... one of those days...

Not feeling well today, been sleeping throughout the day until early evening. Just with the gel patch on the forehead to bring down the temperature. Woke up later, washed my face and then head to the clinic for some medication and of course living the clinic with a one day sick leave granted by the good and honorable GP.

Along the way back, stopover at one of the mamak restaurant and had a plate of so and so mee goreng mamak while watching Buletin Utama.

For the first 10 minutes there were nothing except for the usual Bersih 4.0 comments and remarks made by those UMNO (not BN) loving "experts", though it has been 3 days since the rally. Then they move on to tick on the Selangor MB and the Selangor government with just anything they have in mind.

There was a slot condemning those who stepped on the poster of Hadi Awang too and this is something rare, at least not a couple of months back by TV3. 

Anybody listening to what the IGP was saying on Buletin Utama? Well, I reserve my vile comment for now. Don't want them to knock on my door in the middle of the night, I'm not well remember?

Throwback July15: We were crossing the road by the pedestrian bridge to get to the mall on the other side of the road.

Throwback July15: The frutti de mare was very creamy.

Throwback July15: Trying to give some soul to the photo...

Throwback August15: After 3 weeks, my last day on-site at Centro de Mantenimiento Interjet, Toluca in Mexico. The lovely cleaning lady brought her compact camera that day just for this session with us.

Throwback July15: Me, myself and I in front of Centro de Mantenimiento Interjet hangar facility. The weather was not so bad during the afternoon but later in the day it will drops by 10-15 centigrade until morning.

Throwback August15: My last afternoon at 
Courtyard by Toluca while waiting for our overland ride to Mexico City.

Throwback August15: Our transportation, a monstrous V8 Suburban normally seen in movies used by the FBI.

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