Saturday, September 12, 2015

howwwzattt... of the haze and precious mind...

I read somewhere last week that according to President Jokowi, beginning next year there will be no more haze. I don't know how but perhaps no more cheap way of clearing the land and that is by burning what's left from the previous season.

I do not fully blame the Indonesian because we all know that those mega plantations over there were own by Malaysian and Singaporean companies, it is our fault too, open burning the cheaper way of land clearing.

Year after year the same thing happened at around the same time, meaning now. The only missing for now is of our firefighter camping near Dengkil RnR fighting peat fire along the highway.

Today, the Meteorology Department says, there is no need for cloud seeding just yet. I traveled daily from Klang to KLIA when I'm back home and today the visibility was less than 200 meters. I think we Malaysians are not serious with this kind of safety awareness.

I write for the sake of writing...

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