Wednesday, September 30, 2015

howwwzattt... of hungry, tired and cold in saxony...

Finished off early this evening and feeling hungry like a wolf. Drove down to Central Neustadt hunting for food, settled down at Yufka Kebab Haus.

Just this in a box, 100% meat because I won't finish the usual menu. The guy there think that I'm a Mexican and tried his Spanish on me and I just laughed at him, told him that I'm a Malaysian.

I don't know, still he tried to lure me into his Spanish and I just replied back buenos noche meaning good afternoon or evening.

Ahhh, my fingers are in pain now being in the open with this gentle breeze. How I wish they'll send me to the mediterranean  after this, heard there'll be a working party in Malta soon.

I miss you and how I wish that I...

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