Saturday, October 9, 2010

howwwzattt... i'm cool...


Malai rinduku merintih kecintaan
Duduk termenung hanya bingung kerinduan
Walaupun jauh dari nyata kasih dan sayang
Kasih dan sayang telah lama kusatukan
Semua kasihku dalam gemala
Ke laut jawi 'kan kukirimkan sana

Duhai kasih hijabmu di sini
Masyur rupamu di mata kalbi ini
Berbaringan diusik rindu azali
Di manakah kekasih yang jauh dariku
Memakan debu... rindumu
Segenap nafasku melihat renunganmu
Wangi dan harum kau kekasih
Antara lamunan segala kalimahku ini
Siapa yang mengerti

Menghilang tahun kutahan dahaga
Setelah habis madah untuk sang puteri
Pautan kasih kukenal sendiri
Teringin ku melihat sebalik hijabmu
Wajah yang kupuja

Kekasih... lama sudah aku merindu
Larut nan denai larat nan damai
Haram kelamin untuk kita bercerai
Rasa kasih dan sayang dalam keredaanmu

howwwzattt... don't ever again cross my path...

Trust can take years to build, but only a second to break... – Self Quoted
He sees himself as a person who regards friendship dearly to him. It was not something that he can buy whenever he needs it, it must be earned. He earned it by building trust into the friendships.

Someone once said to him that she was amused on how friendships could stand so long within the circle of his batchmate back to those days in Taiping. In a jest he
just said that we’re having the same “nasi kawah” and shares everyday of our entire 5 years there like brothers and sisters.

Well part of it was true he guesses, and the other part was hard to explain. It was unwritten anywhere, but for him, true friendships last because it was built on trust. Trust was the immortal foundation of a friendship that bonds the close-knitted relationship even closer.

When a friend stabbed him in the back, that was the last fucking straw for him. For once he did understand why the bugger did so but when the second and third came simultaneously, he blew his fucking top because he was so sick of the scheming behind his back.

Last fucking reminder from him: Do not ever cross path with him, for he’ll sure make that MF pays...

Monday, October 4, 2010

howwwzattt... before the big four... (the storm before the calm)

Don’t know what got into me last Saturday. What seems like a good day to begin with suddenly came down tumbling on me like two bails dislodged from the stumps being bowled out by a very fast bowler without me being in control of the situation at all.

Yes, true I was bowled out during the match. It was my mistakes by miscalculating and misjudged the length and line of the ball added with the damp condition of the pitch which did not gives the ball it correct bounce which makes it easy for a sweet scoop.

Well, this is different. It is life, my life not cricket but the anguish and frustration pretty much still the same except this one affects my emotion.

“Are you ok bro?” ask Bad (the fast bowler batting at number five) when he got the chance to be alone with me. Yeah he said, been there and experience the shitty feeling and he too got it when he was about my age now just before the big four zero.

It was the ultimate crisis, the mid-life crisis.

Is this happens to all males at this age? The feeling was kind of a yoyo like, similar to the other gender when they’re having their menstrual cycles at work not to say that I have it. But I guess it is pretty much alike.

True event: After the match last Saturday I left KTJ via Nilai trying to get to KLIA interchange. Ended up in Seremban instead because I just missed the turning...