Thursday, September 17, 2015

howwwzattt... of honey, i shrunk my 501!!!

Frankly, I never owned any 501 before and what more of the one which had a double Xes printed at the back. So, I really do not know the art of looking for one such as the correct sizing for it.

501xx is a shrink to fit or STF denim (raw denim) produced by Levi's and Co. The fabric was not pre-washed like any other denim from the factory making it coarse like cardboard and the early make, can even stand on its own.

Well, I've made a mistake of not doing any research for it earlier. It was not a big mistake anyway but still the thought of this denim was not like any other denims bogged me till now. This STF got soul as the wearer which mean the rightful owner. It "snuggly fits" (term that I borrowed from someone dear) to the wearer height and shape. It's alive.

I just picked it off the rack the other day, got my true size and straight away headed to the cashier. I bought 3 pairs exactly but the other 2 were not an STF.

When I reach the house, straight away put it in the washer for the first wash. I was really taken by surprise after taking them out from the washer, the STF shrunk dramatically from the other two. I was prepared for any shrinkage after the first wash but not this. I think it must've shrunk by 10% from the original size.

Then only I went online and look for the information of this kind of sorcery. Now I know that for an STF, you'll need one size bigger than your true size and two extra length from the normal. Luckily I added an extra inch before it being cut because I like to wear my jeans loose. Now I'm wearing the denim just like Bon Jovi's pants in the 80's but not that really tight. 

I'm beginning to love it, of how the STF conformed to my body shape. Shares the same energy, breathe the same air as I do. Yes I love it but I love you more...

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