Friday, September 25, 2015

howwwzattt... of jalan2 isi perut pt. 2...

Yesterday was our recovery leave and after we take our cars, a Skoda and a Ford Fiesta (that's all they have for long term rental) from Avis at Dresden Airport we tried to look for a place for lunch. After googling around, we decided to go to this place called Sinbad, a Lebanese restaurant in central Dresden.

It was located in a residential area and no, I couldn't pronounce the place. German is a strange language, unlike French. The price was cheap considering the ambient inside, dirt cheap to me if you take 1 euro to 1 ringgit in a sense of purchasing power.
Sinbad, their specialty is Lebanese cuisine.

Yes, the blue T again. Hey, I just love my Nukleus.

Yup, your hero...

One of my colleagues posing inside the hookah room.

Sinbad's beer garden, with grapes above our heads.

Yes, we have free dessert fresh from the tree. Eat all you can.

Enjoying our meals. 

I can't remember what I'm having except it was rice with grilled chicken and
only cost me 8 euros.

I don't bulls... :)

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