Tuesday, September 29, 2015

howwwzattt... of waking up to your own snore...

Lately I've been snoring in my sleep. Waking up to my own snore is kinda odd. How one is asleep but once snored, you tend to woke up as if listening to someone else snoring near you.

Last night that was what happened to me. On and off waking up listening to my own with intervals of horror dream. My bad for watching a spook movie before bed. The funny thing was, I've keep telling myself don't snore but it didn't help at all, I could have not control myself. It's spontaneous, it happens just like that.

It is quarter to 1 here in Dresden now, trying to sleep while writing this. Someone said to me, telling me that I should write again on whatever comes to my mind. Write about myself, my work or the adventure and misadventure that I've put myself into.

Do you know at this dreadful hour, I miss hearing your snore. A music to my ears. Night my Precious Poem...

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