Sunday, September 20, 2015

howwwzattt... of being part of my journey...

Had lunch today with a friend at Vegas Ipoh Garden. Those from Ipoh will definitely know about it, the one besides Hollywood. Those two places frequent by all walk of lives, all races.

There is one lady manning or onwed the drinks stall herself came over and took our order. I didn't pay much attention at first while savouring my nasi dalcha. She was in a conversation with my friend who happens to know some Chinese in Cantonese and a mix of English here and there.

She must have been 55 or 60 now and suddenly I became quite interested in her. At first the familiar face and then how she walks. I knew her I said to myself but just couldn't figure out where just yet but my mind already down those 24 or 25 years back when I'm still with Maxwell Kenion Cowdy and Jones in Ipoh.

To confirm my wild thought, I asked my friend what was her name and she told me it was Mei Ling. Gosh, couldn't it be she was one of the clerk cum pantry lady there.

I asked my friend to ask her if she ever worked in an office before, she came over and my friend asked her about it.

Guess what, the first thing she said was yes, she worked for MKCJ and I was like what a small world and suddenly shrinked myself to the only Malay boy employed there (except for Asmuni Awi, the senior partner, a Perak PAS commissioner now). I was the foot despatch for them during the day and Mat Rempit at night along the Tiger Lane stretch.

She asked my name, introduced myself, they called me Kamal there and mentioned about some of my Indian colleagues at that time also those legal clerks, paralegals and the partners. It was during her time too. She doesn't remember me but must be thinking I'm one of those greenhorn interns going for the Bar then.

A small world it is, even smaller when time flies...

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