Tuesday, September 22, 2015

howwwzattt... of good morning sunshine...

0530hrs +2GMT

I just woke up after been sleeping for 8-10 hours. Another hour or so before landing in Frankfurt.

Having my breakfast 35000 feet above the ground, in another time zone. Took the potato and pumpkin, the sausage feels rubbery like a watchman nightstick.

The attendant is serving coffee now, having my second cup.

Some 7000 miles away.

Just arrived at Holiday Inn Dresden, waiting for my room to get ready.

The rest of the DRS working party.

And the nest for the next 4 weeks.

Another morning, another place and the only day off is far away but every city has seen me in the end, and brings me to you again. 

Earlier this afternoon, received an advance notice from the office informing me of a new deployment straight out from Dresden to Dubai on the 17 of October. Rarely we will be sent from one place to another (unless with something urgent) without coming back first to KL but I guess this has got to do with the new policy of us to be away 80% days for a calendar year which is 280 days.

I don't mind to be a Revolving Jones but sometimes, the loneliness breaks me.

Always somewhere, miss you where I been...

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