Friday, December 14, 2007

...howwwzattt for once in a while...

The towering Twin Tower

Last Saturday, I took the family for a simple outing at the KLCC Park. My children were in their best manner and having such a wonderful and wet time at the public pool.

The public pool

Though it was a school holiday this year around, not many people were there or perhaps it was still early.

The pool was meant for the children

Fatiha, Fatimah, Farah, Adam, Farina and Fitrah

Irfan was a bit disappointed for not having the opportunity
to join his other sibling dipping themselves in the pool

The handsome Adam was flanked by his sisters

Anyway, just for your information... MAS won the second game against the Old Putra (RMC oldboys) by 8 wickets, so how was that my fellow cricketer?

Friday, December 7, 2007

...howwwzattt to begin with...

Do you realize that the aircraft skin thickness is just about 63 thousandth of an inch (0.063 inch)? Well, it’s that kind of thickness that separates us in the comfort of the cabin from the ambient air outside while in flight.

Basically aircraft fuselages (from the French fuselé "spindle-shaped") are of a tubular shape hence to give less resistance from the airflow and known as a monocoque or a semi-monocoque fuselage (stressed skin). Monocoque is a French word meaning a “single shell” just like the shell of an egg. A true monocoque fuselage has no internal structure members except for the tranverse rings and Bulkheads which serve to give contour to the outer skin or shell. All loads are impose on the skin only and a typical example of this can be found on the shell of the F1 cars.

Nowadays modern aircraft fuselages are of a semi-monocoque (stressed skin) where the loads imposed are evenly distributed to the skin and the adjacent structures such as longerons, stringers and frames. These give a much stronger fuselage if it is to compare to the olden age aircraft which traveled on a lot less speed than the modern aircraft.

The image above shows how the skin on the belly just below the aft cargo being cut due to corrosion formed on the inner skin affected by moisture from the cargos or leakage from the galley/lavatory in the cabin. The repair done is to remove the effected area and put a 2 pieces 0.050 and 0.063 inch doublers of a 2024T3 aluminum clad material. Upon look closely, you could find how thin the skin is.

The second image shows how the doublers looked after fabrication and coated with an anti-corrosive primer while being temporarily installed by using skin-pins according to the size of the fastener holes.

The last image shows that the job is halfway done where the fasteners such as rivets and hi-loks being installed permanently on the repair and after the whole process was done, the painter will apply the normal white topcoat use by MAS aircrafts.

So, how was that?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

...howwwzattt... i'm good, yeah i'm good...

With my fellow cricketer/blogger right before the morning match.

Nava Shield Cricket Tournament 2008 has just begun last Sunday for me. The tourney was conducted in such a way so that each game will be played during the weekend since many of us have a day job to attend to apart from our passion toward cricket which can only be fulfilled during the weekend. I managed to be at the field in the morning though MAS Cricket’s match will only be started in the afternoon just to give my support to my other team, Staroba Orange Cricket Club. I love to play with them but as a secretary to MAS Cricket let just say that I have to put aside that kind of thought and help my company’s team to win our first 3 points and to be on top of the group. Anyway, SOCC lost their first match. What can I say, better luck guys for this weekend’s match at Kelab Aman. Hey, come to think of it MAS also will be in Kelab Aman for the afternoon match…
Due to insufficient number of players in the opponent's camp, MAS was awarded a walkover and managed to grabbed 3 points that afternoon against the SSR (Sunway Residence whatever…). Anyway since the pitch was at our disposal, we carry on with a friendly match by dividing the team by an equal strengh so that our afternoon won't be wasted. MAS batted first and got 120 for 5 and managed to restrict the opponent by a mere 70 odd runs. After a long spell of under-performed batting, yours truly managed to outlived most of his peers by scoring a Not out double figure (batted number 5) and was hoping for this weekend’s game the same output could be delivered by him. So, how was that my fellow cricketer???

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

...howwwzattt for the dashing gentlemen???

The blogger standing far-right during Ipoh PCA League which were
held in 2006.

Last Saturday the Staroba Orange Cricket Club managed to have a match with the U-17 Selangor boys, though the so called “otai” lost the match but I’m sure these “otais” were so resilient that the state boys have had a quite tough job in beating them. Usually I’m the first otai that reply for my availability but for these few weeks my workloads were full to the brim that I couldn’t get away even for a good game of cricket. The game report is not yet release but I manage to get a glimpse of the match from my fellow cricketer’s blog ( Of course in his blog my fellow cricketer will always bragged on how he took the wickets by sending the stumps and bails into oblivion but somehow for this time I believe him so. The boys might have the stamina and the fitness but the “otais” can teach them a few tips on how to act gentlemanly in the game of cricket, it surely does build up their characters.
For the uninitiated being a fast bowlers (such as my fellow blogger), you need a tremendous energy and stamina to take the long run-up and the power of your bowling arm in delivering a good line and length ball as well with the speed of the ball to intimidate the batsman in playing your delivery. Not to mention the impact on your thighs and heels when you land hard on the ground after the delivery, in the long run these will damage whatever tendons and ligaments you have. I was once a very effective pace bowler taken up the second bowler spot (which is normally slotted for your best bowler) in my previous team and that was some 18 years ago (during my school days laaa…) but eventually I gave up that kind of bowling due to the age factor and concentrate more on my off-spin variations. As for my fellow cricketer , your age is catching up (he is in his 40s) and if you couldn’t get any wicket within your first 3 overs, please step aside. Let the spinners (such as me) do the damage to our opponent ehhh… So, how was that???

...howwwzattt for the broom effect???

Which one do you prefer, awarded with a broom ( or got booted out from the system? Last week Selangor MB Dato’ Dr. Khir Toyo, awarded a broom for the inefficiency of certain municipality in collecting the minimum 50 percents of targeted taxes. I’m sure before deciding in giving out such award Dato’ Khir had already discuss the matter with all the state honchos and I’m sure the majority if not all had given their nod for such called “award”. The funny thing is, the broom effect managed to find its way to the parliament and they even table it for debate how improper it is to humiliate a person with a broom. Now, what have become to our MPs?

Denmark, Japan and Taiwan (just to name a few) have done it. Why not us, we are standing tall just like those countries? We are also a develop nation just like them. By now we should be thinking out of the box, not like “katak bawah tempurung” if we want to be global. Not only going global by our being but along it goes with our thinking. That’s how we’re going to develop our nation. Even our minister had introduced the phrase “mengangkasakan bangsa”, is it by sending one man to represent his nation to the outer space count as “mengangkasakan bangsa”? From my view it is far from that, we’re not even “mengglobalkan bangsa”.

In Malaysian culture (especially the Malays); a broom signifies a form of “sial” or bad omen if it is presented to you even more if it touches you. That is what certain politicians keep barking about, the “sial” of the broom. But what about the “sial” of their in-competencies? I’m sure Dato’ Khir meant well by symbolically given out the prestigious award and I applaud his earnest in doing so because Malaysians are much more humiliated by a broom than any other actions against them for them to start working.
“Hujan batu di negeri sendiri lebih baik dari hujan emas di negeri orang”. Is it still relevant in our society? I think not. For me it is better for me to “cari rezeki” in foreign soil rather than being raining with stones to death in my own country and that’s what we called “HIJRAH”…

Thursday, November 8, 2007

...howwwzattt... hahahahahahahahaha...


American Spaceman is called Astronaut, Russian Spaceman is called Cosmonaut, Chinese Spaceman is called Taikonaut and Malaysian Spaceman??? - Can-or-not. Malaysia Astronaut Association Second Edition (MAASE), was thinking about sending somebody into space. Three potential can-or-nots were called for an interview - Sami Belu, Narjip and Oh Kah Teng.

MAASE interviews Sami Belu first: "So Belu, this is a dangerous mission. How much do you think you should be paid?"
Belu replied: "Ten million ringgit."

"Waa lan, Why so much?"

"Very dangerous mission la, maybe no come back!" replied Sami Belu.

"That's understandable," says MAASE.

"Thank you.. Please ask Narjip to come in here." So Narjip walks in and was asked with the same question.

"Alamak!...bahaya ke? 20 million la, "replied Narjip.

"Dua puluh million? Dua kali banyak woi!!! Itu Indian contractor baru minta sepuluh million."

"Ya betul tapi..," explains Narjip, " Saya kan ada 4 isteri and 15 anak ... Keluarga saya perlu banyak wang untuk jika apa-apa berlaku!"

"Hmm..betul tu," says MAASE.

"Okay, panggil tu cipek masuk?"

"Siapa tu?""Oh Kah Teng la..."

Oh Kah Teng comes in and MAASE asks, "Given this is a very risky mission, how much do you want?"

Oh Kah Teng thinks for a while and says, "30 million."

"What?!? 30 million!? Why so much?"

Oh kah Teng beckons him to come closer.He quietly whispers into his ear "You take 10 million, I take 10 million,and then use the extra ten million, send that aneh to space lah!"

...howwwzattt... don't know what hits you??

A few days after the surgery.

I’m sure not many of us are familiar with the term “TEH”. Well for the uninitiated, TEH is a medical term derived from Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids ( where in the layman’s term it is an equivalent to piles. The word thrombosis itself means; a local coagulation or clotting of the blood in a part of the circulatory system, meanwhile hemorrhoids mean; swollen veins in the wall of the anus.

Well do you find it disgusting or even gross for me to ever mention such thing in this entry? I’m sorry if you feel so but do let me share my experience with what I had to endure early last year. It all started with this tiny little globulous growth just by the side of the anus. I’ve had it for a few days at first and thought nothing over it except for the itchiness and perhaps it might gone away in due time, go to work as usual and even had a cricket game at the Selangor Club during the weekend. What started as a good game for me turned out to be a heck of a prize to pay. Come the following morning, this tiny little globulous growth was not that so tiny little globulous growth no more, since that it has grown to the size of a marble plus the itchiness and the burning sensation as well. I said that’s it, I’ve got to go to the hospital for this damn thing.

So down at the SMC I’ve met Dr. Shah my physician (I had my gall bladders removed by him years before) for his advice and by one look at the situation, snap right away remove he said. Damn, another surgery but this time it was different. Imagine somebody else is going to poke their fingers down your arse? Anyway I had the surgery on the same day and was given the option by the specialist anesthetist whether a partial anesthetic or a complete knocks-out. I chose the latter one since you guys are going to prod me mercilessly with god knows what, I rather knock myself cold.

The surgery went well except for the 10 days in the ward especially when I’m trying to relief myself for the first time, it is hard man. I mean the thing is really solid rock. For the duration in the ward I was given diapers for use, who knows my muscles down there still in a state of shock and I might not even realize something slipping down under. Even at home I’m the heavy user for a few weeks of the all-night long wings or no wings sanitary pads and had become the subject of ridicule for my wife.

For those out there who had the same experience as mine, you guys should know better and whoever has this tiny little globulous growth going on and off on them, better for you to take some kind of precaution. You’ll never know what hits you until it is to late…

p.s. Thanks to my SERATAS buddies from up north for dropping by and not to mention the usage of the bathroom lol…

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

...howwwzattt...don't know what you got...

7th Nov 2007

Just finished 438 pages "The Dogs of War" I’ve started off last evening and finish just about the same time today. It consumed well of my night sleep. The wifey knew it well enough that once her beloved husband started to put himself into something like a book, it’s useless to ask anything from him even coming to bed and that what had happened to me.

I find it is hard for me to stop such a good reading and would go on and on without much realizing how time goes by. And today at work I was just like a zombie with bloodshot eyes finding that even an easy menial task was hard to finish. I know it is not healthy for someone of my age with the kind of occupational hazard I face everyday to further prolongs this kind of nightlife (not the other nightlife). But then again, I’m in my prime…

‘Cry “Havoc” and let slip the dogs of war.’

Saturday, November 3, 2007

...howwwzattt... please forgive me...

Bryan Adams during his live concert in Hamburg.

It still feels like our first night together
Feels like the first kiss and
It's gettin' better baby
No one can better this
I'm still hold on and you're still the one
The first time our eyes met it's the same feelin' I get
Only feels much stronger and I wanna love ya longer
You still turn the fire on

So If you're feelin' lonely.. don't
You're the only one I'd ever want
I only wanna make it good
So if I love ya a little more than I should

Please forgive me I know not what I do
Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you
Don't deny me

This pain I'm going through
Please forgive me
If I need ya like I do
Please believe me
Every word I say is true
Please forgive me I can't stop loving you
Still feels like our best times are together
Feels like the first touch

We're still gettin' closer baby
Can't get close enough I'm still holdin' on
You're still number one I remember the smell of your skin
I remember everything
I remember all your moves
I remember you
I remember the nights ya know I still do

One thing I'm sure of
Is the way we make love
And the one thing I depend on
Is for us to stay strong
With every word and every breath I'm prayin'
That's why I'm sayin'...

Please Forgive Me: Bryan Adams

...howwwzattt... reality does bite...

The infamous Det. Vic Mackey (Mike Chicklis) with the bunch in
the Emmy nominated series, The Shield.

I watch many films or tv series that involve cops chasing bad guys and bad guys chasing them in return. I watch many Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Hong Kong and the rest of the world films or tv series that sometimes show how cops can be corrupted and could be bought by the baddies if correct amount of dough could be greased on their palms. One classic example of such behavior could be seen in “The Shield” currently running on Astro AXN. They’re all a good dedicated cops, doing their best to serve the establishment but when human factor comes into place, they’re all have to face the reality in life. Well I’m not saying all cops are bad but certainly there’re several rotten eggs in the basket.

The funny thing is, while we could watch these bad cops in foreign productions, have we come across any local productions that showed and depicted these bad cops of our police force in action? Have we ever seen it in “Gerak Khas” either the movie or the series? When it comes to portray them in such a way in a movie or tv series, did it become a no-man land for our local productions?

Recent development in our local news is about one of Malaysia's top ranked police officers was arrested and charged with corruption on Thursday for allegedly concealing massive wealth, a scandal likely to further tarnish the frequently maligned force. So, this is the reality we been shunned off these while, not the all smooth sailing we’ve been fed with…


i). The blogger is not an anti-establishment figure but the rebellious nature once resides in him decided to resurface unexpectedly.

ii). The blogger is not medically/politically under heavy medication or duress which could cloud his judgment and the entry is entirely/totally his view towards the sake of mankind only.

iii). The blogger is not under the influence of alcohols, drugs or any banned substances which could cloud his judgment and the entry is entirely/totally his view towards the sake of mankind only.

Friday, November 2, 2007

...howwwzattt... for being a lefty??

Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons,
is a fellow lefty and he made his lead
character Bart Simpsons left-handed
as well.

"The mysteries of lefthandedness..." In pursuing the left-right riddle, scientists are unlocking secrets of the brain, genetics and human diversity.

When I was still a little boy my parent keeps remind me of not to use my left hand in whatever things I do except for the use of it in the toilet. Out of their despair the reminder and the scolding fell on my deaf ears because I felt right or left is still the same hence the goal is to make things done and I will use whichever hand that is convenient to me.

There are not many lefties in the world, if I’m not mistaken lefties comprises only 10 percents of the world population. Now, that is a minority isn’t it?

I remember how it was such a nuisance task when it comes to use scissors since the apparatus itself was designed to be used with the right hand. The cutting angle, the way that the 2 blades are put together it is definitely not to be used by a lefty. Try to use the scissors on a piece of paper with your left hand, it’ll be a mess. After years of training by trial and error, I manage to learn using a pair of scissors with my right hand. Don’t say that I’ve change my side, I had to adapt myself to it.

I eat by using my right hand but when come to spoon myself, I am helpless with my right hand, and I have to hold it with my left one. I played badminton and tennis by using my left hand but when it comes to table tennis, I hold the bat with my right one. I’m writing with my left hand but when throwing darts, I use my right hand. I played guitar with my right hand but I will hold the microphone with my left palm. So, what makes me? A mixed up lefthander living in the right-handers’ world…

Left-handedness test:

We all, of course, know in which hand we hold a pen, but how far does this bias extend throughout your body? Are you left-eared? Left eyed? Here is a simple test you can apply to yourself.

1. Imagine the centre of your back is itching. Which hand do you scratch it with?

2. Interlock your fingers. Which thumb is uppermost?

3. Imagine you are applauding. Start clapping your hands. Which hand is uppermost?

4. Wink at an imaginary friend straight in front of you. Which eye does the winking?

5. Put your hands behind your back, one holding the other. Which hand is doing the holding?

6. Someone in front of you is shouting but you cannot hear the words. Cup your ear to hear better. Which ear do you cup?

7. Count to three on your fingers, using the forefinger of the other hand. Which forefinger do you use?

8. Tilt your head over on to one shoulder. Which shoulder does it touch?

9. Fixate a small distant object with your eyes and point directly at it with your forefinger. Now close one eye. Now change eyes. Which eye was open when the fingertip remained in line with the small object? (When the other eye, the non-dominant one, is open and the dominant eye is closed, the finger will appear to move to one side of the object.)

10. Fold your arms. Which forearm is uppermost? If you have always considered yourself to be right or left-handed you will probably now have discovered that your body is less than total in its devotion to its favoured side. If you are right-handed the chances are that you were not able to be 'right' 10 times.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...howwwzattt... now everyone can fly...

Dato' Tony Fernandez delivering his speech during the lunch break
as MAS cricket president looks on.

According to Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th Edition), the meaning of loyalty is the state of being loyal – a strong feeling of support and allegiance.

Last Saturday, the very much anticipated cricket match between the two of Malaysia’s top airlines that are MAS and Air Asia. This is said to be the first inaugural cricket match between the two airline and for this year, Air Asia has committed themselves in hosting it and but I’m not so sure if MAS would return back such courtesy. Why am I saying this? In business it is a common thing for 2 conglomerates to compete, to rival in the same field of business. When it comes into sport, surely the atmosphere of rivalry could be present but it is solely for the sport itself. The funny thing is, while the Air Asia’s CEO Dato’ Tony Fernandez made himself present (he is a cricketer himself) to lead his team, none of the MAS top honchos could be seen. What is the problem here and can you figure it out? As a player and a staff to MAS, I personally lose my face over this matter and is this the MH “Malaysian Hospitality” that the company seems to advertise lately to the whole world?

Anyway MAS did win the match 128-8, Air Asia 127-7 otherwise the whole team would have to start finding new job lol… Congratulation to Dato’ Tony for your 2 wickets (that includes yours truly wicket) and during his speech Dato’ was in a very joyful mood though Air Asia lost, perhaps he won a more important battle such as 2 daily landing rights to Singapore?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

...howwwzattt... aren't we proud of ourselves???

Who discovered space? Really, who discovered the great abyss of our being? With the hype, publicity, promotion, commotion and all, seems like it is us the one that discovers the space and not to mention moon-walking though we didn’t do that just yet.

Finally after 11 days stint in space, Malaysia’s first Angkasawan Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor returned safely to Earth at 1647hrs Malaysian time on Sunday. Many celebrated jubilantly like my fellow blogger of this historical fete. The way it is reported in the media, the programme was part of the deal with the Russians for the purchase of 18 Sukhoi Su-30 MKM fighter jets for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. That was a lot of money spent I imagine. Instead of agreeing with the programme, why not exchange it with other technologies that are more practical to us the Malaysians?

Now after the successful mission, the Russian has invited us to participate in the next launch. Now, this is something need to be looked into seriously since there’re no more Sukhoi to be purchased and if we go along with it, it will surely put a dent into our treasury.

Anyway, welcome back to our hero and for us the mere “rakyat” will carry on with what we are programmed for. As for Dr. Muszaphar, I’m putting my bet on you that you’ll surely receive your datukship in the near future. As for me, I rather celebrate the Hari Raya above all the frenzies.


i). The blogger is not an anti-establishment figure but the rebellious nature once resides in him decided to resurface unexpectedly.

ii). The blogger is not medically/politically under heavy medication or duress which could cloud his judgment and the entry is entirely/totally his view towards the sake of mankind only.

iii). The blogger is not under the influence of alcohols, drugs or any banned substances which could cloud his judgment and the entry is entirely/totally his view towards the sake of mankind only.

iv). The blogger will reply any comments/remarks made, under the same entry.

v). The blogger could be contacted at

Monday, October 15, 2007

...howwwzattt for eidul mubarak...

12/10: Of Eid, man in space and millions more on the ground

A Kadir Jasin

FOR the Muslims – the practicing ones in particular, this is a time for joy and celebration.The fasting month of Ramadan is drawing to a close and the Eid Mubarak – the blessed festival -- is coming.Having almost completed a month of dawn to dusk fasting, the Eid is the time to rejoice and to thank Allah for his bounty.

So on this happy occasion, I humbly take the opportunity to wish each and every Muslim Eid Mubarak, and, in the Malaysian way, to seek forgiveness – maaf zahir dan batin.To the non-Muslim fellow Malaysians, wherever they are, happy holiday. My few visits to the Pasar Ramadan – the Ramadan Market – gave the impression that many non-Muslims were as busy shopping for food and drinks for their brand of “berbuka” – breakfasting.And if we want to be patriotic, we can add to the celebration our sense of achievement for having the first Malaysian -- Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor – orbiting the earth.

His ride to the outer space aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft is another milestone in our country’s history that we can all be proud of.Although Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is neither Yuri Gagarin nor Neil Armstrong, still he is among the lucky few of the world’s 6.6 billion people to be liberated from the gravity of mother earth.As of October 4, 2007, only 463 humans from 34 countries -- 415 men and 48 women – had reached low earth orbit (up to 2,000 kilometres) or beyond.Though it took us 46 years after the Soviet Gagarin became the first human to go to the space, we can be proud that we now have one of our own people out there in the blue yonder.

What many in our “mudah lupa” crowd may not remember or may not realise is the fact that the Oct. 10 event was the culmination of an idea that had its origin in Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s maiden visit to Russia (then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics –USSR) in the mid-1980’s.It was during the visit the famous Star City, the home of Russia’s Cosmonaut training facility to the northeast of Moscow (now known as the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre), that Dr Mahathir though of the idea of sending a Malaysian to the space.It was also as a result of that visit that Malaysia started to evaluate and subsequently bought Russian jet fighters – the MiG 29 Fulcrum and Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker.But having sent a Malaysia to space and basking briefly in the glory of it, we must, as always, get back to the real world – the world of real people.

The world of the struggling farmers, fishermen, factory and office workers, small traders, taxi drivers, Tsunami and flood victims, single mothers, the sick and the destitute, the jobless and the unemployable.There nothing wrong in sending one or more Malaysians to the space or having a month-long colourful 50th independent anniversary, scaling the Himalayas, walking across the poles, swimming the seas and sailing the oceans.These and other magnificent feats are the manifestation of the Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can) spirit.

In the final analysis, however, it is the bread-and-butter issues such as the rising cost of living, the widening income gap, the falling rate of job creation, the rising rate of crime and the growing rate of drug addiction that matter.

Pardon me if I accidentally puncture your balloon and spoil your party.

Extracted from Malaysia Today 12/10/07.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

...howwwzattt for being a pirate???

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my passion in the music scenes no matter if it is local or foreign. That also mean, it has been quite sometimes (years to be exact) that I’ve spent my hard earned money on any CDs or cassettes which my wife couldn’t agree more on. Yet at this very moment I’m updating my hard drive with my music collections and to be precise at this very moment I’m a proud owner of a music library that consist of 1096 songs with a mix of English, Malay and Japanese (Mayumi Itsuwa and X-Japan) songs. And guess what, all of it are free. All I need to do is just by clicking my fingers.

If you think that the Internet is my source of this free music, you are wrong. In my company organization, there are thousands of PC and the number of people using it at least three times over the PCs itself. All the PCs and printers are connected through the same network or LAN so I think (pardon me if it is not the correct jargon) where you can view somebody else’s files or whatever secrets they keep inside if they’re careless enough not to protect their files with a password. To tell you the truth, you’ll be amazed on what you might found in their files or folders right down from the graded staffs straight up to the managers level… lol…

During my break time if the internet connection is too slow I would always switch my task to do some research down the LAN and in this local network did I found my resources of music and many others hehehe… and I would never leave behind my beloved 2G thumb drive cause you’ll never know when you going to need one…

Below are the lyrics for “Bisikan Hati” by Siti Nurhaliza a song that I came to stumbled upon today. Well, what can I say? It was so beautiful...



Dengarlah bisikan hasrat hati
Yang merindu menjelma kembali
Ingatanku yang telah lalu
Bersama berjanji sehidup-semati

Kini tinggal hanyalah kenangan
Dikau hilang di mana gerangan
Tiada berita kudapati
Hanya ingatanku di masa yang lalu

Kasihanlah kepadaku sayang
Tiap hari jua wajahmu terbayang
Ampunkanlah segala dosaku
Seandainya kita tak lagi bertemu

Dengarlah bisikan hasrat hati
Yang merindu menjelma kembali
Ingatanku tetap bersemadi
Walaupun kau kini telah mungkir janji…

p.s. To my dearest friend Din Bajang who is still recuperating from the stroke, I was hoping we’ll meet again for this Hari Raya.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Photo of the blogger with his family
when he was 6 years old.

My late abah is very much a discipline man himself. My brother and me would get a fair share of his wrath if anything goes wrong within the household, even my younger sister did not get away that easy. During his younger days he’s more of a vagabond, a man traveling away from his hometown perhaps in searching for his sanctuary from the mean world. He just a normal guy, a gentle father and husband who holds his family dear to his heart.

Now it has been 28 years since his passing and every time Aidilfitri comes, my eyes would shed tears for him. I remember the day before the big day when everyone are making their final preparation for the Hari Raya, where my mother was busying herself making rendang, hanging the new curtains for the house and all the related chores. After breaking the fast, my brother, sister and me would play around the halaman rumah with fireworks and the panjuts while waiting for abah to get back from works. Later that evening someone from the police station had come to see and broke the news to my mother where all of a sudden I knew that the Hari Raya wouldn’t be the same again without my beloved abah. My late abah had collapsed when he was just about to cross the street after buying meats for the Hari Raya from the nearby market. He was somewhere between 46 to 48 years old at that time, and it was still early for him to go like that.

Until today it is still a mystery to me for the cause of his demise since the post-mortem is not a compulsory thing back than. But I do suspect that it got to do with his habit of chain-smoking.

My dearest beloved children, now I’m a father myself. Please forgive your abah past and present mistakes. I will try to cut down my chain-smoking if not totally get it rid off.

Monday, October 8, 2007

...howwwzattt ...for your fear??

Last night one of my dearest friends from my days in Taiping called me up, though it has been nearly 20 years since I heard her voice, to my surprised the voice hadn't change at all. We chitchatted on many things from the old days up to the recent events, family and all that kind of stuffs including updating each other database on the latest gossip amongst our circle of friends. After a half an hour of walking down the memory lane, at last she told me that for the coming school holiday, she'll be away with her family where air travelling is needed and it makes her having this kind of nervous feeling. Being known to her that somehow I'm involved with the aviation industry, she asked my view on the safety aspect of air travel whether the aircraft is safe enough to fly or not, or somehow during mid-flight the aircraft may suddenly act funny and decided to make a nose-dive to oblivion.

Well my dear old friend, air travel is the safest mode of transportation if it is compared to other kind mode of travel and I assure you that nothing will happen to you or to the aircraft. I'm not an expert in air safety but to assure you more, trains have 0.04 deaths for every 100 million miles whilst air travel only have 0.01 death for every 100 million miles traveled. Compare to automobile travel, with 0.94 deaths per 100 million miles, both figures are relatively low and that makes air travel being the safest (6 times safer than travelling by car and twice as safe as rail). And for your info, accident survey conducted from 1950 to 2004, only 5 percents of the accident involved sabotage such as bombs, hijacking and shootdowns. Approximately 80 percents of aviation accidents occur shortly before, after, or during take off or landing where you are still near to the ground and although mid-flight disasters are rare but not entirely unheard of.

So my dear old friend, throw away your fear and enjoy the great vacation and don't forget to bring me something from there...

**Sources are from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

...howwwzattt for 50 years achievement...

An image of ISS (International Space Station)
On Oct. 4, the world marks the beginning of the space race when Russia successfully sent the first man-made satellite into orbit. Subsequent progress in space missions have allowed mankind to send people to the moon, develop telescopes which allowed us to peer at the oldest stars in the universe and build an international-run space station, all fuelling our experiences and collective fascination to explore our galaxy and beyond.

This year also significantly marks Malaysia’s 50th independence from the British and along with that Malaysia will create history with its first angkasawan/pahlawan (astronaut) or whatever you may think fit of calling it into space joining the Soyuz 15-S mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

In the early stage of the preparation there was one remark made by one of the cabinet ministers (if I’m not mistaken) that during the mission, our angkasawan or pahlawan may experimenting in making “roti canai” and play “batu seremban” during the trip. Personally I think this is the most ridiculous and the most hilarious experiment if it is ever going to take place in this multi-million mission. Why not mention something more academically or more significant towards us, the mankind? Ever heard the American astronauts or the Russian cosmonauts doing some stupid experiments in the name of science such as making pretzel while in zero gravity condition? Of course they done it but not to the extents of publicly revealing it during the press conference until it became a mockery to their intelligence.

Malaysia is a fast growing nation but lately it seems that our beloved country is very much in a state of stagnation. Why? In comparison, Malaysia or whoever running this country is similar with a 12 years old child with the raging hormones taking its toll. Remember when we are in that kind of age, how we longed and eager to be an adult not realizing that being an adult is much more challenging and full of responsibilities and commitments to deal with. Let it flow and takes it due course and that is my say. Brunei and Singapore are the nearest and wealthiest nation than we are and have you ever heard of them wanting to send their angkasawan or pahlawan or whatever you may think fit of calling it to the outer space? Why not the government governed the monetary sources, which are at their disposal in dealing with our domestic needs???

*Space Pioneers:

1. Yuri Gagarin (USSR) – First man in space
Mission: Vostok 1 (Apr 12, 1961)

2. Alan Shepard (USA) – Second man and first American in space
Mission: Mercury Redstone 3 (May 5, 1961)

3. John Glenn (USA) – First American to orbit Earth
Mission: Friendship 7 (Feb 20, 1962)

4. Valentina Tereshkova (USSR) – First woman in space
Mission: Vostok 6 (June 16, 1963)

5. Alexei Leonov (USSR) – First man to space walk
Mission: Vokshod 2 (Mac 18, 1965)

6. Edward White (USA) – First American to space walk
Mission: Gemini 4 (June 3, 1965)

7. Neil Armstrong (USA) – First man to walk on the moon
Mission: Apollo 11 (July 16, 1969)

8. Gene Cernan (USA) – Last man to walk on the moon
Mission: Apollo 17 (Dec 7, 1972)

9. Sally Ride (USA) – First American woman in space
Mission: STS-7 (June 18, 1983)

* Source: NASA, The New Atlas of the Universe (Patrick Moore), The Planets (David McNab & James Younger), The Space Atlas (Dorling Kindersley, University of Michigan.


i). The blogger is not an anti-establishment figure but the rebellious nature once resides in him decided to resurface unexpectedly.

ii). The blogger is not medically/politically under heavy medication or duress which could cloud his judgment and the entry is entirely/totally his view towards the sake of mankind only.

iii). The blogger is not under the influence of alcohols, drugs or any banned substances which could cloud his judgment and the entry is entirely/totally his view towards the sake of mankind only.

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vi). The blogger also would like to wish all his friends and to those who know him “SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI”.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

...howwwzattt... something to relieve our stress...

It was the first day of school and a new student named Suzuki, the daughter of a Japanese businessman, entered the fourth grade.

The teacher said, "Let's begin by reviewing some American history. Who said "Give me Liberty, or give me Death?" She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Suzuki, "Patrick Henry, 1775."

She said "Very good!" Who said 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth'?"Again, no response except from Suzuki: "Abraham Lincoln, 1863." ,said Suzuki.

The teacher snapped at the class, "Class, you should be ashamed. Suzuki, who is new to our country, knows more about its history than you do."

There was a loud whisper: "Screw the Japanese. "Who said that?" the teacher demanded. Suzuki put her hand up. "Lee Iacocca, 1982."

At that point, a student in the back said, "I'm gonna puke. "The teacher glares and asks "All right! Now, who said that?" Again, Suzuki says, "George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991."

Now furious, another student yells, "Oh yeah? Suck this!" Suzuki jumps out of her chair waving her hand and shouts to the teacher, "Bill Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky, 1997!"

Now with almost a mob hysteria someone said, "You little creep. If you say anything else, I'll kill you." Suzuki frantically yells at the top of her voice, "Gary Condit to Chandra Levy, 2001."
The teacher fainted!

And as the class gathered around the teacher on the floor, someone said, "Oh shit, we're in BIG trouble!"
.... and Suzuki said, "Arthur Andersen, 2002."

*A comment extracted from Malaysia Today (02/10/2007)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

...howwwzattt for waste disposal???

Did you know that commercial aircraft toilet waste system uses a vacuum system to collect, transport and store toilet waste. The waste system provides toilets throughout the passenger cabin. This is very much different from the normal toilet we normally use in our house or wherever we go. In aircraft, the system uses portable water to flush the toilet bowls and the vacuum provide the differential pressure to transport the waste through toilet drain lines to waste tanks in the bulk cargo compartment. A flush control unit controls the toilet flushing cycle. This unit sequences and times the cycle including the rinse water valve, flush valve and vacuum blower operation.

On ground or at lower altitudes the vacuum is created by a vacuum blower meanwhile at higher altitude the differential pressure between the cabins and the ambient provides the vacuum means for the toilet system.

A very popular myth (or perhaps it is a true experience) had occurred for sometimes now that once a very large or fat lady had stuck herself inside the toilet bowl while doing her business due to the vacuum effects that sucking the waste as well with the air inside the toilet bowl. This may sound hilarious to some but worse more to the frantic lady herself. If some day should you encounter the same experience, what would you do? I’m not saying it will happen but incident does happens in a very strange and in an amusing ways. This comes to the design of the toilet unit itself. They design it in such a way that the flush handle or button is beyond our reach so that in order to flush down the toilet, we have to get up from the toilet bowl to do it. Isn’t it interesting? You should try flushing the toilet while still sitting on the bowl the next time you board an aircraft, you may find it’s quite hard to reach the flush handle/button of the toilet unit.

So if you should one day stuck yourself inside the aircraft toilet bowl, do not panic, just insert your finger between the bowl and yourself. The gap should be enough to equalize the pressure inside the bowl with the cabin pressure.

What about if you are about to do your business in the outer space, such as using the toilet in the ISS (International Space Station) where sometimes the astronauts have to spend months if not years in doing research for the sake of humankind? As there is no gravity, the use of water and flush system is impossible. On the ISS, the toilet is operated by air pressure. A fan does the work that gravity does on the ground.

Urine is sucked inside the toilet and is collected in a container. When these are full they are discarded. For collecting solid waste, the toilet has plastic bags that are placed inside and air is sucked through tiny holes in the bag. Everything gets collected in the bag and the bags are self-close. Whoever used that toilet had to push the closed bag through a hole into an aluminum container and put a new bag in place for the next person. Because water is in short supply, the ISS carry its own miniature water treatment plant onboard. However, unlike most water treatment plant on Earth, the ISS system recycles the urine of both the crew and the laboratory animals and returns it to the drinking water supply and the fact is that the water runs from the ISS taps is more cleaner and pure than what we’re having from our kitchen taps. Now isn’t that interesting?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

...howwwzattt... for the evolution??

All went smooth sailing until I reached my SRP year (1987), you see the seniors (5th former) are one crazy and rowdy lots. During that particular year my batch had become what you may call "the punching bag", you might be ended up in the torture chamber without knowing what you're in for. Those guys would simply pick you randomly and summon you up to their dorm along with your unfortunate peers to what we called the event of "Royal Rumble" hence the wrestling show. We would be standing in the middle of the ring (dorm) and they would form a circle and make us to fight each other until the last man standing. Here the victor wouldn't get away in glory, instead you'll still have to face their wrath for beating your own friend. If there are 20 seniors in the dorm, you'll have to face a "starlight" from each and everyone of them. This happened all year long and not the only terrified experience we have to face, there're many kind of form of ragging and bullying that would certainly bruised you pysically and mentally. But we all understood the norm of that kind of things, someday during our senior years we will do the same things to the juniors. There's a kind of unwritten code, an omerta applied to each and everyone of us boarders at that time, every hardships we endured, for the pain we suffered, it will remained amongst us. No telling to the school authority, period.

So, what I'm trying to say here? Are our students now evolved from once a tough young men to sissies or the culture of ragging and bullying have become too extreme for them to handle? Or perhaps it's the system that made them behaving that way? Mind you, without character building our students wouldn't reach far globally...
p.s. This comment was made in regards with the recent news published in our newspaper.

...howwwzatt... for memories??

During my primary years, whenever I got a slapping from a teacher it's a no-no way of me for telling my late abah of the punishment since I'm fully aware for that I surely will receive a double slapping from him for he knew that I'm the one to blame, not the teachers.When I was in my secondary years in a boarding school. Me and a few of my brothers in arm were caught smoking by the warden. As a lesson for us, we were given 3 strokes each on our behind and still not satisfied with the punishment the warden decides to get us all wet by soaking us all for the night in the pool. Was it filthy? Of course it was and still is to this day. Imagine spending the whole night standing in the murky water with the bloodsucking leeches to keep us company. Did we learn our lesson? Frankly no and it never crossed our mind of becoming holy back than. But did we, did I respect the teachers? Yeahhh you can bet on that, never in my/our mind to disrespect the person that had taught us and the feeling remains till this day.

I remember during my school days at SERATAS Taiping when it comes to Saturday night, all the Putras and Putris would flock to the gymnasium to watch movie screening by the Kelab Wayang Gambar. Sometimes if weather permits they will screen in on the wall of the school block and everyone will sit down on the tarmac between the Dewan Besar and the school block to catch whatever movie for that certain night and of course as usual attendance is compulsory. Many would bring "products" such as kacang, biscuits and air minum just like in the movie theater. Some would even bring pillows and tikars so that they can lie down and even sleep during the screening. Sometimes during the screening a few of the boys (the seniors) would slowly crawled in the dark to be amongst the Putris just to hear their suprised scream finding that there're different species sitting beside them. As usual no harms were done except for some boos and cheers from both sides.

There is one place that is sacred to me during those days, that is the Dewan Makan. You see, during the starts of each first school term (form 4 and 5, my senior years of course) I would influenced the AJK Dewan Makan to arrange my batch seating so that we'll always be near the girls in the dining hall (AJK semua kawan kamceng maaa...). Not knowing to them, within the half and hour of dining I would cherished that moment by curi-curi pandang/jeling/intai­ my awek (everybody experienced their first love apa...) sebab come to the real world like most boys, being cool is such an important image to look after rather than being a Mat Bunga. Although our relationship is an open secret to most of the school population, tapi biasala gua nak jaga air muka depan member-member dan juniors kenala buat macam takdak apa-apa. Nanti depa kata, apala abang ni gaya macam rock tapi main awek pulak kahkahkah...

There's one incident on ber"couple" (lelaki dengan pompuan la...) happened to 5 of my buddies, I don't know exactly how it goes but verbal accounts dari yang empunya diri tu, they were caught coupling by the Dicipline Master that means berdating dalam kelas kot?? They were brought to the Bilik Guru to face the music and unlucky for them that at that time it was waktu rehat. You can imagine that most of the teachers were there right? So, here goes the sedutan dialogue;

D. Master : Hahhhh... kamu... adakah kamu cintakan dia?

A. Salleh: Ya... saya cintakan dia (dengan begitu penuh yakin sekali)

D. Master: Haaa cikgu-cikgu dengar tak... depa ni cinta-mencintai hahahahaha....

Teachers Lounge: HAHAHAHAHAHA... (filled up with laughter)

Up til now whenever I met with A. Salleh, I would always asked him to ulang balik the dialogues word by word hahahaha... So, what about me? Do I have that similar kind of unfortunate incident happens to me? Glad you ask and it did happened but on a more greater scale and if you boys and girls be nice to this old boy, perhaps for the next entry I will reveal my infamous tale...

Remember days of skipping school
Racing cars and being cool
With a six pack and a radio
We didn't need no place to go...

(Bon Jovi: Never Say Goodbye)

Friday, September 28, 2007

...howwwzattt... for anger management??

In cricket, an appeal is the act of a player on the fielding team asking an umpire for a decision regarding whether a batsman is out or not. According to the Laws of Cricket, an umpire may not rule a batsman out unless the fielding side appeals. There have been occasions when a batsman has otherwise technically been out, but the fielding team neglected to appeal so the umpire did not declare them out. An appeal may be made at any point before the bowler starts his run-up for the next ball.According to the Laws of Cricket, an appeal is a verbal query, usually in the form of, "How's that?" to an umpire. Since the taking of a wicket is an important event in the game, members of the fielding team often shout this phrase with great enthusiasm, and it has transmuted into the slightly abbreviated form, "Howzat?" often with a greatly extended final syllable. However, recently in international cricket cricketers even actually dance on the field as part of their appeal, urging the umpire to raise his finger, signalling the batsman out. Some players have established their own trademark appeals as well. Occasionally, when a bowler gets a batsman out, he may do the batsman's trademark appeal as a form of celebration but moreover a slight intimidation.

Recently the company I work for has decided to exercise the ESOS which stands for Employee Share Option Scheme where in my section the task had fallen onto the Foreman. For an employee to eligible to get their ESOS, the management has decided to introduce another acronym which is PMS that stands for Perfomance Management System (as usual, they really good in generating this kind of new terms). So, every personnels in my section were summoned up one by one by the Foreman into his office to hear his explaination on their perfomances and that includes me. The highest point is 4 (excellent) whilst the lowest is 1 for poor. When it comes to my turn, there were about 10 columns and it was graded accordingly which the lowest I received was for "appearance" where the Foreman has decided to give one point something (I received 2.75 which stands in between good and very good). The funny thing was, being in my grade it is a requirement to wear uniform which were given by the company complete with the safety shoes and the epaullete whenever we come to work. I'm not sure whether the Foreman was in his right state of mind or not when evaluating my "apperance", it seems like he has totally forgotten that in any way, my "appearance" before him has been dictated by the same company he works for. Am I mad at his remarks? Hell yeahhhh...

So, why don't we all manage our anger and just "HOWWWZATTT..." out loud, it gives you a sense of therapeutic effect...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

...howwwzattt...for my icon...

"The journey has been embedded for so long.
Deep full of mystery.
Take it while it's still alive..."

(Ramli Sarip)

Today's entry, I would like very much to pay my tribute to an icon, my icon Ramli Sarip. He is affectionately known as Papa Rock to most of us. His song has generate influence in most of us in his 40 years career span.

Ramli Bin Hj. Sarip was born on the 15 October 1952 in Singapore. He is now a legendary and popular singer also a producer in Malaysia.

He was first popular with his group called Sweet Charity in the late 70s. The band was formed in 1967. Sweet Charity was among the few bands that revolutionized the local rock scene. This Singapore based group continued to rock the nation with their brand of rock and roll music. They were once dubbed as the Deep Purple of Singapore. Sweet Charity released its self-title debut album in 1979. But it was not until a year later that they become a houshold name when their second album Sweet Charity-Pelarian released. Tracks from the album such as Kamelia, Musibah, Zakiah and Pelarian became instant hits and today, they've become Sweet Charity classics, so much so that fans has forgotten that some of the numbers were cover versions and that includes the most notable Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight entitle "DIA" from the album Penunggu.

Indeed, Ramli Sarip was the backbone of Sweet Charity. From 1989 onwards he went solo and to date has cut 8 solo albums with an average sale of 100,000 original copies per album. He also proved himself to be popular among fans ranging from youngster, teenagers, middle aged and the elderly. He renders heavy rock, soft music, traditional Malay songs and English numbers. He is always occupied with road show, dinner shows and charity shows. Ramli Sarip also manages to win the hearts of non-Malay fans through his performances in pubs and clubs.


p.s: "DIA" is for you...

...howwwzattt...sub-continent rules pt. 2

India had won for the first time the ICC Word Twenty20 by beating their archrival Pakistan by 5 runs in a very tensed and majestic showdown. As usual whenever these 2 teams meet, there’ll surely be an outstanding and electrifying atmosphere surrounding the stadium by the players as well as the supporters for the both teams. India had proved that the Twenty20 not tailored only for big hitters and sloggers but if you do well in your bowling department and splendid catches by the fielders, it is a clear sign that the mounting pressure will falls on your opponent. That’s what they just did, taking early crucial wickets such as Kamran Akmal, Younus Khan and the slogger Shahid Afridi. It was also a great moment for India first time young captain, MS Dhoni for his “no fear cricket” attitude which later was adopted by his players and truly as it is will brings the new generation cricket to the world. Well what can I say, as a supporter for the Indian, I congratulate the team for their achievement and an outstanding performance…

Many of you might be wondering how on earth did I got involved in this form of boring sport? Well, it all started during my schooling days in one of the best school in Taiping that is SEMESTA or now known as SERATAS. I started to play hockey at first and even represent the school u-15 team a few times in a friendly matches along with R. Shankar our former national player who was my senior at that time. After sometimes, I left the team after realizing that I’m not good enough with the hockey stick to be in the regime. Another major reason for my departure was the coach, Abdul Rahim Udin aka ARU, he was a very good coach and a good player himself. But apart from that he was also the most feared teacher in the school, a very strict disciplinarian, someone that you should never cross path with. I’m sure many of the ex-students of the school especially the hockey players and those constantly bending the rules would have agreed with me. There were several occasions where the team had won; still the players would receive a slapping from him for not winning the game by a big margin right in front of the crowd moment after the game. During his tenure as the coach, the school team was known and feared by many as the team had the reputation like the Pakistan team during the 80’s.

Okay enough on that let me move on with my entry on how I got involved with cricket. Not long after I left hockey, there was recruitment for the cricket team by the seniors and with several of my batch mates join the training. After several months of training and learning the basic and techniques of the game, I’ve made it to the u-20 team as a super-sub or in the layman term as a reserve player. After a while I began to love the game and in the following year I was in the first eleven for the u-20 team and also held the captaincy for the u-15 team. It was and still is the only form of sport that I play up to this day and currently play socially for my company cricket club and also for the STAROBA Orange Cricket Club (unofficially holding the record for the only 100 percent Malay players/members in the country) as an affiliate member.

My tribute to those I’ve had played along with for the beloved school:

Coach : Cikgu Zahari Mohd Aliah
Batch 1986: Rahim, Badak, Azam, Man Koop, Pyan, Zahid
Batch 1987: Mizi, Tajol
Batch 1989: Myself, Yusham, Lan Penyu, Din Bajang, Naza Tuan Tulang, Lun Ayam
Shidi Linggam
Batch 1990: Ma’ad, Suhaimi Tanduk, Hamdan Scorer, Halim Aro

* Just to name a few.

Whenever there is a cricket match aired on TV, my wife and the children would make faces behind me for they know that they’ll never get hold of the remote for that day. Maybe I should buy another set for them, don’t you think so?

p.s. The blogger is an ardent Indian supporter and had predicted that India will win the

p.s. Bad and his wife (from SOCC) are still in a great shock that Pakistan lost the

p.s. Happy 25th year’s anniversary to my beloved SERATAS.

Monday, September 24, 2007

...howwwzattt...beyond the boundary line...

Sometimes, the least misunderstanding could lead to a larger catastrophic effect to our live. It gives you new perspective on how to carry on with your live instead of just maintaining singular peripheral in dealing with certain kind of problem that keep on recurring torturing and maiming your hearts and souls. Some were born or trained to use their right side of their brain, some were used to their left. But is there a possibility or even proven scientifically that certain individuals were born with their right and the left, their logic and creative side of the brain intertwined with each other? Now, I don’t mean that the right and the left are equally balanced. But literally, do they just rumbled and jumbled themselves like sparks of a firework from left to right and right to left? If these really happen, can the poor soul ever distinguish between the reality and the fantasy, between the good and the bad, between the holy and the evil?

“Jalan mesti ke depan…”. How very appropriate this tagline from our recent TV commercial is. Looking at the face value of the sentence, one could never miss that it tells us that we should move ahead carry on with our live no matter how hard it is, how many failures we’ve gone through but still we have to keep on going and going. In reality, we do need to look behind once in a while. Sometimes we need to backtrack our footsteps to see what went wrong along our route and learn from the mistakes done. Nobody is too decent or too good moving ahead without leaving traces of misdeed along their way. Resonance from the past will haunt you forever.

Are we being too judgmental in our live? This brings me to this very interesting story, many would have heard it many times in their live but here goes my version of “The Lady With The Dirty Linen”.

*It happens in our daily live.
There was this golden age couple who live happily in a very quite little town somewhere in this world. Though they had no children, but they have each other as company and they treasure it to the fullest.
Everyday the couple will routinely do their morning chores where the husband will tends the garden whilst the wife will do her chores in the kitchen. Everything was choreographed to the perfect timing day in and day out. Back to wife in the kitchen although she enjoys her time there, one thing had been bothering her all this while. Everyday as she do the dishes, at the exact time everyday her neighbour would hang her laundry outside of her house. This daily ritual could be well viewed by the lady from her kitchen window. What was bothering her is why was her neighbour hanging her linens without fully aware that those linens were still dirty with the same patches of dirty yesterday’s residue? Come to think of it, those were the same stains all these while. She began to wonder why on earth her neighbour would that, is the neighbour never bother with cleanliness, why not just throw it away and buy a new one? Suddenly her husband walks into the kitchen to get himself a drink. Without further ado she pose the question to her husband whether he saw the neighbour’s dirty linens or not.
The husband replied, “ My beloved wife, I do see those little puzzle you mention about and by no means I want to object to what you’ve seen all these while. But if you take this kitchen towel and wipe the window glass pane, none of this mystery will ever occurred.”
To the effect of what her husband just said, she took the kitchen towel and wipe the window pane and with that the question and mystery about her neighbour’s linens that have been shrouded her all the while vanish.

Now, are we being too judgmental in our live? The answer is yes. Don’t blame others to what we are lack of, to our mistakes. It lies in us. Do not jump to conclusion upon seeing only the surfaces. Go beyond that, beneath the many layers of lining. For that we will become wiser…

Sunday, September 23, 2007

...howwwzattt for the misguided...

Ever seen cars with row of these little fins installed at the rear of the roof just above the rear windshield? Well, these little fins are called vortex generator and in general it main purpose is to streamline the airflows. It seems like nowadays, it is some kind of a trend for car owners to fit in these aftermarket device to their cars in the hope of getting more efficient perfomance from their vehicles.

Now, let us move on to what is vortex generator? A vortex generator is an aerodynamic surface, consisting of a small vane that creates a vortex. They can be found in many devices, but the term is most often used in aircraft design.

Vortex generators are added to the leading edge of a swept wing in order to maintain steady airflow over the control surfaces at the rear of the wing. They are typically rectangular or triangular, tall enough to protrude above the boundary layer, and run in spanwise lines near the thickest part of the wing. They can be seen on the wings and vertical tails of many airliners. Vortex generators are positioned in such a way that they have an angle of attack with respect to the local airflow.

A vortex generator creates a tip vortex which draws energetic, rapidly-moving air from outside the slow-moving boundary layer into contact with the aircraft skin. The boundary layer normally thickens as it moves along the aircraft surface, reducing the effectiveness of trailing-edge control surfaces; vortex generators can be used to remedy this problem, among others, by re-energizing the boundary layer. Vortex generators delay flow separation and aerodynamic stalling; they improve the effectiveness of control surfaces (e.g Embraer 170 and Symphony SA-160); and, for swept-wing transonic designs, they alleviate potential shock-stall problems (e.g. Harrier, Blackburn Buccaneer, Gloster Javelin).

Many aircraft carry vane vortex generators from time of manufacture, but there are also after-market suppliers who sell VG kits to improve the STOL performance of some light aircraft.

Air jet vortex generators work on a different principle. They direct a jet of air into the boundary layer, thereby re-energising it.

So, in reality these little simple device are not going to improve whatever perfomance you guys out there were thinking of, unless if you are driving a car which can fly that has a speed that is the same as a Boeing 737, let say about 500 to 800 kmh. Even perfomance cars didn't have these devices fitted to their chassis when they were rolled out from the assembly plant.

howwwzattt...sub-continent rules...

Vivacious India defeats Australia by 15 runsG Rajaraman (Sportz Interactive) Saturday, September 22, 2007 9:11:46 PM

Durban: Nobody dared move an inch from the edge of their seats at the Kingsmead Cricket Ground lest they miss any action and man, wasn't that some action in the ICC World Twenty20 semi-final! India held its nerve against a brave charge by Australia to win the spectacle by a handsome margin of 15 runs to set up a marketing man's dream – a final against Pakistan.And on Saturday, the Indian cricketers showed that they were brave hearts. First it was Yuvraj Singh and company with the bat as they powered India to 188 for five with 128 runs in the final 10 overs. Then Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh who led the bowling attack with their calm demeanour to help India extend its stupendous showing and give itself the chance to win the top prize on Monday.
The Australians, as is their wont, were game for the challenge. Skipper Adam Gilchrist set the tone with his big hitting against Rudra Pratap Singh. And it was when Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds came together for a stand of 66 runs that the thousands of tricolour-waving fans fell quiet but Sreesanth delivered them from their agony.
Sreesanth was focussed on the task at hand and unmindful of the mayhem unleashed at the other end. He produced 140 kmph corkers to send back Gilchrist, and when he came back to bowl the crucial 15th over, Hayden. His spell of 4-1-12-2 will be etched in the minds of all those who watched it for its intensity and 16 dot balls!
Harbahajan Singh was control and variation personified as he brought in Test match quality bowling to the crease under pressure. The others like RP Singh, Irfan Pathan and even Joginder Sharma showcased an ability to take a beating and bounce back strongly. Each of them accounted for at least one over each.
You could reach out and touch the electricity in the air as a charged up Yuvraj Singh led an India resurgence to a comfortable 188 for five in 20 overs. For the second time in five nights, he creamed the opposition attack to make a breezy half-century. His knock of 70 off 30 deliveries (five fours and five sixes), coupled with spirited efforts by Robin Uthappa (34, 28 balls, one four, three sixes) and skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni (36, 18 balls, four fours and a six) strengthened the dreams of thousands in the stadium and millions in the sub-continent – a juicy India-Pakistan final.
Before the start of the match, the question on top of everyone's mind was whether Yuvraj would be fit to play the game. The explosive left-hander had sat out of the match against South Africa with a sore elbow but he ruled himself fit to take on the Australians. And he engineered so much electricity in the atmosphere that the stadium lights could have been powered by that.
Yuvraj Singh walked in at the fall of Gautam Gambhir's wicket at 41 after the opener had made 24 but eight overs had already been played and Australia was on top of its game. He pulled the second ball he faced over square-leg and announced his intentions of leading an India fightback in a knock that reminded many of his innings against Australia in Nairobi back in 2000.
His clinical aggression negated the many dot balls that Uthappa was forced to play in his quest to ensure that India would not lose more wickets and come under additional pressure. India raced from 60 in the 10th over to finish with 188 – a whopping 128 runs in the second half of the innings. Yuvraj can take credit for giving direction to the 84-run stand with Uthappa.
Gilchrist, leading the side in Ricky Ponting's absence, and Stuart Clark – man of the match in the team's sensational win over Sri Lanka a couple of days ago challenged Yuvraj with a strong leg-side. The Indian vice-captain picked up the gauntlet and creamed the pace bowler for 20 runs, including a pulled six over mid-wicket and two fours over the cover fielder.
One thing became sure. T20 cricket is not for the weak-hearted. Not it if packs in so much excitement in one evening.
Australia Squad Adam Gilchrist (Captain and wicket-keeper), Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke, Michael Hussey, Andrew Symonds, Brad Hodge, Brad Haddin, Brett Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Stuart Clark, Nathan Bracken.
India SquadVirender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Robin Uthappa, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain and wicket-keeper), Yuvraj Singh, Rohit Sharma, Irfan Pathan, Joginder Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Rudra Pratap Singh, S Sreesanth
OfficialsChris Broad (match referee)Asad Rauf and Mark Benson (umpires)Billy Doctrove (third)Tony Hill (fourth) .
I managed to catch the India's innings last night and it is a totally remarkable innings indeed with their batsmen blazing away all the shots raining the ground with sixers. Though early in the pool matches the Indian side seems to be a bit struggling to keep on, but in the semis they've proved to the world that the "no fear cricket" adopted from their captain's tagline was pretty much worthy. So tomorrow will be the final which will see a face-off between 2 sub-continent nation, India against Pakistan and whenever these 2 nations meet the atmosphere will be choked with electrifying display by the players as well as from the supporters. So what can I say, sub-continent do rules the day...
News courtesy from, official website for ICC World Twenty20 2007.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

howwwzattt... for a snail mail??

Snail mail is a derogatory retronym - named after the snail with its proverbially slow speed - used to refer to letters and carried by conventional postal delivery services. The phrase refers to the lag-time between dispatch of a letter and its receipt, versus the virtually instantaneous dispatch and delivery of its electronic equivalent, e-mail. It is also known, more neutrally, as paper mail, postal mail, or land mail.

Storing paper mail uses more physical space than storing e-mail. However, paper is a reliable storage medium and is not inherently dependent on any modern technologies. Documents printed on most common paper and left undisturbed for one hundred years will be easily readable. In contrast, most electronic storage degrades much faster. Worse, devices that can read a particular electronic storage medium may be difficult to find and use even a decade or two after their introduction.

There are efforts to renew interest in paper mail, such as the creation of mail art - physical art that is distributed and swapped around the world.

Snail mail is also a term used in reference to penpalling. Snail mail penpals are those penpals that communicate with one another through the postal system, rather than on the internet which is becoming the standard form of communication for penpals.

Remember the times when the most advancement we have in technologies are the telephone, telex, telegram and of course the snail mail? Even the fax machines are still it its infancy at that time. Nowadays, we have so much technologies, so much gadgets at our disposal such as the internet and mobile phones where communicating are much more easier, much more simpler and much much more efficient than before. Remember when the undersea cables for communication went kaput near Taiwan early this year (if I'm not mistaken)? Half of the world population went panic and even some dare say that, at that moment they seems like to be living in the stone age without the knowledge of what to do next apart from staring blankly at their pc. We have become vulnerable because of this. For me personally, I welcomed all those modernization but in certain aspects I still prefer things the old fashion way. Such as, I still want my daily newspaper to be in its conventional form so I can read it anytime I want and throw it anywhere I please though with my fingers at my disposal I still can read the news through the World Wide Web. Mind you, I could bring the newspaper inside the loo too. Banks still sending their reminder to me by the snail mail although I already filled up my email address in their forms. And you know what, what about love letters? I still keep them (without the knowing of the wife laaaa...) and from time to time would sneaked up behind the cupboard to see whether it still there or not and wondering what the sender might be doing at that moment, the smell of it seems like only yesterday hehehe...

p.s: In the year of 1988, I was caught red handed because of the snail mail...

howwwzattt... or should it be how was that??

Well... this is the first time ever I tried to write a journal, didn't we all have had our first time? It all began when I received an invitation from one of my cricket buddies to view his blog a couple of days back.

"You should view my blog, I did mention your name there blablabla.....and blabla...", truthfully it did sound this guy is in a kind of desperation in attracting me to view his page hehehehe...don't you think so hehehehehe......??

After reading a few of his entries (quite interesting though...), you know what? It did lighted up my bulb and came into thinking that why not this 30 something desperate housewife (hence the show) set up his own blog or whatever you may call it, to share with some friends whatever he wants to share of? What, you want to know whether I'm a gay or not?? Sorry mate... I'm straight as a lamp post hahahaha....

For those who wants to know which guy I'm talking about, see the pic... the guy duduk katak the 5th from left is the one that drives me up to take up writing, err... I mean this entry. Surely unlike him, I will always mention yang baik-baik aje pasal my friends hahahaha.....