Friday, December 25, 2009

howwwzattt... more added to the stable...

MAS and Airbus sign MoU for orders of up to 25 A330-300s

Malaysia Airlines and Airbus signed a Memorandum of Understanding today covering the order of 15 A330-300 and acquired purchase options for another 10.

The total cost of the 25 aircraft is USD5 billion at list prices. The aircraft which will be delivered from 2011 to 2016 will serve the growing markets of South Asia, China, North Asia, Australia and Middle East.

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Tengku Dato’ Azmil Zahruddin said, "The A330 will complement our incoming fleet of 6 A380 and 35 B737-800. The new fleet will create a strong platform for us to profitably grow – the A380 will serve key long haul destinations such as London and Sydney, the A330 for medium haul markets while the B737-800 will be used to strengthen our domestic and regional routes.

“By 2016, all the aircraft we have ordered will be in and we expect to have one of the youngest, most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly fleet in Asia. This will further strengthen and build upon our award-winning service and passenger value. “

He added, “Our strategy is to transform from a 100% leased fleet to owning at least a third of the aircraft in our core fleet. We will fund the purchases through a combination of a proposed rights issue and borrowings. This will give us the flexibility to refresh the aircraft on a needs basis to provide our customers with the latest product.”

When the 15 A330 aircraft are received, Malaysia Airlines expects to gain annual savings of RM300 million.

Airbus Senior Vice President Sales, Customer Affairs Asia, Thomas Friedberger said, “Airbus has never stopped innovating and improving on the A330 family by integrating the experiences and knowledge that we have gained through other Airbus programmes. The continual investment by Airbus into the A330 Family ensures its competitiveness as an efficient and cost effective aircraft for medium haul routes.

“MAS will definitely benefit from the lower operating cost the new A330 fleet does offer”.

Malaysia Airlines is ordering the new version of the A330-300 which offers significantly expanded capabilities from cabin comfort to aircraft performance. The improved comfort for passengers include state of the art cabin offering better seat comfort, audio video on demand for all classes, and better mobile connectivity.

Friday, December 18, 2009

howwwzattt... sicko...

Had watched this docu-drama by Michael Moore on early morning the day before. It was really an eye opener on how such things were commercialized in the the land of freedom (read United States of America).

Like this statement made by one of their citizens; The government should fear and take care of their people instead of the other way around.

Imagine this. In France, the government will provide an assistant/nanny for free for four hours a day prior you gave birth.

In Cuba, the price of an inhaler (Ventolin I guess) is just about 5 cents compared in the US which is USD120.

All those cost were absorbed by the government that really care for the health being of their citizens though like Cuba, they were label as the enemy by the US.

Later on Michael Moore and a few of the US citizens that need medical attention but couldn't afford to pay took a boat ride to the Guantanamo Bay where the most secured and high tech prison located.

This prison has the most advance medical facility in the world and the irony was, they treated the most dangerous prisoners/criminals (according to them) just for free.

In France, Moore visits a hospital and interviews the head of obstetrics and gynaecology and a group of American expatriates. Moore rides with the "SOS Médecins", a 24-hour French medical service that provides house calls by physicians.

Moore discovers that the French government provides many social services, such as health care, public education (including universities), vacation and day care for $1 an hour and neonatal support that includes cooking, cleaning, and laundry services for new mothers. (more here)

I think if there are more re-runs on Astro, you guys should watch it.

Source from Astro & Wikipedia.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

howwwzattt... i dare you to dare me...

MAS vs AA: Dato' Tony given his speech and was looked
upon by the MAS Cricket Club President, Mr. Paramananthan.
FYI, that lambchop leftover was mine...

Kuala Lumpur, 16th December, 2009 – "Bring it on, the sexier the better." That was the response from Tony Fernandes to Sir Richard Branson's challenge over the loser in the Formula 1 stakes having to dress up as an airline stewardess on the winner's airline - AirAsia or Virgin Atlantic.

The Lotus F1 Racing team, of which Fernandes is Team Principal, has even taken the liberty to pick out a lovely crew uniform for Branson. "It's quite fitting, don't you think? Our passengers will be delighted to be served by a Knight of the Realm. But knowing Richard, the real challenge will be to prevent him from asking our guests "coffee, tea or me? That would be scary," said Fernandes, who is a founder and Group CEO of AirAsia, which is Asia's largest low-cost carrier.

Yeahhh Tony, that's what I like most out of you. You never back up from any challenges. By the way, who's this Richard Branson? Sorry for my ignorance. Of course la Tony, I know him...

Dear Tony. I've met you on several occasion and believe me I have my highest regards upon you.


Remember when we had this little cricket match amongst ourselves? You, as the CEO of AA, just threw away all the protocols and all that shit just to be with your staffs.

In that, I salute you.

Well Tony, that was just it. Nothing more and nothing less...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

howwwwzattt... my hump my hump my hump my hump... or was it my bump...

Since the opening of SkyPark T3 in Subang, traffics were a nightmare especially during the evening where everybody rushed home from work.

One of the contributing factors were, the numbers of housing estates surrounding the Kampung Melayu Subang such as Subang 2, Subang Mahsing, Puncak Alam, Kayangan Height, Sungai Buloh, Kota Damansara and many more.

The other factor was, speed humps. There were 3 of them if I’m not mistaken. These lead to traffic crawl as early from the BP petrol station until the last hump near the immigration office (former terminal 2).

It was a nightmare for me at least just to reach my workplace, inched my way from there onwards.

Well, today is different.

The authority had decided to remove all the humps last night and guess what, no more traffic crawl as of this evening.

It was a simple solution and I don’t know why it had taken these long for the geniuses with the local council to come up with the idea.

I praised the brain behind it.

Their characteristics

1. 3" tall by 12’ long in the direction of travel
2. Extend the entire width of the street
3. 12" painted reflective white stripes across
4. Spaced 250’-350’ apart
5. Designed to be driven comfortably at 30 kph


1. Decrease average speed 10 – 20 kph
2. Sometimes can decrease the number of cars using the road but in our country it may be resulted to traffic congestion if placed in major road
3. Works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
4. Cost is reasonable but once again may ballooned to tenfold figures if the works is to be sub-contracted to local contractors


1. All drivers must drive over them; speeders and non-speeders
2. Traffic noise from: rapid braking, rapid accelerating, objects bouncing in truck beds
3. Drivers might drive "around" them, onto shoulders, sidewalks, or landscaped areas
4. Street sweepers may leave some dirt and debris residue at humps
5. Some rainwater may be retained
6. They are not aesthetic, some people object to their appearance

References were taken from City of Scotisdale

Monday, December 14, 2009

howwwzattt... Air France Crash Remains A Mystery...

Investigators are unable to establish what caused a fatal June Atlantic plane crash but searches for the flight recorders will resume in February, the head of the French aviation accident investigation authority said.

"We remain unable to determine the causes and circumstances of the incident," Jean-Paul Troadec, head of the BEA accident investigation authority told French radio on Sunday.

Flight AF 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris crashed into the Atlantic on June 1 after flying into stormy weather, killing 228 people.

The 'black box' flight recorders are still missing and only small parts of the Airbus A330's wreckage have been found.

The French authority is due to issue a report on Thursday which will recommend ways to help locate black boxes more easily, sources close to the incident have said.

"Normally, these recorders are made to resist significant shocks," Troadec said. "There is still a chance that they are in a good shape and readable."

Troadec was in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday to meet the victims' families.

He said the authority was making calculations to determine where the plane might have crashed and where its debris might have drifted.

Without the black boxes, he said investigators could not fully explain the incident.

Asked if this week's report would contain new elements, Troadec said: "Yes, namely recommendations in terms of security which were not in the first report."

A July report identified problems in handing responsibility for the aircraft between controllers but said it was too early to say what caused the plane to hit the ocean.

"I don't expect much new concrete information on the cause of the crash," a source familiar with the investigation said.

A second source familiar with the incident concurred, saying the report would add little to an inconclusive preliminary report issued in July.


Speculation has focused on the possible icing of the aircraft's speed sensors, which appeared to give inconsistent readings and may have disrupted other systems.

Safety authorities ordered checks on the sensors known as 'pitot probes' and restricted the use of the type installed on the plane, made by France's Thales.

But investigators are not expected to pin the blame on any one issue, one source close to the investigation said.

Instead, the BEA is expected to make at least three recommendations on general aircraft safety, the source said.

These include extending the life of locator beacons attached to the flight recorders to 90 days from 30 days.

Regulators could also be asked to consider ordering further beacons to be attached to important parts of the aircraft structure to assist in locating wreckage in the event of a crash. Such beacons would need to be active for 30 days.

Plane makers may also be asked to study the feasibility of installing monitoring systems that send information on basic parameters such as position, course and altitude back to an airline's maintenance base even when operations are normal.

The crash fueled a debate in the aviation industry over whether more data should be streamed via satellite but the cost of communications has so far been deemed prohibitive.

Some safety officials are meanwhile calling for scientific research to be carried out into weather conditions at high altitudes in turbulent zones such as the equator.


Friday, December 11, 2009

howwwzattt... close encounters of the third kind...

Close encounters of the third kind. It is far from the 1977 sci-fi movie by Steven Spielberg and my encounter with this third kind was not even close enough with the green beings but I did experienced encounters with other beings. Was it green anyway?

Some 30 odd years ago where the luxury of having electricity and water running out from pipes are far from our reach, there were many spooky things happened in my kampong.

I remember one night when I was about 6 or 7 years old, the whole family heard a shrieking laughter coming from the “pokok kekabu” behind the house. According to my late abah, it was the “langsuir”. The sound of it went higher and higher until it just vanish.

We heard the “langsuir” quite frequently until my late abah became so fed up with it and chopped down the tree. Since then, we never heard the thing perhaps that being just move on to another strategic tree I guess.

During my days in the boarding school, I don’t remember came across with that type of beings except for a few hysteria cases.

The closest encounter happened when I was 19, where I was this Mat Rempit in Ipoh. Well past midnight on my motorbike on my way to my friend’s house which happens to be in a rubber estate.

I noticed that something been following me from above but strange though, I did not feel any fear whatsoever.

As I glanced behind, I saw this huge ball of fire following me but strange enough, the surrounding darkness didn’t affected by the intense glare by this great ball of fire.

What did I do? Maximum throttled my way and that third kind just vanishes into thin air once I reached my friend’s house.

Talk about gung-ho during those days...

** Errr FYI, I just watch the movie last night...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

howwwzattt... air disaster that shook us (revisited)...

The memorial site is situated at Jalan Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru,
Malaysia. It is known as Tanjung Kupang Memorial.

For the benefit of those who may not know - on 4 December 1977 (32 years ago), flight MH653 went down in Tanjung Kupang, Johor.

On this tragic day, we lost all 93 passengers and 7 flight crew.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 (MH653), a Boeing 737-2H6 aircraft registered as 9M-MBD (delivered September 1972 as 9M-AQO), crashed at Tanjung Kupang, Johor, in Malaysia on the evening of 4 December 1977.

It was the first and deadliest fatal accident for Malaysia Airlines, with all 93 passengers and 7 crew killed instantly.

The flight was apparently hijacked as soon as it reached cruise altitude. The circumstances in which the hijacking and subsequent crash occurred remain unsolved.

Flight Number MH653

Currently, Malaysia Airlines uses flight 653 as a flight from Penang to Singapore which operates daily, departs 13:15 and arrives at 14:35. The opposite is flight 652 as a flight from Singapore to Penang which operates daily, departs 11:05 and arrives at 12:25.

Flight MH653 departed Penang's Runway 22 at exactly 1921 hours for Kuala Lumpur's Subang Airport (now known as Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport). Passengers included the Malaysian Agricultural Minister, Dato' Ali Haji Ahmad, Public Works Department Head, Dato' Mahfuz Khalid, and Cuban Ambassador to Japan, Mario Garcia. The pilot in command was Captain G.K. Ganjoor.

Sequence of Events

At approximately 1954 hours, while at an altitude of 4,000 feet over Batu Arang and descending toward Subang's Runway 33, captain G.K. Ganjoor reported an "unidentified hijacker" onboard to Subang Tower. The tower immediately notified the authorities, who made emergency preparations at the airport.

A few minutes later, however, Captain Ganjoor radioed: "We're now proceeding to Singapore...". Flight MH653 never touched down at Singapore.

At 2015 hours, all communication with flight MH653 was lost.

At 2036 hours, the residents of Kampong Ladang, Tanjong Kupang in Johor reported hearing explosions and seeing burning wreckage in a swamp. The wreckage was later identified as Flight MH653. The plane hit the ground at a near-vertical angle at a very high speed. There were no survivors and not one recognizable body was found.


The aircraft cockpit voice recorder was recovered and the following was established:

After seizing control, at a point shortly before the crash, the offender locked himself in the cockpit with the two pilots. From the conversation, it appeared that all tension was gone, the hijacker talking amiably to the pilots. Suddenly, two gunshots occurred in rapid succession, followed a short time later by a third and final shot.

At this stage, the aircraft was on autopilot in a stable flight altitude. Noises suggestive of the cockpit door being broken into are heard, along with screaming and cursing.No noises are heard from within the cockpit to indicate any of the three occupants were conscious.

The autopilot disconnected, possibly due to a pitch input by someone entering the cockpit and trying to control the aircraft without knowing how to do it properly. An investigator speculated that someone pulled back on the column, causing a pitch up, done in such a fashion that positive feedback occurred; e.g., reaching over a pilot unsupported and falling back as the plane pitched up; i.e., a pilot-induced oscillation. This rapidly developed into a high amplitude phugoid oscillation, resulting in the near-vertical impact into the swamp.

The hijacker spoke with a Japanese accent. It has been claimed that the Japanese Red Army was responsible for the hijacking.

All recovered remains were x-rayed in an attempt to discover evidence of a projectile or weapon. No weapon or bullet was ever found. The remains of the victims were interred in a mass burial.

Friday, December 4, 2009

howwwzattt... cycle of life...

Having teenagers leaving under the same roof as yours is a nightmare. Having teenagers whose happen to be your daughter leaving under the same roof as yours, is a total headache.

If there are crash courses for this dilemma, I think I would be the first to enroll for such classes.

I can't imagine how my mother brought the three of us up which is me, my brother and my younger sister. And now it is my turn to feel the heat.

Well, between the three of us, I'm the most delinquent of all and until today I still have the feeling that I'm pretty much under the ever watchful eyes of my mother even within another 2 years I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday.

In that sense, I think that I'm quite special if compare to my other siblings no?

When dealing with boys, I believe in the old school ways of teaching them but come to these young ladies, ladies apart from their mother, I'm clueless...

Friday, November 20, 2009

howwwzattt... of facts and more facts...



•A 747-400 has six million parts, half of which are fasteners.

•A 747-400 has 171 miles (274 km) of wiring and 5 miles (8 km) of tubing.

•A 747-400 consists of 147,000 pounds (66,150 kg) of high-strength aluminum.

•The 747-400 has 16 main landing gear tires and two nose landing gear tires.

•The 747-400 tail height is 63 feet 8 inches (19.4 m), equivalent to a six-story building.


•The 747-400 wing weighs 95,000 pounds (43,090 kg), more than 30 times the weight of the first Boeing airplane, the 1916 B&W.

•The 747-400 wing measures 5,600 square feet (524.9 m 2 ), an area large enough to hold 45 medium-sized automobiles.

•Four World War I vintage JN4-D "Jenny" airplanes could be lined up on each of the Boeing 747 wings.

•How much weight does an additional 6-foot (1.8-m) wingtip extension and winglet add to the 747-400 wing? None! A weight savings of approximately 5,000 pounds (2,270 kg) was achieved in the wing by using new aluminum alloys, which offset the weight increase of the wing tip extension and winglet

Engineering and Testing:

•Seventy-five thousand engineering drawings were used to produce the first 747.

•The first 747 completed more than 15,000 hours of wind-tunnel testing.

•The original 747 flight test program, which led to the airplane's certification for commercial service in December 1969, used five airplanes, lasted 10 months and required more than 1,500 hours of flying.


•The 747 fleet has logged more than 42 billion nautical miles (77.8 billion kilometers), equivalent to 101,500 trips from the Earth to the moon and back.

•The 747 fleet has flown 3.5 billion people - the equivalent of more than half of the world's population.

•The 747-400ER range is approximately 7,713 nautical miles (14,297 km).

•A 747-400 typically takes off at 180 mph (290 km/h), cruises at 565 mph (910 km/h) and lands at 160 mph (260 km/h).

•For a typical international flight, one 747 operator uses about 5.5 tons (5,000 kg) of food supplies and more than 50,000 in-flight service items.


•Engine thrust has grown from 43,500 pounds (19,730 kg) per engine on the early 747s to as much as 63,300 pounds (28,710 kg) on the current model.

•The diameter of the 747 engine cowling is 8 feet 6 inches (2.6 m).


•The 747-400ER can carry more than 63,500 gallons of fuel (240,370 L), making it possible to fly extremely long routes, such as Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia.

•A 747-400 that flies 3,500 statute miles (5,630 km) and carries 126,000 pounds (56,700 kg) of fuel will consume an average of five gallons (19 L) per mile.

•The 747-400 carries 3,300 gallons (12,490 L) of fuel in the horizontal (tail) stabilizer, allowing it to fly an additional 350 nautical miles.


•The award-winning Boeing Signature Interior is available on both the 747-400 and 747-400ER.

•At 31,285 cubic feet (876 cubic meters), the 747-400 has the largest passenger interior volume of any commercial airliner, which is equivalent to more than three houses each measuring 1,500 square feet (135 square meters).

•The 747-400 has a redesigned "flexible" cabin interior that allows airlines to rearrange seats and class configuration overnight (in eight hours). They also permit 48-hour conversion times for changes in galley and lavatory locations.

•Airline cargo handlers use the 747-400's lower-lobe cargo handling system to load or unload more than 65,000 pounds (30,000 kg) of cargo - the equivalent of 625 pieces of luggage combined with 20 tons of revenue freight - in less than 15 minutes.

The Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C., could have been performed within the 150-foot (45-m) economy section of a 747-400.

•There are 365 lights, gauges and switches in the new-technology 747-400 flight deck, reduced from 971 on earlier 747 models.

**These were taken from MAS Engineering & Maintenace Portal.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

howwwzattt... of good face, talent and luck...

NEW YORK - Get lost, Hugh Jackman. This year's "Sexiest Man Alive" is once again Johnny Depp.

Depp nudged aside Jackman to get the coveted endorsement from People magazine Wednesday. It's the 46-year-old actor's second time as "Sexiest Man Alive." He also won in 2003.
(more here)

Well in Malaysia when you are 46, most likely you'll be starring as a father or some gardener or driver. Never will you get the chance to be the leading man any longer except for Jalaluddin Hassan and Rosyam Nor.

Over here we only interested in looking at the book cover, never on what we are going to find inside of the book.

To stress more on my point, recently Captain Jack Sparrow had signed a deal for the fourth installment of Pirates Of Caribbean for a whopping 21mil pound sterlings making him the highest paid leading man in the world surpassing Tom Cruise.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

howwwzattt... of policies and syiokkk sendiri...

Today I think I’m going to talk about 1Malaysian. What exactly they mean by 1Malaysian? Aren’t all this while we are a 1Malaysian?

Malaysia is unique in many ways where the nation is a melting pot for many races, cultures and religions so in that sense without further propagating the 1Malaysian concepts, it’s a common knowledge for all that we are ONE.

A few months back I was driving somewhere near Jalan San Peng in KL with a friend (he was an Indian guy) sometimes during midnight.

After I took a turn towards the Pudu Jail suddenly a patrol car came wailing by my side and asked me to pull over. As any good citizens would do I just obliged by pulling over by the road side.

I know, I didn’t do any traffic violations at that moment.

Fast forward:

I relate my experience to a buddy of mine who happens to be a police officer and it baffled me after hearing his explanation.

1. Any car which occupants consist of a Malay and an Indian travel well past midnight will be stopped.

2. Any car which occupants consist of a Malay and a Chinese travel well past midnight will be stopped.

3. Any car which occupants consist of an Indian and a Chinese travel well past midnight will be stopped.

4. Any car which occupants consist of all of the above travel well past midnight will be stopped.

And now they have the cheeks to introduce this 1Malaysian crap...

howwwzattt... a new breed of major players...

MAS Among Top 10 Airlines In Global Local Monitor
November 16, 2009 11:08 AM
From Manik Mehta

NEW YORK, Nov 16 (Bernama) -- Malaysia's national carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS), is among top 10 airlines in the first Global Local Monitor on airline websites.

Although MAS was No. 10 in the top list, trailing behind other Asian rivals such as Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific and Asiana, the fact that MAS could make it to the Global Local Monitor is quite an achievement.

This year, the User Experience Alliance (UXalliance), a global network of leading user research firms, celebrated World Usability Day by unveiling the preliminary findings of the first-ever Global Local Monitor.

The monitor assesses the efficacy of a site and its level of localisation or adaptation to local language and culture.

Localisation is based on factors such as the proper use of local languages, character sets, weights and measures, currencies, dates and times and culturally sensitive imagery.

In this case, it examines how well an airlines' website is localised by gauging its impact on a customer's ability to complete travel bookings or find important information.

Ultimately, it impacts brand perception and sales.

The Global-Local Monitor for airlines drew upon the talents and expertise of over 70 user experience professionals from 17 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

This is the broadest systematic localisation review ever conducted by user experience professionals. The Global-Local airline monitor involved five local user experience experts in each country, each reviewing the 10 websites on 30 localisation criteria.

The 10 websites surveyed were those shortlisted for the Skytrax Airline of the year award which annually rates airline performance by more than 16 million air travellers.

The UXalliance investigated whether the airlines was recognised by their outstanding service in the air also deliver the same outstanding service in their online customer experience to users in various locations around the world.

The findings reveal that of the world's 10 top-rated airlines, Emirates, Quantas and Qatar Airways were rated highest in terms of meeting of the needs of local users around the world.

The determining success factors were information in the local language, culturally appropriate character sets, colour schemes and imagery and well-localised calendar formats.

The airlines rated lowest tended to be less developed or representative of the local markets.

Following are the full localisation ratings and rankings:

Airline Rating Rank

Emirates 7.76 1
Quantas 7.32 2
Qatar 7.27 3
Singapore 7.26 4
CathayPacific 7.21 5
New Zealand 7.15 6
Thai 6.88 7
Etihad 6.76 8
Asiana 6.49 9
Malaysia 6.37 10

Through its extensive experience in global user research, the UXalliance knows companies that excel in localising their sites have a higher probability of connecting with their customers and maximising profitability of their local websites.

Surprisingly, not a single European or North American airline figured in the top 10 airlines. -- BERNAMA

Sunday, November 15, 2009

howwwzattt... year end journal or a bit of it ...

The year 2009 is coming to its end in less than 2 months. What looked like a bleak period in the beginning, slowly morphed into a good time if not better.

No resolutions fulfil as usual and I do feel I would never accomplish any resolutions no matter how I tried.

Before December ends, I'm hoping that everything I worked for will bear fruits and then I will ease myself by enjoying it to the fullest with my love ones.

Age is catching up with one or two strands of greying hair but still it is not bad if comparison to be made against some.

Yes, I'm in a different pair of shoes now and in the state of absent minded yes, I have accomplished something at least...

Monday, October 19, 2009

howwwzattt... big boyz toyz...

Lotus F1 Racing wind-tunnel model

Exactly how much do we need to spend in term of running an F1 team per year?

By next year Malaysians will see the 1Malaysian – Lotus F1 team entering as the 13th team for the Formula One Championship and if we consider the time frame, it is not that far from where we are standing now.

SUNDAY CHAT (New Sunday Times 18 Oct 2009)

“With groundbreaking announcements and decisions all made in a matter of weeks, Timesport’s Arnaz M. Khairul isn’t too convinced about the feasibility of the project and believes it was a rush job and that Malaysia isn’t ready for this.

However, Fernandes (Dato’ Tony Fernandes) explains why it isn’t exactly a bad idea.”

So, what does it mean by “it isn’t exactly a bad idea”?

Remember the first time around when we somehow involved with the F1 in the form of Alex Yoong?

Well, 8 years down the road or shall I say down the drain, we still got nothing to be proud of except for one driver and even he was not the product of all those promises. Come to think of it, by the year 2010 he will be considered too old to start his first grid race.

So Tony, which is which?

You don’t compare how you set up AirAsia with setting up an F1 team. Of course we all know you’ve got the full backing from the government and I’m pretty sure there was money to be made along the ways. But it is not from the team, it is from the sideshows. And in Malaysia, there were tons of money to be made just from the sideshows only and it was proven in many ways before.

With setting up an aviation company, all the things were there. Say if you buy a brand new Airbus, I’m sure you’ll get fewer headaches in term of maintenance and all for a few thousands flight hours. You just need to focus on marketing and business strategies. Soon profit will pours in.

In Formula One, you have to start from scratches. You have to develop your team right from designing your own chassis to the drivers itself.

Will you not feel frustrated just for a few laps, your car stalled? It happens to many of the world known teams before.

We are venturing into a new kind of turf where Toyota and Honda failed. Both are world class player, they have the money, facilities, technical knowhow and have proven themselves in the global car making industries. Still, why they failed?

Are we going to learn from this? We still haven’t learnt the significant first time around 8 years ago.

It is not about how much money we have and how much money we are willing to part with. It is about passion in the industry, passion just like the Brazilian with their football and the Indian with their cricket.

Have you ever wonder why all government backing sporting projects ended prematurely and miserably?

Let the one who knows about the industries govern the industries, not politicians or their proxies. Or is it just our culture to have ties with politicians so that whatever means we need are easily granted?

By doing so, you are going to insult the intelligence of the Malaysians.

I still haven’t state my stands on this, but honestly it is just not my priority just yet and this piece is truly from a Malaysian ordinary Joe.

Friday, October 9, 2009

howwwzattt... a new breed of air transport has arrive...

Leman, this is the answer to your question and to the rest of us Malaysians:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia Airlines said Friday it will stick to its order of six Airbus A380s as it expects global travel to pick up by late next year.

Newly appointed Managing Director Tengku Azmil Zahruddin said the superjumbos, due to be delivered from 2011, will be used for long-haul routes such as London, Sydney and Armsterdam.

The airline is also taking delivery of 35 Boeing B737-800 aircraft from the fourth quarter of 2010 to replace its existing single-aisle planes. Its fleet renewal plan aims to lower costs for fuel, engineering and maintenance, Azmil said.

"Our core network is in Asia, Middle East and Australia ... but we do have a lot of traffic coming in from Europe. The A380s will allow us to do a lot more than what we are able to do today," he told a news conference.

Some airlines are reviewing their A380 orders as the slump in global travel undermines the profitability of flying the superjumbo.

The International Air Transport Association has predicted global airline losses will swell to $11 billion this year. It predicted a 2010 loss of $3.8 billion, and doesn't expect the industry to turn a profit until 2011 at the earliest.

Azmil said 2011 will be good timing for Malaysia Airlines to take delivery of the A380 given the expected industry upturn.

The carrier is also studying plans to buy a new fleet of wide-bodied aircraft to cater to future growth but has not yet made any decision, he said.

Azmil, who joined the airline in 2005, took over the helm from Idris Jala following Jala's appointment as a Cabinet minister in late August.

He said the carrier plans to further cut costs by 700 million ringgit ($202 million) this year. Bookings have been promising but yields — a measure of revenue per seat — remained soft, he said. The carrier has cut capacity by 12% in the first half this year and recently withdrew from New York and Stockholm routes.

Malaysia Airlines returned to profitability in the second quarter, thanks to a large gain on derivatives contracts, but still suffered an operationg loss due to a decline in sales.

It posted a net profit of 876 million ringgit ($250 million) for April-June, rebounding from a loss of 695 million ringgit ($199 million) in the previous quarter and up from 34 million ringgit ($10 million) in the same quarter a year earlier.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

howwwzattt... how clean is clean???

REUTERS - October 6, 2009

US airlines will be required to regularly disinfect and monitor on-board drinking water systems under a new rule unveiled Tuesday.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has for the first time tailored existing public water monitoring regulations to commercial aircraft.

The change, five years in the making and affecting 63 airlines and 7,300 planes, will replace interim systems for monitoring bacteria and other pathogens that could sicken passengers.

The EPA expects the annual cost to the industry to be about USD$7 million. Airlines have 18 months to develop maintenance plans that comply with the standards.

Regulators found in 2004 that some US airlines were not in compliance with general clean water standards, mainly because existing EPA rules did not specifically cover on-board water systems.

The EPA ordered dozens of carriers to take steps to ensure that drinking water aboard their planes was clean.

This is from my earlier posting in 2007:
"In outer space the ISS or the International Space Station carry its own miniature water treatment plant onboard.
However, unlike most water treatment plant on Earth, the ISS system recycles the urine of both the crew and the laboratory animals and returns it to the drinking water supply and the fact is that the water runs from the ISS taps is more cleaner and pure than what we’re having from our kitchen taps.
Now isn’t that interesting?"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

howwwzattt... let us pray...

TAUFAN PARMA bergerak ke arah tenggara dan dijangka melanda Filipina malam ini. -Sumber: JMM

PETALING JAYA: Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia (JMM) hari ini mengesahkan ribut tropika Parma tidak akan melanda perairan Malaysia.

Bagaimanapun Pengarah Pusat Ramalan Cuaca Nasional JMM, Saw Bun Liong berkata, tempias ribut tropika itu akan dirasai di beberapa kawasan perairan Sabah dengan angin kencang selaju 30 hingga 50 kilometer sejam.

"JMM telah mengeluarkan amaran laut bergelora serta angin kencang sehingga Jumaat ini (9 Oktober)," katanya kepada mStar Online.

Bun Liong berkata, ombak setinggi 3.5 meter turut dijangka berlaku di sekitar perairan Phuket, Samui, Kelantan, Terengganu, Condore, North Reef, Layang-Layang, Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, bahagian barat Sabah dan Palawan.

Menurutnya, JMM akan memantau perkembangan ribu tropika Parma dan akan mengemaskinikan amaran dari semasa ke semasa menerusi media dan laman web JMM.
Dalam pada itu, Bun Liong berkata, JMM meramalkan Taufan PARMA akan melanda Filipina malam ini.


PETALING JAYA: Sejak beberapa jam yang lalu, terdapat beberapa pihak yang mengedarkan SMS memaklumkan bahawa ribut taufan yang kuat dinamakan PARMA dengan kelajuan 222 kilometer sejam akan melanda negara jiran Filipina menjelang tengah malam ini.

SMS tersebut memberi amaran kepada penerimanya bahawa tempias ribut ini dijangka sampai ke Malaysia beberapa jam selepas itu.

“Elakkan daripada berada di tempat awam dan terbuka juga beri amaran kepada mereka yang tinggal di pantai Timur Semenanjung Malaysia,” kata pesanan ringkas tersebut.

Usaha sedang dijalankan untuk mendapatkan pengesahan daripada pihak Jabatan Kaji Cuaca Malaysia.

Sehingga berita ini disahkan oleh pihak berkuasa anggaplah pesanan ini sebagai satu berita yang belum tepat kesahihannya.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

howwwzattt... fyi...

Blogging from Pak Li Kopitiam somewhere in Danau Kota.

Look At What Birds Can Do At 500mph

howwwzattt... will trade for sex...

SINGAPOREANS are flocking to a website to change sex partners, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The daily reported that so far, 49 couples had signed up at the website.

Among the categories available were men seeking women, women seeking men, and where same sex partners are available. (more here)

According to the daily, most of them are professionals and just purely looking for sex and not love. Those who were signed up for the service voluntarily left their details allowing the interested parties to call them.

I wonder what has become to the society nowadays. Though it happens across the causeway and not in our country, I believe in due time the trend will find its own way here.

Emm... sadly the paper did not furnish the website address, if not I might try to have a peek there and see all the aspiring candidates... LOL...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

howwwzattt... i see you in court...

From MalayMail Online:

A CHILLI crab spat between Malaysia and Singapore has begun.

It has all the hands-on traits of the sport of chilli-crabbing – cracking, picking, chewing and sucking.

The dish of blue swimmer crabs, or muddies, may be a quick stir fry, but the cook fight between the two nations will take a lot of tossing and stirring.

Wow, after Indonesia now we have Singapore to have our disagreement with.

When the Singaporean snatched Pulau Batu Puteh from right under our nose, we did nothing about it. Even our legal team credentials were not up to par with the Singaporean legal minds when presenting our arguments.

Now do we really need this? Why don't we just bring the matter to the International Court and let the ICJ decide whether this crab matter belongs to us or not.

We all belong in the same region and it is just not right for a certain people or nation to simply claim what can be traced from time way before us.

What has been a private pleasure has become a highly public crabby affair since Malaysia last week claimed ownership rights to chilli crab that is regarded as Singapore’s unofficial national dish.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen has claimed that chilli crab, Hainanese chicken rice, nasi lemak, laksa and bak kut teh were all created in Malaysia but have been hijacked by other countries.

“We cannot continue to let other countries hijack our food,” she was quoted as saying in a newspaper report, though not identifying the countries that had “hijacked” the dishes.

How the government intends to brand these dishes as Malaysian remains a “secret recipe”. (more here)

I say it is a crappy issue...

Friday, September 18, 2009

howwwzattt... selamat hari raya...


Mustaffa Kamal Hussien
Joriah Kamsah
Nurfarah Shahrizat
Nurfarina Shahrizat
Nurfatiha Shahrizat
Muhammad Adam
Nurfatimah Shahrizat
Nurfitrah Shahrizat
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Zaheer Amar

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

howwwzattt... to cane or not to cane pt. deux...

REUTERS KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian Islamic court judge has ordered an Indonesian man to caned for consuming alcohol, a newspaper reported on Tuesday, weeks after the judge drew criticism for handing a similar sentence to a woman. (more here)

This was reported by the Reuters today. Let see how we react or let we say how our politicians going to react by asking the man to appeal against the judgment.

The timing was also bad for the current government hence the tainted bilateral relation with the Indonesian government regarding the "ciplak-menciplak". Or was it a kind of sabotage towards the BN administration, who knows...

But why all the brouhaha? News agencies all around the world were reporting on this matter, see it for yourselves if you don't believe me. In Saudi, a punishment by "rotan" is a norm.

Go here for my earlier posting regarding the same issue.

Monday, September 14, 2009

howwwzattt... true colors...

Hahahaha... the best news ever. The Election Commission (EC) had decided and fixed the polling day for Bagan Pinang by-election should be held on 11th October which falls on Saturday.
(more here)


Of all the previous by-elections, all were held on Tuesday@working day. Now all of a sudden, the EC decided to falls back to the norm of election that it will hold the Bagan Pinang by-election on Saturday so to give ample time and convenience for the voters to cast their right since some of the voters are residing outside Bagan Pinang even Negri Sembilan itself.

This shows the BN are going all out in retaining their seat there from falling to the PKR by using the EC.

This also marks the confident level of Barisan Nasional from the previous by-elections and the one that on its way this October.

Hmm... Am I being seditious here?

howwwzattt... of facts and fancies...

Lonely Tok WookCentenarian plans to marry a 23rd times if her much younger hubby does not return homeThe Star.

Reading this piece in The Star today really touch me of the plight of this “warga emas” for love. Not the kind of love that we usually associated ourselves with, but the kind of love and longing for companionship when we grow older.

She believes her husband might leave her after he completed his drug rehabilitation programme soon and might settle down in KL besides marrying a much younger lady.

First of all will a right mind man wants to marry and stay true to his older wife and in this case a much more older than his grandmother? After all as reported in the media, this man volunteered himself to undergo the drug rehabilitation programme on his own will and was this just the way for him to get away from his wife?

Heck, why marry the old lady in the first place unless you have this hidden agenda and by doing so, you hurt the old lady.

On a more serious noteSHAHRIZAT: It’s unfair

Cops are doing their best in sex crime investigations, says minister (regarding the Penan issues).

According to her, it was unfair to blame the cops for not wanting to conduct a jointly investigation with the NGOs for when the police themselves claimed that they unable to do so due to the lack of fund.

The police also mentioned that they need sound evidence and in this case asking related parties to come forward to assist them in building the case.
All this while I thought it was the police jobs to gather information and all with their intelligence, task force and strike force.

Imagine for the by-election in Kuala Terengganu not long ago, 600,000 personnel were deployed over there for the period of 2 weeks and where did the budget came from?

Now talk about lack of fund is really lame, wasn’t it?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

howwwzattt... bodo sangat ka rakyat ni...

Someone posted this piece in SERATAS89 group and I do share the same sentiment with the writer that we're just taken for a ride by the power that be. With soooo lame excuse and stupid statement by no other than our own menteri?

Mail Sabri kata harga minyak tak naik. Ianya kekal. Sama ja. Ada minyak harga dua hengget. ada minyak ada sringgit lapan kupang. Sama ja. Tadak beza apa pun. Apa pun tak naik.
Semua maintain. Steady.

Cuma, katanya, minyak RON97, yang selalu rakyat pakai tu, dia naikkan taraf kepada minyak premium. So, bila dah naik taraf ni, otomatik la harga pun canak naik. RON97 naik dari RM1.80 ke dua ringgit.

Tapi jangan risau, katanya. Sebab rakyat masih boleh isi minyak dengan harga RM1.80 lagi, guna RON95. RON97 dah ‘upgrade’, kalau mau yang ‘tak upgrade’, guna RON95. Harga sama. Warna pun cantik, kuning. La ni petrol pam dah macam lampu trafik light. Ada merah, kuning, ngan hijau. Cantik kan? Cantik kan? Kan? Suke tak? Suke tak? Tutup matee! Tutup matee! Suurrrpriissssseeee!!!

Ada jugak yang kena tendang perut bulan2 posa ni.

Soalan pertama, apakah RON97 yang telah dinaiktaraf menjadi minyak premium itu lebih baik kualitinya sebelum harganya dinaikkan? Adakah minyak ini telah dicampur dengan formula2 hebat yang boleh membantu menambahbaik enjin, samada dari segi ‘ketukan’ ka hapa ka?

Adakah dengan menggunakan RON97 yang lebih mahal ini, proton wira 1.3 aku bertambah pikapnya sampai ke tahap aku tak perlu tutup ekon setiap kali meghagaih bukit?

Jawapannya sudah tentu tidak! Dan kalau jawapannya adalah ‘tidak’, jadah hapakah yang kamu naikkan harga minyak yang sama kualitinya ni, tapi tiba2 jadi mahal keesokan harinya? Bukankah itu namanya kamu sengaja menaikkan harga minyak? Bukankah harga minyak sebenarnya telah naik?!

Ini macam pi market nak beli ikan temenung, tiba2 tokey cakap sekilo kena tambah lagi dua ringgit. Tanya pasaipa, dia kata ikan temenung dah jadi ikan premium. Tanya dia lagi ikan temenung yang dia jual harini semua masuk univesiti ka? Ada ijazah semua ka? Isi manis lagi ka? Sisik makin kurang ka? Dia kata dak, sama ja. Tanya lagi ikan temenung kurang ka kot tengah laut la ni? Dia kata dak, belunggok huk lagi. Paihtu kenapa naikkan harga ikan temenung? Dia jawab harga tak naik, tapi taraf ikan temenung ni dah naik, jadi premium.

Tapi harga ikan temenung mahai dari kemarin. Kita kata tak puas hati. Dia kata kita bulih beli ikan puyu, ikan puyu harga sama macam ikan temenung kemarin. Tapi ikan puyu bukan ikan temenung! Kita jawab bantah. Tapi ikan jugak! Dia betah. Tapi kita tak bulih makan ikan puyu, nanti naik ruam. Kita bagi sebab. Dia suruh makan ikan temenung. Tapi ikan temenung mahai! Kita jawab. Bukan mahai, itu harga untuk ikan premium!

Last2 ada yang kena takek dengan parang tengah2 market tuh.

Naik harga cakap la naik harga! Dok pebodo orang pasaipa? Cakap. Harga dah naik. Kalau nak murah, beli yang rendah kualiti. Yang ni dah naik harga. Yang sama. Harga ja beza, lebih mahai. Kan senang?

Soalan kedua. Kenapa naik harga petrol? Mail Sabri dilaporkan dalam tibitiga malam tadi sebagai berkata sebab harga minyak dunia dah naik sampai USD82 setong.

Aku tak pernah hisap rokok. Jauh lagi nak hisap dam atau hidu gam. Tapi masa mengaji dulu, ada sekoq dua kawan2 yang dok wat kerja loklaq ni. Jawapan Mail Sabri ingatkan aku kepada sorang kawan yang overdose ganja. Samada dia hidu gam, atau telebih hidu petrol, aku tatau, tapi statistik tahun bila yang dia rujuk kata harga minyak dunia dah naik sampai USD82 setong?

Harga minyak dunia tak pernah lepas USD75 selepas merudum jatuh sampai ke USD40 tuhari. Samada dia di bawah pengaruh ganja, ataupun sengaja nak membodohkan rakyat sekali lagi, itu aku serah pada pembaca semua. Tapi mengatakan minyak dunia dah naik ke 82 dolar setong adalah statement yang sangat bengong. Tak masuk akal. Dan hanya boleh dilafazkan oleh orang2 yang hilang akal sahaja!

Jadinya, kalau kenaikan bukan disebabkan oleh kenaikan minyak dunia, jadah hapakah yang dinaikkan jugak harga minyak? Adakah sebab BN dah senak tak tau nak kaut duit tang mana, maka last kopek, pau rakyat sekali lagi?

Soalan terakhir. Adakah kualiti RON95 sama seperti RON97? Jika rendah kualitinya, kenapa harganya sama seperti RON97?

Jawapannya jugak adalah tidak. RON95 lebih rendah kualitinya daripada RON97. Dan ada beberapa laporan mengatakan bahawa sesetengah enjin tidak sesuai menggunakan RON95.


Harga minyak memang dah naik. BN bodohkan rakyat melalui Mail Sabri mengatakan harga tak naik. Rakyat disuruh menggunakan minyak yang rendah kualitinya, tanpa sebarang kebaikan kepada kenderaan, dan disuruh membayar pada harga yang sama!

Mail Sabri kata harga minyak kenderaan tidak berubah, cuma ianya telah ditingkatkan kepada premium.

Rakyat juga akan kata PRU13 ini kerajaan tidak berubah, cuma kami akan gantikannya dengan Pakatan Rakyat, kerajaan Malaysia yang telah dinaiktaraf kepada tahap premium.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

howwwzattt... to cane or not to cane...

Caning: a beating with a cane as a punishment.

This is what my 11th Edition Concise Oxford English Dictionary tells me.

For these few days’ news about this lady who was supposed to be caned were making headlines in all major newspapers including tabloids. It even made ways in Gutteruncensored.

For the time being, the punishment has been deferred until the end of Ramadan and the event was turned into a political debate by every political party across the nation.

Even the PM advised her to appeal against the punishment so that the government can be seen as a caring government in granting her wish. Another political ploy, no?

I believe this is the second times for her to be booked by the religious officials and by this time it has made her a kind of celebrity of sort.

My theory is, there were another person/persons of a high calibre with her caught along during the raid drinking whatever drinks they drank. Unseen hands were manipulating the issue so in time when everything cools down, everyone involved would carry on drinking, no?
Call it a conspiracy theory or what but do remember, lately anything can happens.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

howwwzattt... snippet...

A few days back I went to this seminar about the Score A programme and I’m pretty sure most of the parents and teachers were aware regarding this programme which is to enhance the capability of our children to achieve a good grade in their exam.

Most of us parents nowadays are a busy lots and that includes our children as well. Remember during our times when we have only one session of schooling compare to today where our children have to hurried themselves after school so that they can continue with their “sekolah agama” in the afternoon depending on their school’s session.

During our time, we only went for “mengaji Quran” and after that we could do anything from playing around the village to taking a cool dip in an abandon mine (that’s right, no stream in my area). Sometimes most of the activities were quite dangerous.

Now, since when did our educational system change?

I’m got nothing against the “sekolah agama” but it seems that it has become a trend though the intention is good for our children to learn more on Agama Islam and read and write Arabic. No great effort by the ustaz and the ustazah from the normal school to give inputs toward the children since now the responsibilities were carried out unintentionally by those “sekolah agama rakyat”.

Back to this Score A programme, our educational system has reached a new height which is the MLM level. It’s the first in the country since most of the MLM companies deal with beauty, hygiene and motor oil products whereby Score A deals with education.

Yes, we want our children to excel. We want them to be better than us, we as parents know what are best for them. One day in the near future we could see 100% achievement by our students in every exam they take. We could have so much quantity. But will the quantity gives us quality???

Monday, August 24, 2009

howwwzattt... mortal combat...

This is really good...

“I will wallop him left, right and centre if he does not keep quite. I don’t give a damn about him...” a quote by the grand old man of MIC against his former deputy which was reported in the NST today.

He returned unopposed during the Mac party election and if I’m not mistaken, I’ve read somewhere that this relic from the Jurassic time plans to helm the MIC until 2012? I’m sure from his reputation, in addition to his left, right and centre walloping there were also front and the back remarks... LOL.

I not sure how many MIC members nationwide but I’m pretty certain that none of the higher calibres will ever contest for the highest post in the near future except if he dies while sitting in office.

Even on his deathbed he might ask them to appoint his son as the party president. Who knows...

Meanwhile up-north, things are becoming more interesting.


Keluarga Rafizah Mohamad Ali menuntut calon BN, Rohaizat Othman supaya mengisytiharkan beliau mempunyai dua orang isteri, termasuk Rafizah yang menetap di Pahang.

Sehubungan itu, bapanya, Mohamad Ali Abdullah, 59, memberi tempoh sehingga malam ini untuk Rohaizat yang juga setiausaha Umno Permatang Pauh membuat pengumuman tersebut.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

howwwzattt... selamat berpuasa...

His first smile. Yes it was his first smile or at least that what I was thinking of. Well, don't blame me. You can't make a month old baby to smile or to cry but when they do smile, your heart and pride swell to a new height.

Can't wait the moment when baby Zaheer would utter his first word and of course babies all over the world will say "baba" or sounds similar to it which is their father of course.

So mums, eat your heart out. You ladies faced the pain in labor instead we the male species got the credit.

So, how was it?

Friday, August 14, 2009

howwwzattt... excuse us!!!

This piece was taken from MAS Engineering & Maintenance Portal. Scroll down for the last paragraph for a better picture.

The Kota Kinabalu-Sibu route is exclusive to the operator of Rural Air Services (RAS) because AirAsia requested for routes exclusivity when its subsidiary, FAX operated the RAS.

MASwings Managing Director, Mohd Salleh Tabrani said AirAsia demanded for exclusive rights to almost all of the air routes within and intra Sabah and Sarawak including the Kota Kinabalu-Sibu route during the domestic rationalisation.

“Under the domestic rationalization exercise in March 2006, Malaysia Airlines was asked to give up the RAS operations and pass them to AirAsia. This included the right to offer services between Kota Kinabalu and Sibu.

“Only AirAsia's subsidiary, FAX had the exclusive rights to ply these routes."

"As such, there is absolutely no truth to AirAsia's allegation that we forced them out of the Kota Kinabalu-Sibu route."

“We are merely following the RAS Agreement that is in place. For AirAsia to fly on the route is a breach of the RAS Agreement, the same privileges enjoyed by FAX,” he also said.

The RAS Agreement covers exclusivity of the routes in Sabah and Sarawak whereby the airline operating the routes is given the first right of refusal in the event that the government wants to open up additional routes in Sabah and Sarawak.

Salleh added, "AirAsia was given the choice to operate in 2006, got more subsidy than MASwings for the same scope of air services, quickly surrendered the RAS back to MAS when they realised how unprofitable the routes were and have now decided they want to cherry pick and operate only on profitable routes."

“This is not acceptable as taxpayers' money is involved. We cross subsidise profitable routes such as Kota Kinabalu-Sibu with other unprofitable routes. By doing this, we save the taxpayers' money as MASwings’ P&L is borne by the government".

In the event that changes are made to the RAS Agreement, MASwings would need to review the commitment it has given to the government. The current commitment is an annual subsidy of well below 50% of what was paid to FAX.

“In the event of the removal of selected routes from the RAS Agreement, a higher subsidy may have to be paid to MASwings,” he said.

AirAsia, through FAX, took over RAS from MAS in 2006. Just 13 months later, MAS was asked to take back the RAS operations and has since been operating these routes under MASwings. Initially, RAS in the context of MAS was designated for air services using Twin Otter aircraft. When the Malaysian government gave RAS to AirAsia, it was with an expanded scope and covers all “propeller operated services”.

The separation was done on 1 August 2006. As a result, MAS had to retrench hundreds of long serving staff in Sabah and Sarawak under a Mutual Separation Scheme. MAS also handed over 7 Fokker 50 and 5 Twin Otter aircraft to FAX in excellent flying conditions.

“When MASwings resumed the RAS operations on 1 October 2007, 50% of the 7 Fokker 50 and 6 Twin Otter aircraft were not airworthy. As a result, we incurred about RM36 million to restore these aircraft back to operational conditions,” said Salleh.

Friday, August 7, 2009

...howwwzattt... mother fucker, what is this???

The guy was an asshole... (pic)

"Government DNA expert Dr. Seah Lay Hong told the coroner's court today that instruction from police investigators did not include checking the possibility of Teoh Beng Hock being murdered nad had not been specifically considered in her analyses."

"But she acknowledged one hypothesis surrounding Teoh's death - that unknown men could have held the DAP political aide by his belt which snapped and caused him to fall to his death." (more here)


First of all, she was the "government" DNA expert. Her expertise should be only confined to only things that involved with DNAs.

Secondly, this theory shows that the MACC behaviour is nothing less than our local hooligans such as Ah Long, Mat Rempit and some of our politicians.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

howwwzattt... the $31bil man...

I didn't know that such an invention was invented by a Malaysian until I read it here. What an innovation in storing whatever needs that we can think of.

Just take a little of your time to read this.

"The man who invented USB pen-drive is a young modest Malaysian who can't even get into a local University but invented the most versatile, indispensable computer peripheral today. And helped his adopted country, Taiwan make $31bil in the process. The rest is history...."


Interesting to know that the Pen Drive was invented by a Malaysian Chinese who could not get into one of our local universities primarily because he is not a bumiputra. He had to study in Taiwan.

Fact File:

Name: Pua Khein Seng (picture above)

Age: 31

Hometown: Sekinchan, Selangor

Education: SJKC Yeok Kuan, Sekinchan; Pin Hwa Independent School, Klang; Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Occupation: Engineer/President of Phison Electonics Corp

Current Base: Taipei , Taiwan

Years Abroad: 12 years

Pua Khein Seng went to Taiwan to get his engineering degree but ended up staying on, starting his own company and inventing the pen drive.

Read more here and here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

howwwzattt... he's a jolly good fellow... well, is he???

The 100 days in office for our current PM doesn’t excite me a bit, even though he had introduced measures that were to say “11 People-Friendly Measures”.

To tell the truth, don’t jump up and down with joy just yet. How many of the 11 measures that will directly involve and improve my conditions in this trying times? There are none.

What about this? 20 % discount for Smart TAG and Touch ‘n Go cardholders who pay toll 80 times or more in a month. 80 times, that’s huge brother or was it really?

First thing is, you have to come up with an upfront payment (deposit) for both services and it will cost you and me more than RM100. Secondly, you have to top-up the real value just for the systems to operate. And by that moment, you haven’t pass any toll gates yet and yet you already paid for the service that you yourselves aren’t too sure if you live long enough to enjoy the benefit of your doubts. It was just a daylight robbery.

Generally a person will travel twice daily between his/her workplace. That will come up to 60 times of passing the toll gates, you might say that you just short of 20 trips from the eligible target. 20 times was not an unreachable figure. But, are we willing to do unnecessary travel through the toll gates just to justify our lust in getting the rebates?

Apparently, the figure can be reached if we live in KL where tolls are mushrooming but what about those who live in JB, Ipoh, Penang and elsewhere, where there are only one toll for them to get pass through? From my right state of mind, none of them will benefit from such generosity by the PM.

Once again, this was just another daylight robbery from the power that be.