Saturday, September 5, 2015

howwwzattt... of recruiting God for our misdeed...

Wow... I'm speechless. Read Minister tells anti-corruption meet there is God, mustn't worry. Just like any other kuliah subuh or Friday sermon.

It was a typical answer when you don't have any facts over an argument. Just recruit God in your fight to win it over. In that sense, everybody will be satisfied and go home happily ever after.

Minister in the Prime Minister Department, Abdul Wahid Omar
This is an international conference with nowhere near to religious matter and yet when everything else fails, why not? Look at the face, like a court jester making jokes while at the same time insulting the intelligence of those delegates.

This is one example from many ministers that we have, talking out aloud but of no substance. I'm sure nobody dare to question us now, fear of being label of blasphemy.

So, why the need to worry according to him, hell is there waiting for whoever in question.

Frankly, there are plenty of reasons to get ourselves worry about. One of it, we were taken for a ride with everything by our own government. Denial and then variant of admissions. Nobody wants to do business with us, our ringgit is still weaker by the day.

Sampah semua tu...

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