Tuesday, December 13, 2011

howwwzattt... mister postman...

Not too long ago, I never dreamed of seeing a mode of long distance communication without wires or cables attached to the apparatus itself. Even landlines or house phones were treated as a luxury items to many except for businesses and the fortunate ones.

To most of us normal folks, it is always the normal mail and to receive a reply from one it may get days or even weeks should the recipient finally decides to reply. Mister Postmen were known by their first names back then and it was a normal thing to see people sitting in front of the house waiting for the red bicycle riding VIP to stop by or at least a glimpse of him (at least he is not on strike), well perhaps tomorrow he will stop. He must!!!

Today, they still doing the delivery but mainly confine only to utility bills and reminders from the banks and using a more advance mode of transportation than the bicycles.

Then came along the mobile phone technologies and it started with just voice calls till someone from the R&D department realized that short messaging system is an equally if not more profitable to the network providers. For the past 5 years, the technology evolves so rapidly that it only takes a week for a new model with enhancements on steroid to replace a previous one.

Nowadays, everyone is using a smartphone. IPhone and Blackberry are the most common apart from the HTC and Samsung. No longer using the phone for idiots which is the early version of Nokia hence the simplicity of using it with closed eyes.

In Jakarta, I saw a single individual using 3 Blackberry smartphones of the same model. What the…

I guess one is for Facebook, the other one is for BBM and the other one is for emails? What about phone calls and SMSes? I guess they share those functions too. With the Wi-Fi capability, one doesn’t need to subscribe to any network, just be inside the Wi-Fi perimeters and there you go. Web browsing, facebooking, emailing you name it. A wonder of a small thing could do to mankind.

When Alexander Graham Bell accidentally invented the device, little did he know the impact of his creation to the world.

My BBM hasn’t gives me any sign of incoming message for two days now. Just like the days of the glorious Mister Postman where everyone knows him by his first name, I shall wait… forever and always…

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

howwwzattt... relapse pt. 2...

Yong Moh Kembara: Teman prefer yang dia ni...

Again, sleep has left him. Years ago he held back fighting for it until he could no longer stands the effect, he got just a remedy for it, but the remedy itself is destroying him bit by bit, little by little. At last he got a professional advice; he turned to pills popping for a few months and later reducing it with the guidance from his physician.

This time again it came but not because of what he had experience earlier but because he is restless and thinking of something. No, he won’t go into what he had left for he fears that he will no longer able to turn back and face the world. It is a kind of anticipation that is troubling him now. A power you have but of no use since you can’t use it for the moment.

He has to wait, because he is willing to. Be it will takes his lifetime in waiting, he shall. For what lies ahead gives him the will to live and move forward…

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

howwwzattt... relapse...

He waited nervously for the curtain to be raised. It has been always like that as far as he can remember. How the crowd would react to him, is he still relevant to the masses, will they appreciate things that he has for them.

Things are getting more difficult for him nowadays, it’s not like when he was young where everything was simple, he was simple then and yet the crowd loves him nonetheless.

Tonight he feels he is reaching his ending, his final curtain. Tonight he will do something different. Tonight he will go on stage and make a headline for years to come and for those watching him, seeing him perform lives will tell the generation after them that what a wonderful performance and a wonderful night they have.

“Quietly now while I turn the page… act one is over without costume change… the principal would like to leave the stage… the crowd don’t understand…” - Rod Steward

Friday, July 22, 2011

howwwzattt... for your info...


The airline industry is an ever-changing field. There are many types of aircraft being used today, including freight, commercial passenger and private passenger planes. Each plane has to be built, maintained and fixed when something goes wrong. The field of airplane mechanics is a growing and always changing area of job exploration. Skills as an aircraft mechanic can be utilized in the commercial airline field or at an airfield with private aircraft. They can also be used to work where airplanes are sold and brought in for maintenance and repair. It is a field that promises to continue expanding and as the world continues to globalize the opportunities will continue to increase.

Maintenance mechanics in the aviation industry are responsible for the safety of airplanes. As an important member of the maintenance team, an aviation mechanic will repair, service, and overhaul aircraft systems. These mechanics work with many different parts of an airplane, such as the propeller, engine, aircraft instrumentation and the electrical and hydraulic systems. The aviation industry has seen dramatic changes in the recent past due to the changes in structural materials, computer technology and solid-state electronics. Aviation mechanics service various aircraft systems. Each mechanic is assigned a specific responsibility for a different section of the aircraft. Aircraft mechanics are responsible for the inspection and repair of airplane engines and systems in accordance with specifications stated in technical publications.

Mechanics in the aviation industry will be required to comply with difficult maintenance schedules. Maintenance schedules are often interrupted by unexpected aircraft repairs that cannot be postponed. An aircraft mechanics may work long shifts that often include weekends, holidays and nights. Most of their time will be spent outdoors where most aircrafts are repaired and maintained. In addition, aviation mechanics will often find themselves surrounded by very loud noises, as much of their work is done in and next to loud aircraft engines.

The working life of an aircraft mechanic can be extremely varied. Aircraft maintenance is a hands-on job, so you’ll need to be practical and dedicated to unusual hours to excel in this job. Adjust, align, and calibrate aircraft systems using hand tools, gauges, and test equipment. Aircraft Mechanics are required to have their own hand tools. An aircraft mechanic job duties and responsibilities are innumerable but very crucial. This is because if not well done it could result in plane crashes and loss of lives. The duties include:

1. Carry out engineers, Lead Technicians and Technicians orders.

2. Test engine and system operations using test equipment.

3. Use tools such as ignition analyzers, compression checkers, distributor timers and ammeters.

4. Take apart and inspect parts for wear, warping or other defects.

5. Maintain aircraft systems by flushing crankcases, cleaning screens, greasing moving parts, and checking brakes.

6. Assemble and install electrical, plumbing, mechanical, hydraulic, structural, parts and accessories.

7. Use hand tools and power tools.

8. Remove or install engine.

9. Read, understand and work from aircraft maintenance manuals and specifications.

10. Modify aircraft parts or components.

11. Responsible for the general service and repair of an aircraft.

12. Resolves engine and hydraulic faults.

13. Inspects and repairs radar and communications equipment.

14. Line maintenance at airports.

15. Works on carrying out minor and major defects.

16. Makes spot-checks on security and safety issues.

17. Adjusting, aligning and calibrating of engine systems.

18. Repair the systems for any faults.

19. Inspect the engines.

20. Determine the tools and all the equipment required to perform a certain job.

21. Find problem areas and solve them.

22. Install all electrical and plumbing equipment.

23. Doing all the servicing and maintenance duties.

24. Performing inspections.

25. Controlling operations.

26. Watching of gauges and dials to ensure that everything is running, as it should.

27. Recognize any problems that may arise.

28. Examine and inspect engines or other components for cracks, breaks, or leaks.

Skills and Specifications:

To become an aircraft mechanic the skills and specifications required include:

1. Good written and oral communication skills.

2. Be able to work under pressure.

3. Possess technical and functional skills.

4. Be agile.

5. Have good hearing and eyesight.

6. Able to pay attention to detail.

Important skills, knowledge and abilities for Aircraft Mechanics include:

Installation - Correctly installing equipment, machines, wiring, or programs.

Equipment Selection - Determining the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.

Repairing – Repairing machines or systems using the needed tools.

Problem Identification - Identifying the nature of problems.

Troubleshooting - Determining what is causing an operating error and deciding what to do about it.

Equipment Maintenance - Performing routine maintenance and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed.

Product Inspection - Inspecting and evaluating the quality of products.

Testing - Conducting tests to decide whether equipment, software, or procedures are working as expected.

Good in problems solving.

Aircraft Mechanic Jobs – Required Skills:

• Good team player •Hands-on, practical approach to work

• Flexible in terms of working hours

• A fast learner and good attitude.

• Close attention to detail •An investigative mind

• Patience and dedication

Work Environment:

Aviation mechanics must be prepared for a working environment that can be stressful at times, having to work to tight deadlines and flight schedules. They also have the responsibility of maintaining strict safety standards. They often suffer from work-related injuries from having to lift heavy objects and put themselves into awkward positions. The hangars and repair stations mechanics work in can be very noisy, and mechanics need to wear ear protection

Working Conditions:

Mechanics usually work in hangars or in other indoor areas. When hangars are full or when repairs must be made quickly, they can work outdoors, sometimes in unpleasant weather. Mechanics often work under time pressure to maintain flight schedules or in general aviation, to keep from inconveniencing customers. At the same time, mechanics have a tremendous responsibility to maintain safety standards, and this can cause the job to be stressful.

Frequently, mechanics must lift or pull objects weighing more than 70 pounds. They often stand, lie, or kneel in awkward positions and occasionally must work in precarious positions, such as on scaffolds or ladders. Noise and vibration are common when engines are being tested, so ear protection is necessary.

Nature of the Work:

Some Mechanics work out on the airfield on "flight lines" where aircraft park in order to make emergency repairs. Conditions can be hot day or rainy day, depending on the weather. Others work inside hangars and in repair shops that afford good lighting, heat, and air conditioning. A major discomfort of the job is caused by the noise from power tools and from aircraft in the process of testing, taking off and landing. Minor scratches and skinned knuckles from tool slippage are the most frequent injuries in this work. Burns from welding equipment and hot engine surfaces, and falls from ladders or scaffolds are less common.

Flight line jobs at airports can be physically demanding. Work often requires climbing on ladders or scaffolds, crawling under wings, or fitting into tight spaces. Work must often be performed under time pressure to maintain airline flight schedules. At the same time, Aircraft Mechanics cannot sacrifice high work standards to speed up the job.

As an aircraft mechanic you should take everything seriously because of the RESPONSIBILITY you have in making sure that an airplane is airworthy and that repairs are done to specification.Good Luck.

NOTE: Taken from E&M Portal

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

howwwzattt...soooo laju one...

The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) has unveiled a new hypersonic passenger project at the Paris Le Bourget air show.

The group says that jet hypersonic jet that is twice the speed of Concorde. The jet will fly above the atmosphere and use biofuel to take off from a runway initially. This will allow the plane to avoid the supersonic boom and pollution seen in concede.

It is not a Concorde but it looks like a Concorde, showing that aerodynamics of the 1960s were very smart.EADS officials said that the jet will not be operational until around 2040. . The plane is being developed in collaboration with Japan and will be able to carry 50-100 passengers at a time.

The jet will use Ramjet engines, which power missiles and will cruise at altitudes of 32km and travel at about four times the speed of sound. The project, known as ZEHST (zero emission high speed transport), is being developed with the help from EADS' space arm Astrium.

According to a report, the jet will use a mix of biofuel, hydrogen and water for its flight. EADS said that it expects the travelers to pay about £5000 for a return trip from London to New York.

Taken from MAS E&M Portal.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

howwwzattt... the dream merchant...

Not too far in the distant future, lives an old man in a small cabin by the foot of the Himalayan, or is it the Andes, or is it on the vast plain of the great Mongolia and one never knows.

Some say the old man came from a far faraway place where the people, his people were pretty much different from the place he is now.

Nobody knows why he is there, by chance or by his own admission and only selected few knew the mystery which shrouded his person but those selected few too were long gone before they could tell the tale to the world.

On certain days when his hands are not shaking and his bones are not cracking, he would just graze his eyes to the east where the sun rises as if he remembers something and try hard to recollect what’s left from his memory and mind which never failed him since the day he made his pact, his promise, his only vow to those who had listen.

He is far from the modernization but not that far from the civilization where once in a while hunters and travelers would come by and sit along with him and they would exchange sweet and bitter tales from their journeys. On some cold nights he would offer them his homemade ale and in returns they would listen to his story.

He himself had lost his track on time because to him, time is just an infinite space that travels too fast and before one could grab the moment, it’s gone forever.

He is the last of his kind but before his time is up, he has to live with the burden of his memories of something that once he had embrace into his mind, heart and soul…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

howwwzattt...of being sexist and telling the fact...

Bung collides with MPs, which was what The Star had carried out in its news today. This is not new in the Dewan Rakyat when not long ago he too was under fire when making sexist remark on women on how they “leak” every month.

He was wrong at that time I guess and yes he was being typically sexist in making that unnecessary remark.

The latest uproar came when he said that most women drivers were slow and did not pay attention to their surroundings while were at the wheel.

“Some women drivers drive slowly and seem oblivious to traffic. When you honk at them, they get agitated with some even showing hand gestures to other drivers,” during the debate on the Supplementary Supply Bill.

He got it right I say. Well perhaps some of you might think that I’m beginning to join the alpha male league this time around. No, you wrong brader.

Well base from my personal experience, 90% of women do tend to be oblivious to traffic, jumpy and the worse of all is the inconsiderate trait they have when behind the wheels.

Imagine when you’re at a parking lots trying to slot your parking ticket into the machine with cars choking in front and on your back too. Same goes to the next lane besides you and there is only one machine that’s operates.

Male drivers would just take their turn, my lane next lane rule. An unwritten code of conduct when dealing with such situation. But wait, the ladies!!! They just love to inches into the flow without even thinking of the simple system that we had adapted ourselves into.

This happened everywhere, not confine of only getting oneself out of the parking lots. Junctions, toll booth, on a jam packed roads and what not.

You hollered when we tell you the fact, accused us the male species of being sexist but at the same time you just failed to use your reasoning. You demand the same treatment in modern society as men, you formed whatever women liberation associations asking for fairness but when it doesn’t suits you, you accused us with many things.

I’ve nothing against women. My mother, wife, children, girlfriends are all female. But please do reason yourself and just don’t simply get jumpy with the fact that when behind wheel, you do tend to be an INCONSIDERATE person and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

NOTE: I too do get snarling hissing looks from them, sometimes 2 middle fingers LOL...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

howwwzattt... rambling and ranting in the wee hours...

They said that when someone dies unexpectedly such as when involved in an accident or even murdered, the brain still remains function for a few more seconds even the body went lifeless without pulse and heartbeat. The brain will keep on registering those last moments until it slowly went dead.

I don’t know how true it is because I did not experience the situation myself but perhaps there were some truth in it.

I have a friend where a few years back involved in a fatal accident which took the lives of his wife and his only child while travelling in his car. He went into a coma for a few days and when he awakes it was just like awaking from a deep sleep where everything seems to be fine and asking for his wife and son but just to be told that they were no longer around to be with him. This was related to me by him.

The last thing on his mind on the impact of the accident before he went blank was them. It was always someone that you love, not even yourself. Perhaps due to the fact that you’re not that sure will they be alright when you no longer around to see their needs and well beings. Or perhaps it was just simply the magnitude of your love towards them...

Monday, January 10, 2011

howwwzattt...the journey continues...

I’m writing again and yes I can’t sleep and it has been quite a while since I had both things coming into my life.

Some writes because it is what they do, some because they’re enjoying it but me, I write or tried to just because there were so much and so many things in my thought that circling non-stop as if there were voices telling me to pour it all out. Pour it all out in letters that will become words, words that will become sentences with commas and dots.

I was never good in essay during my school days and will never be good in it ever. Even with this entry, there is nothing specific about it. I'll just write.

Once not too long ago, I’ve met a songwriter that used to penned down songs for a popular rock band during the 80’s and I asked him why did he never make more songs nowadays since he has the touch in making beautiful songs that can lasted decades if not centuries. Even now his songs were the basic learning songs played by any rockers wannabe in the country just like Paranoid by Black Sabbath and Highway Star by the legendary Deep Purple during my times.

His answer was simple, “Those times I was so poor and miserable without foods to eat, without love to live for and full of miseries. My life was so pathetic that ideas of jotting down the pain and sorrow just came rushing through my veins...", and with that great songs were born.

Yes, great laureates and great poets lead a sad life. Take Chairil Anwar from Indonesia. He was a great man in literature but his life was full of tormented journeys till the day he died. Sometimes it was from their excessive negative lifestyles but it all started because once they lost something. But it was the pain and agony that keeps them moving.

Perhaps we both have something in common. Sadness gives us the adrenaline pleasure that drives us with stupid imaginations and doings beyond the thinking of any rational minds...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loudness - In My Dreams With Lyrics

IN MY DREAMS - Loudness
Album: Hurricane Eyes (1987)

In my dreams, I was walking alone
The rain falling on my emptiness
In my dreams, I'm a long way from home
I walk through the gates of loneliness
I thought the love we had was in vain
And Just another story
My frozen tears, like the wind against the rain
Slipping from my eyes
In my dreams, in my dreams, without you

In my dreams, shadows fall on my face
And every corner is a different place
In my vision, I would knock on your door
I'd lost all that I was searching for
I thought the sun had come to an end
And you were gone forever
A change of heart, like the echoes in the dark
I fade into the sea

In my dreams, I was turning to stone
Until you opened up my eyes
Whoa, whoa...