Tuesday, September 6, 2011

howwwzattt... relapse...

He waited nervously for the curtain to be raised. It has been always like that as far as he can remember. How the crowd would react to him, is he still relevant to the masses, will they appreciate things that he has for them.

Things are getting more difficult for him nowadays, it’s not like when he was young where everything was simple, he was simple then and yet the crowd loves him nonetheless.

Tonight he feels he is reaching his ending, his final curtain. Tonight he will do something different. Tonight he will go on stage and make a headline for years to come and for those watching him, seeing him perform lives will tell the generation after them that what a wonderful performance and a wonderful night they have.

“Quietly now while I turn the page… act one is over without costume change… the principal would like to leave the stage… the crowd don’t understand…” - Rod Steward