Friday, September 25, 2015

howwwzattt... of something has to give, someone has to go...

Yesterday I received a travel alert/advisory to Germany about on arson attack on immigrant accommodation center. As I was writing this, another alert came in through my email regarding anti immigration rallies.

When I was in Mexico last month, my German colleague had advised me on this kind of things, particularly in Dresden just to let me know so he says.

Dresden situated near to the Chech border and those good people rarely see outsiders particularly Asian. Yes, we stood like a sore thumb amongst those Europeans, just like when I was in Toluca. They never seen an Asian what more a Malaysian. Dresden is not a metropolitan, to them Asian is an exotic specie. 

While at that, I didn't receive any alert from the US regarding the rally at Petaling Street tomorrow, heard few arrests being carried out.

The puppetmaster is restless now, for he cannot travel abroad to spend his fortunes on a private plane.

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