Friday, September 18, 2015

howwwzattt... of a beautiful mind...

I asked someone about the difference between the Kuning and Merah rally. Without blinking her eyes she said that it was of their education level. Of how the way of thinking and mentality. 

I have to agree with her and felt quite embarrass towards her for she is not a Malay. I do not want to eloborate more, use your brain and give it a thought okay?

I never had the chance of going to the university after finishing my high school. My SPM result was bad which I re-sit again the next year, no tuition or proper guidance but I was determined to prove that I can do it. At the same time I worked as a despatch with a legal firm, Maxwell Kenion Cody and Jones near the Ipoh Padang. I resigned after that because they won't allow me to take leave for my exam. After the exam, I continue to work as a petrol pump attendant. I fared better but still no higher learning for me due to the financial limitation and stuffs like that.

My arwah abah was a simple man, a taxi driver in Ipoh. Sometime he took me to work, people seem to know him. Wherever he goes, they greet him with respect as any other gentlemen should get. Rarely he pays for his breakfast. He spoke Chinese and Indian fluently, with passable Benggali in between. He was a true journeyman I guess.

Not long before he died, he got me a Malay-English-Malay pocket dictionary, if you know the one with the pages that easily be torn off. I read a kamus when I was 8, not treat it as a reference. I read it from cover to cover. When I was 9, you can ask me the meaning of what are inside.

No, I'm not saying my English is good. In fact someone did complain on certain aspect of it. But imagine this, sea of informations are in English and you won't easily get fooled by nonsence.

By the way, I'm not a product of BTN for I never went to the university if you catch my drift and I'm glad for not being there too.

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