Friday, September 4, 2015

howwwzattt... lying around makes me a dull boy...

It is only 3 weeks since I got back here and already feeling restless idling doing nothing here in the office. Counting days till mid-September before the next deployment.

Well, that is what the one and only core team do. Back in the office, do the claims and justify the spending. Apart from that we smoke, a lots.

This is the smoking area with another 2 huge ashtrays equally spaced not in the picture.

A light moment courtesy from OutsyedTheBox

There are 5 teams in the world. Hamburg, Toulouse, Spain, UK and Malaysia. All of them have production or assembly lines except for Malaysia. 2 structural core team which are Hamburg and Malaysia.

Malaysia is kind of special because we have only an office without producing any hardware for the industry. We provide when we are away in term of support for the customer or to any incident/accident.

Just like a sailor, couldn't get enough of the sea. Can't wait to get away, for my home is where you are...

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