Sunday, September 6, 2015

howwwzattt... of oldtime sakes...

Someone sent me the link to this last evening. It was a farewell dinner for MAS Aircraft Structural Maintenance Workshop held 2 weeks ago.

It was a good moment for us all meeting up with old colleagues, a bit sad though because we knew this probably be our last after all. The workshop is closing down as of last 31 August when the new management took over laying off 6000 workforce systemwide including the engineering department.

70% of the workshop staffs were told to be on garden leave as early of last June. The remainder will be divided into airlines and contract with different package entirely.

I haven't met any of them since I left the company February last year, the first since 18 months. Some were left without any jobs, some have offers from other airlines or MRO facility. It is a pity MAS has to end like this.

Nothing lasts forever even the cold November rain...

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