Wednesday, June 10, 2009

...howwwzattt... no frills flight...

LONDON, June 10 — Airlines are reducing the size of spoons and dropping in-flight magazines to make planes lighter and save fuel during the recession, according to the International Air Transport Association.

In the United States, Northwest Airlines has excluded spoons from its cutlery pack if the in-flight meal does not require one.It is not alone, according to Paul Steele, director of the environment at IATA.

Another carrier, JAL of Japan, took everything it loaded from a 747 and put it on the floor of a school gym to see what it really needed.As a result it shaved a fraction of a centimetre off all its cutlery to cut weight.

"When you are talking about a jumbo jet with 400 people on board, being served two to three meals, this can save a few kilos," he said.You work out how much fuel that consumes over a year, and you can be talking about a considerable amount of money".

Other carriers have come up with all sorts of ingenious initiatives to shift the flab off their aircraft.

In-flight magazines are going and carriers are even putting their duty-free catalogues onto the seat-back televisions."Airlines are going through what they put on a plane. They are now saying that if we are only carrying 100 passengers, then only load what they need," said Steele.

Catering trolleys are becoming lighter and less water — both bottled and in the tank — is being loaded.The next generation of aircraft seats are likely to be up to 30 per cent lighter than the current generation, with composite replacing aluminium.

Reinforced carbon fibre is used for the shields for the in-flight televisions, cutting the weight by as much as half.Many of the initiatives were triggered by the soaring cost of aviation fuel. But are now becoming important for airlines who are coming under pressure to cut their carbon emissions.

In Kuala Lumpur, 226 leading airlines pledged that they would achieve "carbon-neutral growth" by 2020, meaning that their emissions would be capped — even if the number of planes in the sky increased.

At the same time the industry is looking to step up the use of alternative carbon-free bio-fuels, which should account for up to six per cent of the industry total by 2020.A number of carriers, including Virgin Atlantic, Continental and Air New Zealand, have carried out trials of alternative sources of energy such as algae.

It is anticipated that such fuels, which have appear to have performed as well — if not better — than conventional kerosene, will get safety approval as early as next year.

But, given the high initial cost, they are unlikely to be in widespread commercial use before the middle of the next decade. — Daily Telegraph

Saturday, June 6, 2009

...howwwzattt... stormy flight in a stormy weather...

Flying Into Storms To Be Avoided - Pilots

June 3, 2009
Airline pilots are well known for a sense of calm confidence, but when it comes to flying through thunderstorms, they tend to have the same reaction -- don't.

Aviation experts are debating whether lightning or turbulence may have caused Air France Flight AF447, an Airbus A330 with 228 passengers and crew aboard, to crash into the Atlantic Ocean early on Monday.

Two veteran pilots said they would take pains to avoid flying into storms, even though modern aircraft are designed to withstand them.

"My personal record was a diversion of almost 300 nautical miles just to circumnavigate a large area of showers over the western Atlantic Ocean near Florida," said Evert van Zwol, president of the Dutch pilots' association VNV.

The Air France A330, flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, encountered heavy turbulence about four hours after takeoff, and around 15 minutes later sent an automatic message reporting electrical faults.

It vanished shortly after it was due to have flown through a belt of turbulence and frequent storms at the Equator.

"You don't go into this sort of weather lightly. It's nasty for the passengers and can be alarming for us," said Tim Armstrong, a former 747 captain for Singapore Airlines.

"Flying actually into the top of one of these storms is pretty alarming, especially in that area where storm clouds are very high and active. There's a lot of moisture and uplift in the cloud, so you try your level best not to do it," he said.

Van Zwol, who has flown Boeing 747-300 and 777 jets for 20 years for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a sister airline to Air France, said pilots are trained to do whatever is necessary to avoid thunderstorms.

"I think most pilots when asked will confirm that it is very unlikely to fly through a thunderstorm cell," Van Zwol said.

"If you experience, and all of us have one time at least, severe turbulence, it is very uncomfortable. It is difficult to read your instruments," he added.

Turbulence is invisible, so pilots have to rely on some detective skills, using what they can pick up on their radar.

"If there is a line of (storm clouds) you will generally go for a gap in the line. But the radar only senses water vapour. It can't see turbulence, so you have to tilt the radar down to get return from the water vapour in the clouds," Armstrong said.

"At night it's very important because you can't see the clouds at all."

The Air France plane vanished in pitch dark some time after 0214 GMT. It is the worst disaster in Air France's 75-year history, and the worst ever for the A330 model from EADS' Airbus unit.
Experts say crashes caused by turbulence are still rare.

Of 14,220 incidents in the Aviation Safety Network database dating back to 1943, some 73 have been attributed to turbulence or crosswinds.

For the plane to be lost while in the cruising phase is also unusual. According to Boeing, 9 percent of all fatal accidents between 1998 and 2007 happened during the flight's cruise.

"If for some reason you do end up in a thunderstorm cell or an area of turbulence, there are procedures for how to handle an aircraft," van Zwol said, including adjusting to a "turbulence penetration speed" at which that particular plane is best suited to handle those conditions.
But for all their training, and all the modern engineering that go into the creation of a plane, when it comes down to it pilots would rather just go the other way.

"We always do everything possible to avoid getting into a situation like that," van Zwol said.

Friday, June 5, 2009

...howwwzattt... so long grasshopper...

Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok (AP)

BANGKOK - Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" who also had a wide-ranging career in the movies, has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide.

A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy, Michael Turner, confirmed the death of the 72-year-old actor. He said the embassy was informed by Thai authorities that Carradine died either late Wednesday or early Thursday, but he could not provide further details out of consideration for his family. more here

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...howwwzattt... meronggenglah kita...

Maka diceduklah, dirompaklah, dipotong-tampallah, dirembatlah, diplagiatlah ceritera ini dari laman abang Tukar Tiub kita...


Maka mengikut kata tuan yang empunya ceritera Tun Bodek pun duduklah dikelilingi para juak-juaknya. Ada yang bersila di atas tilam pandak. Ada yang bersandar di tepi dinding. Ada yang mencangkong memasang lukah. Ada yang berseluar pendek berbaju singlet. Ada memakai sarong bertampal songket.Ada yang mengobek sireh mengunyah pinang. Ada yang menggulung daun membakar bara. Semuanya duduk melangok menunggu Tun Bodek membuka mulut.

Telah didengari oleh para juak betapa ayam sabung Tok Rayat berkokok ke hulu berkokok ke hilir. Seperti halilintar memecah bumi.Maka Tun Bodek pun bersuaralah menyampai berita perihal ayam Datuk Seri Menggeliga tidak bersabung. Mengikut tuan mempunya mulut adalah diberitahu bukan kalah bukannya takut. Menjadi kiasan empunya sebab Datuk Seri ingin ke darat mencari damar, manau dan rotan. Maka menangislah para juak. Berderai air mata sedih mendengar berita menyayat hati memilu kalbu.

Lalu para juak pun berbincanglah mencari akal menguji diri. Jika Datuk Seri tidak menyabung maka tiada berkenduri kendara serata kampong. Tidak ada kerbau yang rebah ke tanah. Tidak ada ayam dan lemang untuk diratah. Tidak ada kepala kambing naik ke anjung. Maka para juak pun menangislah kerana anak dirumah tidak bersusu. Isteri si dapor merendam batu. Fulus lari hutang bertapuk. Janda menghilang entah ke mana.

Fikir punya fikir maka timbullah akal onar yang jahat. Semua difikir semua di rancang untuk memalukan To Rayat biar diketawakan orang seantero negeri ayamnya bersabung saorang diri. Maka lalu dicadangkan agar kampong di kosong. Agar pekan dikotori biar Tok Rayat tercegat seorang diri tanpa penyokong tanpa pengundi.

Ada juak mencadang agar di tangkap saja ayam Tok Rayat. Ada juak mencadang di panggil geruda melanggar kampong. Ada juak mencadang di tutup sebelah matahari akan kampong gelap gelita. Ada juak mencadang agar Tok Bomoh dipanggil memberi fatwa. Fatwa disebar menyabong ayam lemahkan tenaga batin. Ada juak yang mencadang agar ribut taufan diturunkan hendaknya takutlah orang kampong turun ke pekan melihat pesta sabung.

Adalah dibelakang semua akal ini ada niat yang busuk lagi terancang agar para juak terus memukul canang. Agar para juak tidak hilang tugas dan kerja. Agar lembu akan rebah. Agar kenduri tidak sudah-sudah. Agar fulus masuk mencurah. Onar ini memaksa Datuk Seri membuka peti besi mengeluar emas dan perak untuk para juak membuat angkara.

Maka sebulat sekepala. Diterimalah akal agar kampong di kosongkan. Diterimalah onar agar pekan dikotorkan. Lalu juak juak dan Tun Bodek memikir jalan terbaik. Jalan tercantik agar Tok Rayat dimalukan. Agar rancangan Tok Rayat hendak menyabung dan mengundi di Bukit Lanjan akan putus di tengah jalan. Telah di dengar dan dirisik tentang ayam sabung Tok Rayat telah sedia di carik untuk bertempur menyabung balik.

Maka juak cawangan pun bersuaralah. Adalah mengikut yang empunya ceritera maka sebulat suaralah para juak dan di persetujui Tun Bodek agar semua orang orang kampong akan di ajak pergi bercempera bersama gundek gundek Siam di hari menyabong. Maka di harap harapkan akan kosong seluruh kampong. Maka di harap-harapkan tidak seorang pun datang menyokong.

Adalah menjadi niat dan rancang agar emas dan perak akan di datangi secepat mungkin untuk menempah gajah dan kuda. Menjadilah tugas Tun Bodek untuk menyampai berita kepada Datuk Seri memastikan fulus akan masuk ke saku juak juak cawangan. Inilah kerja-kerja juak cawangan mengumpul orang untuk ke Siam. Adalah tugas juak juak jika sepuluh orang dikumpul maka lima puluh yang akan di lapor.

Maka Tun Bodek pula akan bergegas melapor seratus orang kampong telah pula dikumpul. Di serambi Datuk Seri Menggeliga angka ditambah lagi sehingga sepuluh ribu ianya menjadi. Maka keluarlah emas dan perak dari peti besi. Mengikut tuan yang empunya ceritera inilah kerjanya juak juak cawangan setiap kali pesta menyabung. Mereka mengumpul fulus membuat duit menabur jasa sebesar kampit.

Lalu disebarkan berita tentang gundek Siam berkopek besar sedang menjadi rebutan sekelian alam. Cerita gundek Siam ini mula menjalar dari mulut ke mulut. Dari rumah ke rumah. Orang kampong berlabon dan bergebang. Cerita makin ditambah. Cerita makin berubah. Kini ceritera mula di dengar tentang kopek gundek Siam yang boleh terbang melayang-layang ke pangkuan setiap abang.

Maka gembiralah jantan dan betina. Ingin melihat gundek Siam bogel tanpa celana. Maka beraturlah dan berbaris orang kampong ingin mendaftar untuk bergajah dan berkuda menyeberang sempadan untuk bercempera. Tiadalah lah seorang pun di kampong yang tidak berbaris. Berasak-asak berpusu pusu. Tidak sabar dan tidak sopan semua ingin dibaris hadapan.
Menurut kesah yang empunya cerita yang tinggal seorang hanyalah Dol Air Batu. Sebatang kara tegak berdiri memikir nasib anak dan bini. Meleleh air mata bersedih hati memendam rasa. Kecewalah hati di pesta menyabung tidak ada orang berkampong. Loceng di bunyi tiada pendengar. Suara bersorak tidak bersambut. Meloceng ke hulu meloceng ke hilir tidak seorang pun datang mendengar semua sedang berbaris untuk menempah ke sempadan.

Maka termenunglah Dol Air Batu membuka akal mencari jalan agar jualannya tidak dialahkan oleh gundek dari Sempadan. Berfikir dan termenung maka cerahlah mukanya. Maka melebarlah senyumnya. Maka loceng pun digoyang tanda hati telah gembira. Telah ditemui jalan selamat yang menjamin rezekinya berlipat ganda.Esoknya hari menyabung hari mengundi malamnya bekerja keraslah Dol Air Batu hingga ke dini hari. Seorang dirinya memaku dan mengetuk. Bangsal dibuat pentas didiri. Tabir dianyam lantai di atur. Peluh mencurah letih bukan kepalang. Hampir subuh semua selesai. Di padang sawah luas melebar sebuah panggung tegak berdiri. Sepanduk terapasang poster tercacak.

Fajar menyingseng tabuh dipalu. Orang kampung mula berbaris. Menunggu kuda menunggu gajah untuk melintasi ke sempadan. Lidah terjelir air liur meleleh terbayangkan gundek Siam yang empunya kopek.

Tiba-tiba Dol Air Batu mengoyang loceng. Seluruh kampong melihat angkara. Maka terserlah sepanduk besar. Tercacak tinggi poster melintang. Orang kampong datang berpusu pusu ingin melihat nak ambil tahu. Barisan pun pecahlah. Kuda lari bertempiaran. Gajah lari masuk ke hutan. Orang berpusu datang mendengar. Loceng digoyang semakin membingar. Di atas pentas tecongok berdiri si Minah Ronggeng sedang menari. Inilah tarikan seantero negeri lebih hebat dari semua bidadari. Kopek Siam telah dilupakan pergi. Minah Ronggeng berpunggung besar. Goyang ke kiri goyang ke kanan. Loceng berbunyi orang bertepuk. Joget bermula rebana diketuk. Pesta menyabung telah bermula.

Pecahlah berita si Minah Ronggeng. Tun Bodek datang berlari lari. Melihat rancangan berkecai tak terperi. Juak juak yang mendapat fulus mula menghilang diri. Berita pun sampai lah kepada Datuk Seri. Dia pun bergesa melihat orang kampong sakan berjoget dan menari.

Sesampai Datuk Seri di tepi pentas Dol Air Batu pun bersorak sorai. Sambil mengoyangkan locengnaya Dol Air Batu melaungkan ‘ ais skrim baru.. ais krim mangnolia.. ais krim magnolia…air skrim mongolia…’

Maka jatuh pengsanlah Datuk Seri.Sehingga ceritera ini di surahkan Datuk Seri masih lagi terkapar pengsan. Tiada seorang pun ambil peduli kerana Minah Ronggeng sedang mengoyangkan punggung menari. (TT)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...howwwzattt... air disaster...

A general blueprint for the A330 similar to the ill fated Air France

By MARCO SIBAJA, Associated Press Writer Marco Sibaja, Associated Press Writer – 18 mins ago

BRASILIA, Brazil – An airplane seat, a life jacket, metallic debris and signs of fuel were found in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday by Brazilian military pilots searching for a missing Air France airliner.

The debris was spotted from the air about 410 miles (650 kilometers) north of the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha, roughly along the path that the jet was taking before it disappeared with 228 people on board, said Air Force spokesman Jorge Amaral. more here

As of now the debris were believed to belong to the Air France which were mysteriously went missing earlier for the flight bound from Rio de Jeneiro to Paris. It carries 228 passengers as well the cabin and technical crews.

An automatic message sent from the plane just before it disappeared said that the plane was losing pressure and had experienced an electrical failure and chances for any survivors are very remote.

I wrote something about air safety earlier here. In the meantime, something had happened in Subang early this morning.