Tuesday, March 23, 2010

howwwzattt... don't be a monkey...

Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th Edition)

Sexual harassment: (noun) the repeated making of unwanted sexual advancement or obscene remarks to a person, especially in a workplace.

Imagine this, as a woman you decided to wear something that’ll expose your knees downward for work and nothing obscene or “menjolok mata” about it except if you want to perform a split in front of everybody.

Suddenly a text message flashes on your mobile; “Mintak izin nak melancap...” or something sounds similar with the same intention of obscenity in it.

How would you feel? To make things more uncomfortable and full of uneasiness, you know the sender of the sms and you loathe the person for his untoward behaviour and this was not the first time he did it.


Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination, and it is against the law. Sexual harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines define sexual harassment as follows:

"Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when:

1. submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment;

2. submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting that individual; or

3. such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment."
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In my workplace if I’m not mistaken, there was a memo not long ago regarding this problem which tells something like this; a male employee is consider to sexually harassing his female co-worker by eating a banana in front of her and this shows how severe the problem is.

Imagine something similar happens to your wife, daughter, sister or even your grandma guys, can you tolerate the predicaments that they’ll have to endure?

In our country this kind of pressure towards female workers has been going on like ages and it seems nobody care about it but guys be warn if you live somewhere in Europe or the US where moral conducts are the main concern. You'll most likely have to face the music or worse, could lose your job depending on how the law of the land sees it.

Ladies, stand up to your rights and guys don't say that I didn't warn you...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

howwwzattt... this meal's on me...

I couldn't help myself to share you this piece taken from Reader's Digest Sept. 2009 edition. Some of us were not that fortunate to savour what others have...

I'd reserved a table for my wife and me overlooking the ocean at one of my favourite restaurants in Newcastle, Australia. The restaurant was only a quarter full when we got there. A couple in their 30s were seated about three tables away.

There was a subtle awkwardness in their manner that caught my attention. I've always been sensitive to the feelings and energy levels of other people. I got the immediate impression that this couple could rarely afford to eat out.

At first I ignored the thought, but it kept popping back into my head.

I began to feel a strange urge to pay for their meals. I wasn't wealthy, but I could afford it. So I followed my inclination and approached the maitre d' to pay their bill. I was told that they had finished their courses and might still order coffees, but so far the bill came to $75.

When she asked why I was paying their bill, I felt a little self-conscious as I tried to encapsulate my feelings.

I finally replied, "When I saw that couple I got the feeling that they had to struggle to get what they've got. So i decided to pay their bill. But I don't want you to tell them who paid it or why. Just treat it as a gift."

When the couple went to settle their bill a muffled exclaimation could be heard throughout the restaurant. Later I asked the maitre d' what happened.

She said the young woman broke down into tears and exclaimed, "Nothing like this has ever happened to us before. We've never won anything or been given anything. Things like this just don't happen to us." But it did happen.

Now whenever I think of the incident, it brings on a smile as I remember how once, through empathy and intuition, I felt a strong desire to give freely to another.

Article: THIS MEAL'S ON ME (Reader's Digest Sept. 2009)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

howwwzattt... spring cleaning in the making... UPDATED


Click here for the point that I'm about to stress on...
This is the same Zulkifli Noordin an MP for Kulim Bandar Baru who a few days back demanded an all Muslim panels to hear his case before the PKR's disciplinary board.

Instead, the panels were a mixture of religion individuals and he just walked out of the hearing, arrogantly.

From his statement above, one could make out that this individual does understand that he did owe his current MP status to his constituents.

And of course the constituents consist of different races and religions, not just Malays or Muslims and the funny thing is, from his statement above, he did realized it.

So, what actually do you want to stress here YB Zul? Didn't you realize that you're about to make a U-turn here?

1. You demanded an all Muslim panelists for your disciplinary hearing.

2. You admitted that your current celebrity status was owed to your constituents who mean they were Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. Certainly they were all not Muslim, am I right?

So, how was that my dear YB?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

howwwzattt... finally...

Subang airport’s connectivity will be boosted with plans to link the terminal with the KTM Komuter service and shuttle buses.

KTM Komuter trains could start servicing Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport by next year, said Janardhanan Gopala Krishnan, chief operating officer of terminal operator Subang Skypark Sdn Bhd.

He added that the train stop would be located at Commercial Nexus, a proposed shopping mall across the road from the terminal, which is now an open-air car park.

“We have proposed to extend the KTM Komuter line (to the airport).

“There is already a spur line to the roundabout (on the way to the airport).

“Subject to approval, it should be ready in 15 to 18 months,” he told reporters recently.

Janardhanan said Skypark wanted to provide seamless transfer for passengers by improving connectivity to the airport.

He said shuttle buses connecting the terminal to the Kelana Jaya LRT station and KL Sentral should begin operating by the middle of the year.

“We are in talks with private operators. We are still speaking with RapidKL on (public) buses plying this area,” he said.

On the status of the RM150mil Commercial Nexus, he said they were finalising the concept design, and construction work was expected to start in the second half of this year.

He said the mall, with about 600,000 sq ft of retail space, would not only serve passengers but also the community in nearby areas such as Ara Damansara.

“We want to get away from the mindset that if you go to an airport, you are just sending or picking someone up,” he said.

From thestar Monday March 1, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

howwwzattt... the man who rewrites cricket history over and over again...

Sachin Tendulkar's story is the story of modern India, the India that 60 years after independence is emerging as a major power and producing iconic figures for whom the tag Indian is no longer a burden but an advertisement.

Last week The Little Master made another history became the first man to score a double 100 in a 50 overs match which he dedicated his achievement to India where cricket is the "religion" to the population.

Sir Donald Bradman (considered the greatest batsman in the game) shortly before his death anointed Tendulkar as his successor and Tendulkar regarded by his countrymen as a god-like figure where others were held in little regard and almost always considered venal and corrupt.

He started as a professional cricketer at the age of 15 which saw him scored a century on his first class debut (first Indian to do so) and at the age of 16 he made his test debut against their arch-rival Pakistan in 1989.

Last month he became the first batsman to pass the 13,000 Test runs mark and his 47 Test centuries are a record (Australia's Ricky Ponting next after him on the list with 39).

In ODI he has scored more runs than anybody - 17,598 runs and at 37, there is no talk of retirement and he plans to play in next year's World Cup.

He says: "I just keep it simple. Watch the ball and play it on merit."

They say: "You know genius when you see it. And let me tell you, Sachin is pure genius." - West Indies batting great Brian Lara.
**Source: theSun

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

howwwzatt... journeyman...

No man is an island.

What if a man decided that he should be an island, shielding himself from his surrounding? Will he keep his sanity at bay? Will he leaves this world as a happy man? And most important, why should a man wants to become so isolated just like that?

Not all men experienced an easy journey toward their adulthood. Some travelled easy and some had to endured hardships and obstacles along the way. Some went the way they’re now because they lost something.

Damn me. I’ve lost my sense of creativity these days...