Saturday, September 26, 2009

howwwzattt... fyi...

Blogging from Pak Li Kopitiam somewhere in Danau Kota.

Look At What Birds Can Do At 500mph

howwwzattt... will trade for sex...

SINGAPOREANS are flocking to a website to change sex partners, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The daily reported that so far, 49 couples had signed up at the website.

Among the categories available were men seeking women, women seeking men, and where same sex partners are available. (more here)

According to the daily, most of them are professionals and just purely looking for sex and not love. Those who were signed up for the service voluntarily left their details allowing the interested parties to call them.

I wonder what has become to the society nowadays. Though it happens across the causeway and not in our country, I believe in due time the trend will find its own way here.

Emm... sadly the paper did not furnish the website address, if not I might try to have a peek there and see all the aspiring candidates... LOL...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

howwwzattt... i see you in court...

From MalayMail Online:

A CHILLI crab spat between Malaysia and Singapore has begun.

It has all the hands-on traits of the sport of chilli-crabbing – cracking, picking, chewing and sucking.

The dish of blue swimmer crabs, or muddies, may be a quick stir fry, but the cook fight between the two nations will take a lot of tossing and stirring.

Wow, after Indonesia now we have Singapore to have our disagreement with.

When the Singaporean snatched Pulau Batu Puteh from right under our nose, we did nothing about it. Even our legal team credentials were not up to par with the Singaporean legal minds when presenting our arguments.

Now do we really need this? Why don't we just bring the matter to the International Court and let the ICJ decide whether this crab matter belongs to us or not.

We all belong in the same region and it is just not right for a certain people or nation to simply claim what can be traced from time way before us.

What has been a private pleasure has become a highly public crabby affair since Malaysia last week claimed ownership rights to chilli crab that is regarded as Singapore’s unofficial national dish.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen has claimed that chilli crab, Hainanese chicken rice, nasi lemak, laksa and bak kut teh were all created in Malaysia but have been hijacked by other countries.

“We cannot continue to let other countries hijack our food,” she was quoted as saying in a newspaper report, though not identifying the countries that had “hijacked” the dishes.

How the government intends to brand these dishes as Malaysian remains a “secret recipe”. (more here)

I say it is a crappy issue...

Friday, September 18, 2009

howwwzattt... selamat hari raya...


Mustaffa Kamal Hussien
Joriah Kamsah
Nurfarah Shahrizat
Nurfarina Shahrizat
Nurfatiha Shahrizat
Muhammad Adam
Nurfatimah Shahrizat
Nurfitrah Shahrizat
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Zaheer Amar

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

howwwzattt... to cane or not to cane pt. deux...

REUTERS KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian Islamic court judge has ordered an Indonesian man to caned for consuming alcohol, a newspaper reported on Tuesday, weeks after the judge drew criticism for handing a similar sentence to a woman. (more here)

This was reported by the Reuters today. Let see how we react or let we say how our politicians going to react by asking the man to appeal against the judgment.

The timing was also bad for the current government hence the tainted bilateral relation with the Indonesian government regarding the "ciplak-menciplak". Or was it a kind of sabotage towards the BN administration, who knows...

But why all the brouhaha? News agencies all around the world were reporting on this matter, see it for yourselves if you don't believe me. In Saudi, a punishment by "rotan" is a norm.

Go here for my earlier posting regarding the same issue.

Monday, September 14, 2009

howwwzattt... true colors...

Hahahaha... the best news ever. The Election Commission (EC) had decided and fixed the polling day for Bagan Pinang by-election should be held on 11th October which falls on Saturday.
(more here)


Of all the previous by-elections, all were held on Tuesday@working day. Now all of a sudden, the EC decided to falls back to the norm of election that it will hold the Bagan Pinang by-election on Saturday so to give ample time and convenience for the voters to cast their right since some of the voters are residing outside Bagan Pinang even Negri Sembilan itself.

This shows the BN are going all out in retaining their seat there from falling to the PKR by using the EC.

This also marks the confident level of Barisan Nasional from the previous by-elections and the one that on its way this October.

Hmm... Am I being seditious here?

howwwzattt... of facts and fancies...

Lonely Tok WookCentenarian plans to marry a 23rd times if her much younger hubby does not return homeThe Star.

Reading this piece in The Star today really touch me of the plight of this “warga emas” for love. Not the kind of love that we usually associated ourselves with, but the kind of love and longing for companionship when we grow older.

She believes her husband might leave her after he completed his drug rehabilitation programme soon and might settle down in KL besides marrying a much younger lady.

First of all will a right mind man wants to marry and stay true to his older wife and in this case a much more older than his grandmother? After all as reported in the media, this man volunteered himself to undergo the drug rehabilitation programme on his own will and was this just the way for him to get away from his wife?

Heck, why marry the old lady in the first place unless you have this hidden agenda and by doing so, you hurt the old lady.

On a more serious noteSHAHRIZAT: It’s unfair

Cops are doing their best in sex crime investigations, says minister (regarding the Penan issues).

According to her, it was unfair to blame the cops for not wanting to conduct a jointly investigation with the NGOs for when the police themselves claimed that they unable to do so due to the lack of fund.

The police also mentioned that they need sound evidence and in this case asking related parties to come forward to assist them in building the case.
All this while I thought it was the police jobs to gather information and all with their intelligence, task force and strike force.

Imagine for the by-election in Kuala Terengganu not long ago, 600,000 personnel were deployed over there for the period of 2 weeks and where did the budget came from?

Now talk about lack of fund is really lame, wasn’t it?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

howwwzattt... bodo sangat ka rakyat ni...

Someone posted this piece in SERATAS89 group and I do share the same sentiment with the writer that we're just taken for a ride by the power that be. With soooo lame excuse and stupid statement by no other than our own menteri?

Mail Sabri kata harga minyak tak naik. Ianya kekal. Sama ja. Ada minyak harga dua hengget. ada minyak ada sringgit lapan kupang. Sama ja. Tadak beza apa pun. Apa pun tak naik.
Semua maintain. Steady.

Cuma, katanya, minyak RON97, yang selalu rakyat pakai tu, dia naikkan taraf kepada minyak premium. So, bila dah naik taraf ni, otomatik la harga pun canak naik. RON97 naik dari RM1.80 ke dua ringgit.

Tapi jangan risau, katanya. Sebab rakyat masih boleh isi minyak dengan harga RM1.80 lagi, guna RON95. RON97 dah ‘upgrade’, kalau mau yang ‘tak upgrade’, guna RON95. Harga sama. Warna pun cantik, kuning. La ni petrol pam dah macam lampu trafik light. Ada merah, kuning, ngan hijau. Cantik kan? Cantik kan? Kan? Suke tak? Suke tak? Tutup matee! Tutup matee! Suurrrpriissssseeee!!!

Ada jugak yang kena tendang perut bulan2 posa ni.

Soalan pertama, apakah RON97 yang telah dinaiktaraf menjadi minyak premium itu lebih baik kualitinya sebelum harganya dinaikkan? Adakah minyak ini telah dicampur dengan formula2 hebat yang boleh membantu menambahbaik enjin, samada dari segi ‘ketukan’ ka hapa ka?

Adakah dengan menggunakan RON97 yang lebih mahal ini, proton wira 1.3 aku bertambah pikapnya sampai ke tahap aku tak perlu tutup ekon setiap kali meghagaih bukit?

Jawapannya sudah tentu tidak! Dan kalau jawapannya adalah ‘tidak’, jadah hapakah yang kamu naikkan harga minyak yang sama kualitinya ni, tapi tiba2 jadi mahal keesokan harinya? Bukankah itu namanya kamu sengaja menaikkan harga minyak? Bukankah harga minyak sebenarnya telah naik?!

Ini macam pi market nak beli ikan temenung, tiba2 tokey cakap sekilo kena tambah lagi dua ringgit. Tanya pasaipa, dia kata ikan temenung dah jadi ikan premium. Tanya dia lagi ikan temenung yang dia jual harini semua masuk univesiti ka? Ada ijazah semua ka? Isi manis lagi ka? Sisik makin kurang ka? Dia kata dak, sama ja. Tanya lagi ikan temenung kurang ka kot tengah laut la ni? Dia kata dak, belunggok huk lagi. Paihtu kenapa naikkan harga ikan temenung? Dia jawab harga tak naik, tapi taraf ikan temenung ni dah naik, jadi premium.

Tapi harga ikan temenung mahai dari kemarin. Kita kata tak puas hati. Dia kata kita bulih beli ikan puyu, ikan puyu harga sama macam ikan temenung kemarin. Tapi ikan puyu bukan ikan temenung! Kita jawab bantah. Tapi ikan jugak! Dia betah. Tapi kita tak bulih makan ikan puyu, nanti naik ruam. Kita bagi sebab. Dia suruh makan ikan temenung. Tapi ikan temenung mahai! Kita jawab. Bukan mahai, itu harga untuk ikan premium!

Last2 ada yang kena takek dengan parang tengah2 market tuh.

Naik harga cakap la naik harga! Dok pebodo orang pasaipa? Cakap. Harga dah naik. Kalau nak murah, beli yang rendah kualiti. Yang ni dah naik harga. Yang sama. Harga ja beza, lebih mahai. Kan senang?

Soalan kedua. Kenapa naik harga petrol? Mail Sabri dilaporkan dalam tibitiga malam tadi sebagai berkata sebab harga minyak dunia dah naik sampai USD82 setong.

Aku tak pernah hisap rokok. Jauh lagi nak hisap dam atau hidu gam. Tapi masa mengaji dulu, ada sekoq dua kawan2 yang dok wat kerja loklaq ni. Jawapan Mail Sabri ingatkan aku kepada sorang kawan yang overdose ganja. Samada dia hidu gam, atau telebih hidu petrol, aku tatau, tapi statistik tahun bila yang dia rujuk kata harga minyak dunia dah naik sampai USD82 setong?

Harga minyak dunia tak pernah lepas USD75 selepas merudum jatuh sampai ke USD40 tuhari. Samada dia di bawah pengaruh ganja, ataupun sengaja nak membodohkan rakyat sekali lagi, itu aku serah pada pembaca semua. Tapi mengatakan minyak dunia dah naik ke 82 dolar setong adalah statement yang sangat bengong. Tak masuk akal. Dan hanya boleh dilafazkan oleh orang2 yang hilang akal sahaja!

Jadinya, kalau kenaikan bukan disebabkan oleh kenaikan minyak dunia, jadah hapakah yang dinaikkan jugak harga minyak? Adakah sebab BN dah senak tak tau nak kaut duit tang mana, maka last kopek, pau rakyat sekali lagi?

Soalan terakhir. Adakah kualiti RON95 sama seperti RON97? Jika rendah kualitinya, kenapa harganya sama seperti RON97?

Jawapannya jugak adalah tidak. RON95 lebih rendah kualitinya daripada RON97. Dan ada beberapa laporan mengatakan bahawa sesetengah enjin tidak sesuai menggunakan RON95.


Harga minyak memang dah naik. BN bodohkan rakyat melalui Mail Sabri mengatakan harga tak naik. Rakyat disuruh menggunakan minyak yang rendah kualitinya, tanpa sebarang kebaikan kepada kenderaan, dan disuruh membayar pada harga yang sama!

Mail Sabri kata harga minyak kenderaan tidak berubah, cuma ianya telah ditingkatkan kepada premium.

Rakyat juga akan kata PRU13 ini kerajaan tidak berubah, cuma kami akan gantikannya dengan Pakatan Rakyat, kerajaan Malaysia yang telah dinaiktaraf kepada tahap premium.