Monday, July 13, 2009

howwwzattt... he's a jolly good fellow... well, is he???

The 100 days in office for our current PM doesn’t excite me a bit, even though he had introduced measures that were to say “11 People-Friendly Measures”.

To tell the truth, don’t jump up and down with joy just yet. How many of the 11 measures that will directly involve and improve my conditions in this trying times? There are none.

What about this? 20 % discount for Smart TAG and Touch ‘n Go cardholders who pay toll 80 times or more in a month. 80 times, that’s huge brother or was it really?

First thing is, you have to come up with an upfront payment (deposit) for both services and it will cost you and me more than RM100. Secondly, you have to top-up the real value just for the systems to operate. And by that moment, you haven’t pass any toll gates yet and yet you already paid for the service that you yourselves aren’t too sure if you live long enough to enjoy the benefit of your doubts. It was just a daylight robbery.

Generally a person will travel twice daily between his/her workplace. That will come up to 60 times of passing the toll gates, you might say that you just short of 20 trips from the eligible target. 20 times was not an unreachable figure. But, are we willing to do unnecessary travel through the toll gates just to justify our lust in getting the rebates?

Apparently, the figure can be reached if we live in KL where tolls are mushrooming but what about those who live in JB, Ipoh, Penang and elsewhere, where there are only one toll for them to get pass through? From my right state of mind, none of them will benefit from such generosity by the PM.

Once again, this was just another daylight robbery from the power that be.


intan said...

Next he's eyeing on Petronas. Hence buddy, vote BN outtttt

Saudagar Mimpi said...

that's what i'me been doing for the past 3 ge hehehe...

intan said...

Go Mus go hehehe tk tau lak ada geng. Am not being prejudice but will only support the most genuine leader.

lehmann said...

najis tong rosak