Monday, September 14, 2009

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Lonely Tok WookCentenarian plans to marry a 23rd times if her much younger hubby does not return homeThe Star.

Reading this piece in The Star today really touch me of the plight of this “warga emas” for love. Not the kind of love that we usually associated ourselves with, but the kind of love and longing for companionship when we grow older.

She believes her husband might leave her after he completed his drug rehabilitation programme soon and might settle down in KL besides marrying a much younger lady.

First of all will a right mind man wants to marry and stay true to his older wife and in this case a much more older than his grandmother? After all as reported in the media, this man volunteered himself to undergo the drug rehabilitation programme on his own will and was this just the way for him to get away from his wife?

Heck, why marry the old lady in the first place unless you have this hidden agenda and by doing so, you hurt the old lady.

On a more serious noteSHAHRIZAT: It’s unfair

Cops are doing their best in sex crime investigations, says minister (regarding the Penan issues).

According to her, it was unfair to blame the cops for not wanting to conduct a jointly investigation with the NGOs for when the police themselves claimed that they unable to do so due to the lack of fund.

The police also mentioned that they need sound evidence and in this case asking related parties to come forward to assist them in building the case.
All this while I thought it was the police jobs to gather information and all with their intelligence, task force and strike force.

Imagine for the by-election in Kuala Terengganu not long ago, 600,000 personnel were deployed over there for the period of 2 weeks and where did the budget came from?

Now talk about lack of fund is really lame, wasn’t it?

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