Saturday, July 12, 2008

...howwwzattt... ain't a mountain too high to climb...

I’m not so sure whether our moviegoers have the opportunity of watching The Brokeback Mountain on our shore. As for me this movie will never be made into my bucket list of most movie should be watched before I die. But come to think of it, there should be plenty of reason or market for those involved in making this movie a reality.

From my shallow research, this movie revolves around “two young men who meet in Wyoming in 1963 forge a sudden emotional and sexual attachment, but soon part ways. As their separate lives play out with marriages, children and jobs, they reunite for brief liaisons on camping trips in remote settings over the course of 20 years”, from Wikipedia of course.

Enough said, this is a story about love but it is not love like that I love you as my buddies, love you as my friends, love you as my family, love you as my wife, love you as my girlfriend, love you as my mistress, it was love that involves emotional and sexual attachment of the same gender.

Yesterday while browsing around, I stumbled upon one such blog that potrayed such attachment and my goodness are these guys for real? Both are seems to be from one branch of our arm forces (most likely the navy hence the epaulettes) or did the owner of the blog just joking around? Perhaps many of you had seen the blog too and read all the entries? So, how was that???

Anyway, this piece Hearbreaks in silence was taken from Patrick Teoh’s Niamah!!! blog will make a good reading for you. At first I thought it was another political satire by him when someone has to wait in silence here until the middle of 2010 to be handed over the post of our 6th Prime Minister. But no, it is much different altogether. So, how was that once again???

p/s: As stated in my earlier post, I’m straight as a lamp post lol…
p/s2: And damn, this daily unlimited internet access from Celcom do takes you ages to get around…

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