Wednesday, October 5, 2011

howwwzattt... relapse pt. 2...

Yong Moh Kembara: Teman prefer yang dia ni...

Again, sleep has left him. Years ago he held back fighting for it until he could no longer stands the effect, he got just a remedy for it, but the remedy itself is destroying him bit by bit, little by little. At last he got a professional advice; he turned to pills popping for a few months and later reducing it with the guidance from his physician.

This time again it came but not because of what he had experience earlier but because he is restless and thinking of something. No, he won’t go into what he had left for he fears that he will no longer able to turn back and face the world. It is a kind of anticipation that is troubling him now. A power you have but of no use since you can’t use it for the moment.

He has to wait, because he is willing to. Be it will takes his lifetime in waiting, he shall. For what lies ahead gives him the will to live and move forward…



Assalamualaikum Yob,

He definitely has all the fun and luck! Unfortunately, dia dan sekutunya bermewah dan bersukaria tanpa mengetahui yg Maha Pencipta. I enjoy his music n voice dia yg unik tu though.
Btw, I also enjoy the original singer of the same song, Robert Palmer.

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