Friday, November 2, 2007

...howwwzattt... for being a lefty??

Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons,
is a fellow lefty and he made his lead
character Bart Simpsons left-handed
as well.

"The mysteries of lefthandedness..." In pursuing the left-right riddle, scientists are unlocking secrets of the brain, genetics and human diversity.

When I was still a little boy my parent keeps remind me of not to use my left hand in whatever things I do except for the use of it in the toilet. Out of their despair the reminder and the scolding fell on my deaf ears because I felt right or left is still the same hence the goal is to make things done and I will use whichever hand that is convenient to me.

There are not many lefties in the world, if I’m not mistaken lefties comprises only 10 percents of the world population. Now, that is a minority isn’t it?

I remember how it was such a nuisance task when it comes to use scissors since the apparatus itself was designed to be used with the right hand. The cutting angle, the way that the 2 blades are put together it is definitely not to be used by a lefty. Try to use the scissors on a piece of paper with your left hand, it’ll be a mess. After years of training by trial and error, I manage to learn using a pair of scissors with my right hand. Don’t say that I’ve change my side, I had to adapt myself to it.

I eat by using my right hand but when come to spoon myself, I am helpless with my right hand, and I have to hold it with my left one. I played badminton and tennis by using my left hand but when it comes to table tennis, I hold the bat with my right one. I’m writing with my left hand but when throwing darts, I use my right hand. I played guitar with my right hand but I will hold the microphone with my left palm. So, what makes me? A mixed up lefthander living in the right-handers’ world…

Left-handedness test:

We all, of course, know in which hand we hold a pen, but how far does this bias extend throughout your body? Are you left-eared? Left eyed? Here is a simple test you can apply to yourself.

1. Imagine the centre of your back is itching. Which hand do you scratch it with?

2. Interlock your fingers. Which thumb is uppermost?

3. Imagine you are applauding. Start clapping your hands. Which hand is uppermost?

4. Wink at an imaginary friend straight in front of you. Which eye does the winking?

5. Put your hands behind your back, one holding the other. Which hand is doing the holding?

6. Someone in front of you is shouting but you cannot hear the words. Cup your ear to hear better. Which ear do you cup?

7. Count to three on your fingers, using the forefinger of the other hand. Which forefinger do you use?

8. Tilt your head over on to one shoulder. Which shoulder does it touch?

9. Fixate a small distant object with your eyes and point directly at it with your forefinger. Now close one eye. Now change eyes. Which eye was open when the fingertip remained in line with the small object? (When the other eye, the non-dominant one, is open and the dominant eye is closed, the finger will appear to move to one side of the object.)

10. Fold your arms. Which forearm is uppermost? If you have always considered yourself to be right or left-handed you will probably now have discovered that your body is less than total in its devotion to its favoured side. If you are right-handed the chances are that you were not able to be 'right' 10 times.


rainingheaven said...

haha. your lefty post is so true. the test.. automatically most of my answers are "right" when i'm a proud lefty myself.

i use the right-hand scissors with my left-hand. my mom always say i cut so much better than any other lefty using the right-hand scissors. i do almost everything with my left i think. i think so. i have to start listing to be sure. my watch is worn on my left hand too.

i'm only sure that i use my right hand when it comes to eating with hand and also with the peeler. oh ya and playing the guitar.

Saudagar Mimpi said...

hahaha, we're the selected 10pc of the population ehhh...

Anonymous said...

I do admire left-handed people. Sometimes I spend minutes watching them writing. Myself a right-handed, sometimes I do write with my left hand when I want my left brain to work haha..

Anonymous said...

awat hang tak batting tgn kiri?

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Aku takleh bat tgn kiri la, aku rasa aku punya psiko-motor/metric aku ni dah kelam kabut kot...