Thursday, October 1, 2015

howwwzattt... of fulfilling one's desire...

Smoking in a toilet is such a fun, just like my days in Taiping years ago. The hotel doesn't let the guests to smoke inside their room but luckily the exhaust fan in here works. Unlike in Mexico, most of the time it didn't. I received a love letter from the hotel advising not to do it again, otherwise I'll be slapped with a USD250 fine for my misdeamenor. 

Yes I know, smoking is bad for my health. It will be a bonus if I reach 60 in another 17 years. Still haven't outlived my arwah abah, he was 47 (and a chain smoker too) when he collapsed by the roadside where Super Kinta stood in those days on the eve of Aidiladha 35 years ago, still holding several kilos of meat for rendang raya.

Yes I miss him. A great man yet simple.

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