Friday, August 15, 2008

...howwwzattt... rambut sama hitam...

This coming 31 August will marks our nation Merdeka Day. I’ve read somewhere in the newspaper last week, for this year celebration the government will trim down the spending by halves compare to last year celebration. By trimming down the cost means, it’ll still in an 8-figure bracket, which are RM20 millions. This is inline with the current economic downturns that we face, so they said.

Wowww… Imagine with all that money…

Never in my life did I fly our flag during Merdeka Day celebration except during my schooldays. Am I being an un-patriotic ungrateful citizen?

I love my country, this country as any of those flag bearers patriot. The only different is I love my country with all my heart and I have my heart to celebrate Merdeka Day with.
So don’t tell me how and when to show my love to this country!!!

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