Monday, March 17, 2008

...howwwzattt... you've gone overboard mate...

Friday 14th Mac 2008

“The Raja Perlis has consented to the appointment of Bintong assemblyman Datuk Dr. Md. Isa Sabu as the new MB of Perlis replacing Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim who still claimed that he had the PM authority to continue as MB but that the Ruler has ignore it”. This piece was taken from a credible alternative media this evening.

I’m not an expert in constitution matters nor hold credential over the subject but as a loyal citizen to the Sultans and the country (the second Rukunegara); I was appalled by the bold statement. Is this the first battle cry by this ex-MB or whoever that makes the statement? Wasn’t this an act of treachery (derhaka) towards the Raja of Perlis himself? An out of favor ex-MB, an anak Perlis and a Malay for this kind of act questioning the prerogative and the wisdom of your Ruler is purely outrageous for any standard. When one of the DAP stalwarts urging Perak DAP to boycott the swearing in the new Perak MB from PAS, he got fucked left and right by BN led pros, Malaysian and even from his own party members for disregard the wish of the Sultan and Regent of Perak in appointing the MB. A day later, he retracts back his statement after the outbreak of the public anger. He made a mistake of course. As of this piece being written, I’ve yet to hear the UMNO voice over this matter, I’ve yet to hear the UMNO voice defending the decision made by the wise Raja of Perlis. I’ve yet to hear an explanation from the soon to be retired PM over the issue. The ousted MB even had the nerve to regard the new UMNO MB as an opposition. Opposition to whom may I ask? To the Ruler, to the state of Perlis, to UMNO itself or to him? Who is this loose cannon anyway? Where are the UMNO’s keris weaving panglima anyway which at one time wanted to soaked his keris with Chinese blood? Why not just soaked your keris with the blood of this SOB or just blow this guy with C4 to pieces? Wasn’t it as an MB, your priorities are toward the Ruler and state rather than you party?

In the olden days this kind of conduct will be met by a capital punishment which is death. The person who’s committing it no matter how high his stature in the society will be beheaded. Even his entire family or clan will be banished from the mukabumi. Even the earth from where his house once stood would be thrown into the sea (I don’t know how they did it) but that’s how serious it is.

As the saying goes “Do not overstayed your welcome”…

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