Friday, December 14, 2007

...howwwzattt for once in a while...

The towering Twin Tower

Last Saturday, I took the family for a simple outing at the KLCC Park. My children were in their best manner and having such a wonderful and wet time at the public pool.

The public pool

Though it was a school holiday this year around, not many people were there or perhaps it was still early.

The pool was meant for the children

Fatiha, Fatimah, Farah, Adam, Farina and Fitrah

Irfan was a bit disappointed for not having the opportunity
to join his other sibling dipping themselves in the pool

The handsome Adam was flanked by his sisters

Anyway, just for your information... MAS won the second game against the Old Putra (RMC oldboys) by 8 wickets, so how was that my fellow cricketer?


Anonymous said...

My Dear Fellow ...

I'm inviting you, your spouse and all your lovely kids to my daugthers' birthday party this Sunday (ala, mcm last year)

-bad the demon bowler-

Saudagar Mimpi said...

thanks for the invitation. will try to fulfill it hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

comel-comel dan sweet sangat budak-budak tu..