Sunday, October 11, 2015

howwwzattt... of the journey within continues...

2130hrs, 10 OCT. 2015

Not feeling in the mood this evening, so I just come down to the bar to read Tony Parsons' Man and Boy while watching Rugby World Cup 2015, England vs Uruguay on tv and writing this at the same time.

Finished off early today and took the opportunity to go to town. Got myself a Jack Wolfskin's fleece since the temperature is getting colder on altenate days. It is quite expensive taking consideration that Jack Wolfskin was originated from Germany but I don't mind spending on quality that comes with the brand itself.

This is the fleece that I bought, tried it in the open air just now and it is warmer than my Sacoor down jacket and much more lighter. At least it was a good investment as of now.

Heard that I might be staying here until the mid of December and that is trouble. I didn't prepare for the weather and if I keep on buying this kind of stuff just for me to keep me warm, I might be ended up paying on the extra baggage on my return back to KUL.

By the way, I treat my blog as a journal, my journal. To keep me in touch with what I'm doing and where I'm going or been to. At the same time it might help for those fellow travelers on new places. I wrote universally, not just on one single topic such as politic or family. Who knows, someday it will publish as a book no?

I'm not a traveler. I'm a journeyman...

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