Wednesday, July 7, 2010

howwwzattt... a ballad of a troubled mind...

“If you want to be recognized, you stand. If you want to be respected, you speak but if you don’t want to make fools of yourselves, just remain seated...” (improvised it to suit the language)

This is what I’ve learnt, those wise words from someone that I didn’t know but will keep on sticking forever in my mind. Just like the 5F=9C+160, the unofficial temperature conversion formula that was taught to me during my schooldays.

Long ago there was this young man who was so helpless in determining what he is going to do and going to be when he all grown up as a man. His mind and his soul were so twisted in determining what is right and what is wrong.

He turned himself to be a delinquent, a truant just to justify his course of action to the world and never once he thought that someday he shall regret his misdeed to himself.

Once his discipline master said to him that in future if he still remains as he was then, he shall face failure heads on in life but he never took it seriously and yet deep inside him he knows, they were right. The world was right.

He took many wrong turns, been to where he shouldn’t be, roam carelessly and aimlessly. For him, life is just for that moment, so why must spoil it with something tedious such as good education, anyway everyone is going to die someday he thinks.

Yes, he was blessed with the chance to be schooled in one of the best school at that time and somehow he blew the opportunity big time just with one shortcoming in his being.

That little tiny faceless thing was called love.

As an adult now, that once a young rebellious young man took all those failures in a good stride and accepted it as lessons he learnt along the way to become the man he is now.

He had learnt the hard way but he never regret those lessons he learnt for he knows, he is brave enough to smile at the world for what he is now, calloused and hardened with failures, he embraced it with his own kind of love.

Only with failures he should learn to become a better man...

p.s: Dedicated to those paths that crosses...


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