Thursday, January 8, 2009

...howwwzattt... idiot...

Change spending habits to cope???

Malaysians will have to change their spending habits if they hope to come out of the global economic crisis in one piece.

Consumer Research and Resource Centre (CRRC) chief executive officer Paul Selva Raj has just one word of advice for consumers: adapt. Consumers should stop whining and accept the fact that hard times are here.

What can they do about it? Plenty, he said. (read more here)

Well, FUCK YOU my dear sir!!! Are you the one that provide any mean of necessity for me and my family? I think not. How am I supposed to change my spending habits, and ask any of the law abiding citizens on how to change their spending habits? I think, most of them will give you the middle finger.

“We can learn to live without the finer things in life for the time being, at least until the crisis blows over,” Raj said.

Well, FUCK YOU my dear sir!!! What finer things? Do you mean my 10 years old Proton Iswara, my CRT television, my fridge, my phone, my electricity and my water supply?

Even with the beat up Iswara which I’m so used to ferry around my entire household is no more relevant since the government introduced the mandatory ruling for the rear seatbelts. I have 7 children and go figure it out. Do I need to replace the trusted Iswara with the going to be launched Proton MPV???
Talk about berjimat cermat konon...

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Saudagar Mimpi said...

hang ni kalu tang fuck2 ni laju jer menyahutnya hahaha...