Friday, September 4, 2015

howwwzattt... valley of the kings 2015 pt. 1...

Azizah, my loyal companion through the desert trail.
Got a call followed by and urgent email telling me to get ready for Cairo departing in a few days time. I was just got back from Toulouse a few days back and was still on leave. The working party supposed to be in Hurghada but due to the facility constrain, they ferry flight the aircraft to Cairo instead.

I was excited even with my bums still sore from the previous trip. This will be my first to any of the northern African country and Africa in general.

I'm not to sure what to write here but I will let the photos to do the telling.

Camel top vertigo.
Surrounding the pyramids vicinity, the were plenty of hustlers who would offer you a bargain but later through the day you will realize that you've been ripped of double than the normal rates. My advise is, just take a tour organized by the hotel. It is cheaper, comfortable and the magic word is safe. Believe me, I've tried both version and quite surprise how fluidly those hustlers operate. 

Our students in Cairo do offer their service as guides with reasonable fee during their free time too, it is even better I guess.

No streetphoto here except on a more touristic areas because of the security and safety reason, no lovely landscape as my subject of interest is human.

One of the many hustlers plying their trade to unsuspecting tourists.

One of the nine pyramids in Giza.

With my colleague. My first time ever riding a horse. Kind of scary at first cantering, trotting and galloping in the desert with jagged rocks all around. Azizah and Sultan couldn't help themselves onto each other.

Colorful but do not get too close or you might find yourself in a thick gooey saliva spat by the beast.

Extra incomes during the holiday for this boy.

Taking a light nap under the sun after the morning run with her wares for the tourists.

Been there and done that. See how huge those boulders? They were transported from Alexandria and Aswan by the Nile but on how from thereon to Giza sure beats me.

Even walking like an Egyptian and guess what, I'm not a funny person.

Sphinx, the guardian of the tomb.

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