Saturday, September 19, 2015

howwwzattt... of those mariachis and those tequilas...

I was in Mexico two months ago doing something for Interjet. Well, Toluca is situated around 9000 feet from the sea level and whatever temperature you have in New Mexico, just deduct it further 10 degrees. Just like our highlands at night.

My last day on site at Centro de Maintenimiento Interjet with this lovely lady.

This is where I stay, Courtyard by Marriott Toluca. No hotels with more than 3 storeys here.
One of the cornfield patches viewed from my room.
Pano-panning with my 5s.

No haze, no smog though it is an industrial city.

My salmon bla3x at Cabo Grill in the mall.

Corn soup with tortilla, feta cheese and dried avocado.

Their sambal tasted similar to us.

Again, one of the meals.

Fruitti de mare or fruit from the sea. It was creamy and delicious.
Food is inexpensive and even I can afford to have daily meals at the hotel's restaurant. I don't know about the tourism there but Toluca is an industrial city. Within the vicinity of the Courtyard Marriott, you can see plenty of factories around. They have Ford, Chevy, Nestle, Pfizer, Bayer and many more, just name it. The railway line runs through the city providing transportation for the goods produced there.

With Remy, my colleague from Toulouse with the mariachis in the background.
Yup, by now you guys must be wondering why the blue T? Simple, I love it but I love you more...
The music was good, live mariachi in every clubs, pubs and bars easily to be found there. Those Tollucans sure know how to party. Didn't taste their tequila though.

And no easy catch, that only appears in blue films...

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