Thursday, September 3, 2015

howwwzattt... DXB, a fake city...

Most of my colleagues regarded Dubai as a rewarding place to be deployed to, especially with certain status of your loyalty membership grants you access to the Club Lounge (all of us have that) where free meals throughout your stay with that particular brand sometimes can be stretched to 90 days at any given deployment. That is a huge saving in meals alone. Meals can be expensive but cheaper at any Pakistan restaurants (Karachi Darbar chain is one of it) mushrooming all over Dubai provided you could stand the smell of their sweats (not offending but it is the truth).

For a Malaysian (Muslim), you can eat anywhere without fear of non-halal food served to you. There are plenty of Malaysian there, mostly working with the airlines and oil and gas industry.

One of my many stays in JW Marriott Deira, obviously just arrived.

The bed was fluffy...

I would normally order the room service when I arrive, too tired to eat out. Their mutton biryani was better than those I tasted elsewhere.

Back to the "fake city", Dubai has its own dark side same as any other city in the world. They depend on outsiders to do things for them. Even their police force personnels were from other GCC countries (I've been told) and the labors were mostly from the sub-continent such as Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Then comes the Indonesian and Filipinos. 

Malaysians are a rung higher, most are engineers and executives having a more better work package compare from the rest. And then comes the Caucasians on top of the expatriate's food chain.

Well, so far nothing seditious. 

Heaven for those having RM2.6bil to spend... ;)

Note: My English is bad sob3x...

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