Tuesday, September 25, 2007

...howwwzattt...sub-continent rules pt. 2

India had won for the first time the ICC Word Twenty20 by beating their archrival Pakistan by 5 runs in a very tensed and majestic showdown. As usual whenever these 2 teams meet, there’ll surely be an outstanding and electrifying atmosphere surrounding the stadium by the players as well as the supporters for the both teams. India had proved that the Twenty20 not tailored only for big hitters and sloggers but if you do well in your bowling department and splendid catches by the fielders, it is a clear sign that the mounting pressure will falls on your opponent. That’s what they just did, taking early crucial wickets such as Kamran Akmal, Younus Khan and the slogger Shahid Afridi. It was also a great moment for India first time young captain, MS Dhoni for his “no fear cricket” attitude which later was adopted by his players and truly as it is will brings the new generation cricket to the world. Well what can I say, as a supporter for the Indian, I congratulate the team for their achievement and an outstanding performance…

Many of you might be wondering how on earth did I got involved in this form of boring sport? Well, it all started during my schooling days in one of the best school in Taiping that is SEMESTA or now known as SERATAS. I started to play hockey at first and even represent the school u-15 team a few times in a friendly matches along with R. Shankar our former national player who was my senior at that time. After sometimes, I left the team after realizing that I’m not good enough with the hockey stick to be in the regime. Another major reason for my departure was the coach, Abdul Rahim Udin aka ARU, he was a very good coach and a good player himself. But apart from that he was also the most feared teacher in the school, a very strict disciplinarian, someone that you should never cross path with. I’m sure many of the ex-students of the school especially the hockey players and those constantly bending the rules would have agreed with me. There were several occasions where the team had won; still the players would receive a slapping from him for not winning the game by a big margin right in front of the crowd moment after the game. During his tenure as the coach, the school team was known and feared by many as the team had the reputation like the Pakistan team during the 80’s.

Okay enough on that let me move on with my entry on how I got involved with cricket. Not long after I left hockey, there was recruitment for the cricket team by the seniors and with several of my batch mates join the training. After several months of training and learning the basic and techniques of the game, I’ve made it to the u-20 team as a super-sub or in the layman term as a reserve player. After a while I began to love the game and in the following year I was in the first eleven for the u-20 team and also held the captaincy for the u-15 team. It was and still is the only form of sport that I play up to this day and currently play socially for my company cricket club and also for the STAROBA Orange Cricket Club (unofficially holding the record for the only 100 percent Malay players/members in the country) as an affiliate member.

My tribute to those I’ve had played along with for the beloved school:

Coach : Cikgu Zahari Mohd Aliah
Batch 1986: Rahim, Badak, Azam, Man Koop, Pyan, Zahid
Batch 1987: Mizi, Tajol
Batch 1989: Myself, Yusham, Lan Penyu, Din Bajang, Naza Tuan Tulang, Lun Ayam
Shidi Linggam
Batch 1990: Ma’ad, Suhaimi Tanduk, Hamdan Scorer, Halim Aro

* Just to name a few.

Whenever there is a cricket match aired on TV, my wife and the children would make faces behind me for they know that they’ll never get hold of the remote for that day. Maybe I should buy another set for them, don’t you think so?

p.s. The blogger is an ardent Indian supporter and had predicted that India will win the

p.s. Bad and his wife (from SOCC) are still in a great shock that Pakistan lost the

p.s. Happy 25th year’s anniversary to my beloved SERATAS.


Anonymous said...

That very last ball Misbah, why did you scooped it, why? And let Sreesanth redeemed himself with the catch of his life, after deluging runs in his overs.

BUT seriously, I have more anger with ASTRO. Stupid, stupid ASTRO. Too much of their stupid commercials.

-PAK fan-

Saudagar Mimpi said...

As usual (refer to your anguish with ASTRO) an establishment tends to be stupid and more stupid when they're the only service provider in the country that have the exclusive rights. That is the most common rules of the establishment.

On Misbah's error of scooping, I'm sure that he was in a deep pressure hence the miscalculate scoop and I do feel sorry for him for letting the team down. Hard luck shall we say... As for me, "CHAKDE INDIA"...

Anonymous said...

super sub? hahahaha

yeahh hail cikgu zahari!! and f**k astro yg tuka chanel tah hape2 menyusahkan org

-Darren Lehmann-

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Yeah f**k Astro yang menyusahkan orang tu.

Anonymous said...

I used to think cricket is boring till I met my hubby.. huhu..

Saudagar Mimpi said...

I do feel sorry for you for marrying a cricketer hahahaha....nah just kidding... Satgi Leman belasah aku naya jer...