Thursday, October 9, 2014

howwwzattt... the men who stare at goats...

This is the first time I post anything here using my Blackberry and no, the post has nothing to do with men or goats. It is just a catchy phrase to say the least. It was a movie starred by George Clooney and Kevin Spacey something about things in Iraq and they even had a publication entitled the same.

As of my last count, I have been out of the country on and off for 167 days since Mac this year. Singapore, Dubai, Istanbul, Yangon and back to Dubai.

My last trip to Dubai lasted for 3 weeks when Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was still the MB of Selangor and upon my return YB Azmin Ali had taken the post. Same goes to the fossil fuel at the pump, a litre of Ron95 cost RM2.10 and upon my return it had added another RM0.20 to its price.

People were fuming I guess, at least I do. When world oil prices went down to its low but heyyy, we increased ours. What boggles me, yesterday, your beloved PM announced an increase of salary for the MPs and Senators. What??? No one against it even the opposition MPs seem to agreed with the pay hike. Hell, they don't even need to pay for the petrol, why should they bother. They have allowance for that which were taken from the government coffers which in turn were taken from my pocket and yours.

The thing that grouses many was, the justification for it is none. You take back the subsidies which in turn hike up the price but the alternatives given were so poor.

Public transportations are nightmares in Malaysia. Non-reliable, poor and even dangerous. The people have no choice but to use their own whereby in doing so, they need a reasonable price of fuel to fill up their tanks.

Now the Gomen going to dish out the BR1M to those with income RM3000 and below. Wowww, with that kind of salary, one is consider going down to the poverty bracket. What with the RM1200?

Last year with the RM600 BR1M, the jolly PM said we can survive for a year with it. So this time, we can survive more than 18 months with the RM1000. What a twisted mind that I have.

How lovely and nice of me kalau beranak-beranak dah kaya. Just pay yourself through just like what our happy PM did.

On one of my day off in Dubai

I was thinking of writing about something else, an idea of turning this blog into a photoblog or something about my travels to different part of the world, alih-alih melalut sampai ke sini. Hey, I'm not a rich man travelling everywhere around the world, I'm working but in my spare times I love to see the locals, the ordinary people of the world. I treat my career as a holiday. I won't argue, 5 star hotels with meals and laundry thrown in. As I would always said, as good as it gets.

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