Saturday, October 11, 2014

howwwzattt... je t'aime mon bebe...

They say that French is the language of love, well I'm not quite sure about that just like how they say it was the French that created the art of fine dining. Of course they were, they created the Michelin Stars weren't they? So, the justification was purely from them.

One of my German colleague once said, that hearing a French lady speaks the language makes you drool with the feeling of admiration with tinge of eroticism in it, weaken knees with tongue dangling down to your belly. But wait till you hear any of the opposite gender speaks, sound just like sissies having a cold.

It is what was being told to me, so don't jump on me just yet. Perhaps the war between them still exist.

I had my own fair share of experience working alongside both nationalities and even before that I have to undergo a 2 days crash course on - How To Work With Europeans. You know the dos and don'ts, like know how and when to kiss and even when to stop or when not to, when to do a wet kiss and when to do a dry one LOL. Wait till you work with the Spaniards, it can be very animated too.

I'll be leaving for Toulouse next week and will be spending the next 3 weeks at the A380 final assembly line doing skin change for an A330 which was somehow got damaged. Yes, this is my line of work now. 300 days per year all over the world on and off with the remaining 64.25 days back at base in Sepang. After joining the organization for about 8 months now, this is the first time I'm going to visit the main headquarters, the home of Airbus where "Setting the Standard" is our motto.

It is a free holiday in 5 stars hotel with meals, laundry and transportation thrown in altogether, haven't I told you this?

I did go to certain places that certainly put me in constant depression, with diarrhea as part of the deal too but that is for another time for me to tell. Welcome to the world of Working Party - where you work during the day and partayyy at night...

Bonne nuit rayon de lune... :)

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