Thursday, October 16, 2014

howwwzattt... autumn in southern France, here I come...

Earlier this afternoon, I went to Sunway Pyramid to look for some autumn/winter clothing. First I stopped by at Universal Traveler but none of it suit my purpose, except for some colorful down jackets that looked kinda gay to me. For ladies, there were few nice design that looked kinda chick.

Left without buying anything and hopped into Uniqlo a few meters away, same things on display but better than Universal Traveler. Got myself a scarf and a pair of simple thermal gloves.

Still haven't got my jacket so I headed to Jusco Bukit Raja where last time I checked there were some cool jackets on display. I was wrong but not that disappointing as earlier at Sunway Pyramid.

A nice gray turtle neck sweater caught my eyes, tried it in the fitting room and there it goes into my cart. Next the jacket, I was kind of looking for a good and reliable down jacket, tried a few and ended up with a 4 in 1 down jacket. Dang, it cost a bomb, though I could claim for all of those things but it still burnt my pocket good. It was a 2 layers jacket with an inner reversible lightweight down jacket which suits me just fine I think.

Saw a nice beanie in black and gray, that too went to my shopping cart. Saw some gloves that you can use on your touchscreen smartphone even tried it on to see if it is really functioning, yes it did. But to my dismay, the designs and colors were either for ladies or girls or gays.

Well, that's all for my adventures and misadventures for today. Done packing my luggage and now the principal would like to leave the stage but the crowd won't understand... :)

Nite my Precious Poem...

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Anonymous said...

Why dont post pictures of u in the grey turtleneck? :)