Saturday, October 18, 2008

...howwwzattt... a world record was broken...

Hmm… a typical Saturday for me, not that I got nothing better to do but it is just yet another rostered working Saturday for me.

Been here and there I mean in the virtual world of the World Wide Web. Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, StarOnline, Utusan Online,, Tranung Kite, email, yahoogroups and last but not least the Facebook. When the mind goes numb, switch over to You Tube or better still You Porn. Don’t tell me you were shocked. Everybody goes there, I admit myself being there “accidentally” once in a while. Okay okay it was solely for research purposes, nothing else. Any heterosexual male must’ve been there or sites similar to it.

India's mighty batsman Sachin Tendulkar acknowledges the plaudits
of the crowd as he sets a world record for Test runs, eclipsing West Indian
Brian Lara's total, during the first day of the second Test yesterday.

In cricket, the headline was Tendulkar Breaks World Record As India Rally. Tendulkar reached the milestone on 15, surpassing the 11,953 runs Lara scored before he retired from international cricket in 2007. Tendulkar hit 88 after Australian left-arm paceman Mitchell Johnson led a splendid fightback on a good batting pitch. Disappointedly he fell short of his 40th test centuries. It took him 19 years to get there.

Tomorrow the SOCC will face the Old Putra Association (RMC) at the newly facelifted UKM Oval in Bangi in a friendly match. Actually we are more of a social team to meet the social contract and networking purposes unlike the OPA which they have A team, B team or C team at their disposal depending on the competetiveness of the opponent. Probably they’ll be sending their Sunday’s team against SOCC strongest side.

Why most of us stick to cricket instead of upgrading it into golf? One interesting reason is, it got to do with our wives. We could only play cricket during the day and only in good weather and light. In golf, you can play anytime of the day you like, let it rain or shine. Some clubs even let you walk on their greens round the clock.

Our wives are happy as long we’re not into golf, we get to spend quality time with our wives errr… I mean quality time with our family and I think those lonely wives of those golfers must’ve felt even more lonely during those rainy nights hahaha…

As for me, no golfing or is it for now. Who knows…

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