Wednesday, November 21, 2007

...howwwzattt for the dashing gentlemen???

The blogger standing far-right during Ipoh PCA League which were
held in 2006.

Last Saturday the Staroba Orange Cricket Club managed to have a match with the U-17 Selangor boys, though the so called “otai” lost the match but I’m sure these “otais” were so resilient that the state boys have had a quite tough job in beating them. Usually I’m the first otai that reply for my availability but for these few weeks my workloads were full to the brim that I couldn’t get away even for a good game of cricket. The game report is not yet release but I manage to get a glimpse of the match from my fellow cricketer’s blog ( Of course in his blog my fellow cricketer will always bragged on how he took the wickets by sending the stumps and bails into oblivion but somehow for this time I believe him so. The boys might have the stamina and the fitness but the “otais” can teach them a few tips on how to act gentlemanly in the game of cricket, it surely does build up their characters.
For the uninitiated being a fast bowlers (such as my fellow blogger), you need a tremendous energy and stamina to take the long run-up and the power of your bowling arm in delivering a good line and length ball as well with the speed of the ball to intimidate the batsman in playing your delivery. Not to mention the impact on your thighs and heels when you land hard on the ground after the delivery, in the long run these will damage whatever tendons and ligaments you have. I was once a very effective pace bowler taken up the second bowler spot (which is normally slotted for your best bowler) in my previous team and that was some 18 years ago (during my school days laaa…) but eventually I gave up that kind of bowling due to the age factor and concentrate more on my off-spin variations. As for my fellow cricketer , your age is catching up (he is in his 40s) and if you couldn’t get any wicket within your first 3 overs, please step aside. Let the spinners (such as me) do the damage to our opponent ehhh… So, how was that???


Anonymous said...

correction... selangor-u17

that's not bad ok

Saudagar Mimpi said...

ohhh so soriiii, i will amend my entry...

rainingheaven said...

eh eh.. so comel the picture.