Thursday, October 11, 2007

...howwwzattt for being a pirate???

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my passion in the music scenes no matter if it is local or foreign. That also mean, it has been quite sometimes (years to be exact) that I’ve spent my hard earned money on any CDs or cassettes which my wife couldn’t agree more on. Yet at this very moment I’m updating my hard drive with my music collections and to be precise at this very moment I’m a proud owner of a music library that consist of 1096 songs with a mix of English, Malay and Japanese (Mayumi Itsuwa and X-Japan) songs. And guess what, all of it are free. All I need to do is just by clicking my fingers.

If you think that the Internet is my source of this free music, you are wrong. In my company organization, there are thousands of PC and the number of people using it at least three times over the PCs itself. All the PCs and printers are connected through the same network or LAN so I think (pardon me if it is not the correct jargon) where you can view somebody else’s files or whatever secrets they keep inside if they’re careless enough not to protect their files with a password. To tell you the truth, you’ll be amazed on what you might found in their files or folders right down from the graded staffs straight up to the managers level… lol…

During my break time if the internet connection is too slow I would always switch my task to do some research down the LAN and in this local network did I found my resources of music and many others hehehe… and I would never leave behind my beloved 2G thumb drive cause you’ll never know when you going to need one…

Below are the lyrics for “Bisikan Hati” by Siti Nurhaliza a song that I came to stumbled upon today. Well, what can I say? It was so beautiful...



Dengarlah bisikan hasrat hati
Yang merindu menjelma kembali
Ingatanku yang telah lalu
Bersama berjanji sehidup-semati

Kini tinggal hanyalah kenangan
Dikau hilang di mana gerangan
Tiada berita kudapati
Hanya ingatanku di masa yang lalu

Kasihanlah kepadaku sayang
Tiap hari jua wajahmu terbayang
Ampunkanlah segala dosaku
Seandainya kita tak lagi bertemu

Dengarlah bisikan hasrat hati
Yang merindu menjelma kembali
Ingatanku tetap bersemadi
Walaupun kau kini telah mungkir janji…

p.s. To my dearest friend Din Bajang who is still recuperating from the stroke, I was hoping we’ll meet again for this Hari Raya.


Anonymous said...

Mirumi pun teringin nak buat collection lagu-lagu tapi takde masa nak do the searching kat internet. Yang ada pun, semuanya minta daripada kawan-kawan. Abang Mus buat la index lagu-lagu yang Abang Mus ada, boleh Mirumi mintak mana yang berkenan hehe..

Saudagar Mimpi said...

Tolong la ajar camana nak buat indexing kat dalam bog ni hehehe...

Saudagar Mimpi said...
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