Saturday, November 6, 2010

howwwzattt... of mystic and being mystical...

Imagine this. It was in a middle of the night, well past midnight to be exact and you were alone inside the elevator of your apartment. You’ve rode it hundreds of time by your own in the morning, afternoon and night without any fear of anything. It was a well gated and guarded apartment where outsiders were quick to be picked up by the security.

Well, tonight is different. Suddenly you just remember the Chinese movie you watched on the telly last night. A ghost story it was where the female character rode the elevator just like you are now in the middle of the night, well past midnight.

In the movie, of course the character was not alone inside the elevator. There was this old man standing just behind her but she can’t see him because that old man was a ghost. And you remember how the old man sticks out his long tongue trying to lick the back of the character’s neck.

Just the tongue was about to reach her neck, the elevator stops and the doors open. Save by it, she walks out. But you still stuck inside there for you have a few more floors to go.

Do you feel the fear? Everything from the movie racing into you now. How the long haired lady (always no face shown) dragging herself to the victims and funny enough that the victims just wait for her to come. The old man inside the elevator, and many more questionable entities that were far from human being.

Shit, no scary faces but the way they put it really makes you on a brink of wetting you pants or blouse at that moment.

Once in a while I did encounter that situation and I guess everybody must’ve too but luckily never saw one but the feeling when remembering did gave me the goose bumps.

Dusk in Langon...

Last July I went to Bali with a few friends and we stayed somewhere not far from the Nusa Dua area, something about Langon I think. It was a resort of sort and was run by the government to train students in the hotel services and all just like our INTEKMA in Shah Alam.

It was situated uphill and surrounded by lush greens and a few Tanah Adat, places where they carried out the rituals for the dead. Not just rituals, there were real dead bodies.

A hilly burial site (seen from my balcony)

Bali is truly the land of mystic where mystical things can just happen. Everywhere you go, you will see “dupa” (place where they put the incenses) be it in front of the door of the houses, business outlets and even on top the taxis roof. Not to mention that everywhere you turn, there are idols for worshipping for the majority of the Balinese practice Hinduism.

The place that I’m staying at is no different.

I’ve got a nice unit complete with a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a living room and a balcony with a pool view couple with green surrounding.

The scenery was scenic...

The first night was really nice, sleeps peacefully and couldn’t wait the morning to get around the island and feel the firsthand account what it is with Bali that newlyweds crave for their honeymoon there.

The second night was totally different. I could sense something just not right in there and even writing this gives me the creeps.
I couldn’t sleep that night and was sweating under the blanket even with the air-conditioning was in its full blast mode. Turn on the TV and every channels show the cultural events that were held during the day. Even their cultural events were full of mystical beings in it.

Just about midnight, I heard chuckles outside in the leaving room couples with footsteps like a child is running around. Damn, now it really got into my nerves. What the hell was that? No, I didn’t see anything, but I could feel the presence of someone or something else in there.
I’m telling you, even when writing this, my hair is standing.

The living room where I heard it all...
How I wish at that moment the sun rise and I could escape the agony of not seeing instead listening at it.

Told my friends about it in the morning and they just shrugged me off. Imagine that, shrugged me off!!! They gave me their theory on it but one of them did experience the same thing as I did.
And that was enough for me to understand that Bali is truly the land of mystic. I won’t go to Langon in the future, Kuta beach is something different. Don’t you think so babehhh...? :-)

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