Monday, October 4, 2010

howwwzattt... before the big four... (the storm before the calm)

Don’t know what got into me last Saturday. What seems like a good day to begin with suddenly came down tumbling on me like two bails dislodged from the stumps being bowled out by a very fast bowler without me being in control of the situation at all.

Yes, true I was bowled out during the match. It was my mistakes by miscalculating and misjudged the length and line of the ball added with the damp condition of the pitch which did not gives the ball it correct bounce which makes it easy for a sweet scoop.

Well, this is different. It is life, my life not cricket but the anguish and frustration pretty much still the same except this one affects my emotion.

“Are you ok bro?” ask Bad (the fast bowler batting at number five) when he got the chance to be alone with me. Yeah he said, been there and experience the shitty feeling and he too got it when he was about my age now just before the big four zero.

It was the ultimate crisis, the mid-life crisis.

Is this happens to all males at this age? The feeling was kind of a yoyo like, similar to the other gender when they’re having their menstrual cycles at work not to say that I have it. But I guess it is pretty much alike.

True event: After the match last Saturday I left KTJ via Nilai trying to get to KLIA interchange. Ended up in Seremban instead because I just missed the turning...

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