Monday, January 25, 2010

howwwzattt... and how was that...

A hectic year I presumed and it is just January, there are more than 11 months to go.

I keep asking myself nowadays, what am I to write anyway and did I betrayed my promise that I'd made few years back on blogging about my experiences, my observations in live etcetera etcetera.

I always imagined myself as a thinker, poet, philosopher, artist, writer and many others from those various branches of art form. In reality check to my dismay, I was just an ordinary dreamer.

The irony is, many great names are dreamers. They dreamt of better things, advancements and many things that beyond the wildest imagination of the non-believers.

Ahh... now you might assume that I was just trying to give a benefit of the doubt to myself.

Well, a dreamer will always be a dreamer... first...

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