Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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A few days back I went to this seminar about the Score A programme and I’m pretty sure most of the parents and teachers were aware regarding this programme which is to enhance the capability of our children to achieve a good grade in their exam.

Most of us parents nowadays are a busy lots and that includes our children as well. Remember during our times when we have only one session of schooling compare to today where our children have to hurried themselves after school so that they can continue with their “sekolah agama” in the afternoon depending on their school’s session.

During our time, we only went for “mengaji Quran” and after that we could do anything from playing around the village to taking a cool dip in an abandon mine (that’s right, no stream in my area). Sometimes most of the activities were quite dangerous.

Now, since when did our educational system change?

I’m got nothing against the “sekolah agama” but it seems that it has become a trend though the intention is good for our children to learn more on Agama Islam and read and write Arabic. No great effort by the ustaz and the ustazah from the normal school to give inputs toward the children since now the responsibilities were carried out unintentionally by those “sekolah agama rakyat”.

Back to this Score A programme, our educational system has reached a new height which is the MLM level. It’s the first in the country since most of the MLM companies deal with beauty, hygiene and motor oil products whereby Score A deals with education.

Yes, we want our children to excel. We want them to be better than us, we as parents know what are best for them. One day in the near future we could see 100% achievement by our students in every exam they take. We could have so much quantity. But will the quantity gives us quality???

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