Saturday, January 31, 2009

...howwwzattt... dear Tun...

My comment on Tun M's article on Labu.

Dear Tun,

At times, it is a very heartbreaking moment for me as a Malaysian that certain parties are only thinking of filling up their pockets instead of maximized what we’re already has. I'm no expert in this Labu fiasco but my view is parallel with yours as well with other Malaysian.

It is illogical to build another airport when less than 10 km away when we already have a better airport facilities including extra acres to be developed with.

I totally agreed with your view and judgment especially when safety aspect is concern. Safety is paramount in the aviation businesses and activities.

For me, it's the same issue with the shelved proposal of the IJN privatization. We, the rakyat have to voice our displeasure and then only the power that be use their head productively.

Yours, truly...

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