Friday, August 29, 2008

...howwwzattt... "V" for vendetta...

Last night I watched this movie "V" for Vendetta on the Cinemax channel 412 and I'm pretty sure some of you out there had watched it too whether on the tv or cinema. It was about how Britain has become a totalitarian republic, ruled by the Norsefire party.

The ruling government or should I say the ruling party employ various ways in using the government machinery and the mainstream medias just to stroke fear into the heart of every citizen so that no one would ever dare to move against them.

V for Vendetta collected edition cover,

Now, this is something familiar to us isn't it? The party, secret police, government agencies, medias and the likes.

I was wondering why they did not ban the movie from reaching our shore...

"The people should not fear the government,
its the government who should fear the people..."
Quote from "V" the main character.


In the year 2038, Britain has become a totalitarian republic, ruled by the Norsefire party. About 20 years previously, many world governments were on the brink of collapse due to the War on Terror spiraling out of control. Little is mentioned of foreign countries, but the outside world is implied to be in chaos, with the "former United States" dissolving in an ongoing civil war. Britain was able to survive the crises by embracing a fascist government with large emergency powers, which managed to save Britain from total collapse and restore order. However, for the past decade or so the immediate danger has subsided, but Norsefire maintains a totalitarian grip on power. Norsefire also uses state-controlled mass media as a propaganda tool to support the government. (go here for more)


Anonymous said...

tak tgk lagi citer ni..

Anonymous said...

V for victory..16th Sept

darren lehmann